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    IROC rational function

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm trying to find two points on f(x) = (x+2)/(x-1) where the IROC is -3. I created the difference quotient for the equation and now I just have to solve for x in order to figure out these two points where the IROC is -3. REALLY what I need guidance on is the...
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    Rational function word problem

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm trying to answer 12b. The solution is: "The function appears to approach 9kg/m^2 as time increases." I'm wondering whether there is a way to identify this behaviour (as noted in the solution) without graphing it? I understand that y = 9 must be the...
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    Reciprocal functions - intersecting points

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I had to graph the reciprocal of the function f(x) = x^2-3x+2. The solution is as follows: I'm trying to understand why the red function (in the image attached) is so low in the centre. I'm referring to the point around (-1.5, -4). When I tried to find these...
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    Understanding layout of a polynomail problem.

    I have this question. I can see it is a basic polynomial. I know what a polynomial is and can do polynomial long division. I have been teaching myself with some help on here. The thing is I am not sure how to display the question in the polynomial format. I plotted these on a graph and I...
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    Sketching Polynomail Functions

    For the function g(x)=(1-2x)^2(x-3) find a) the x and y intercepts b) the first and second derivatives, c)the intervals on which the function is increasing and decreasing, d) inflection points and concavity. e) finally sketch the function For a) I got a y intercept of (0,-3) and...
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    Finding value of "p" of a polynomail

    8x^3 + 10x^2 - px -5 is divisible by 2x + 1 . There is no remainder. Find the value of P. What do I have to do to find p?
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    Taylor polynomail approximation

    What is/how can I find the taylor polynomial for a semi circle, such as sqrt(25-x^2) ? when i calculate the derivatives at 0, i just get 0's so i don't know how I can do it. Thanks
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    Quadratic Polynomail with chain rule

    Let f(x)=sin(x)+cos(2x). Find a quadratic polynomial p(x) so that p(0)=f(0), p'(0)=f'(0) and p''(0)=f''(0).
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    Polynomail Fields

    Let p= x^2+2 in Z_5[x] explain why Z_5[x]/p is a field with 25 elements.
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    Final Exams: Taylor Polynomail Help!!!

    Hello!! Boy am I glad that there is such a site!! I have my final exams approaching in 2 days and im studing Distance-Ed... so im in dire need of some help! This is my question! Determine the first three nonzero terms in the Taylor polynomial approximations for the given initial value...