1. A

    about limit with log plz

    hello everyone my sister asks me to help her to solve these limitation I'm a mathematics teacher but unfortunately, I forgot those rules to solve them since I was student so could u plz help me the question : simplify and solve : 1) lim (n^2)/(n*log(n^3)) 2) lim n*log(n^3)/n*log(n) 3)...
  2. A

    prove countable set is measurable?? plz,

    plz. help me in that ,, (Worried) prove countable setis measurable ??? (Headbang) plz ASAP...(Crying)
  3. N

    Plz explain how to integrate this function

    I don't understand how they go from the second to last step to the last step. Those two equations aren't equal unless the Cs are different. If they are please explain this. Thanks a bunch :D P.S. sorry if the image is a little blurry. If it is please say so in the thread and I will...
  4. moonnightingale

    plz explain this geometry question

    The question and solution is attached
  5. K

    PLZ Help with 3 Test Questions

    PLEASE HELP! would be much appreciated : ) 1. For any real numbers x, let $ x be defined as the greatest integer less than or equal to x. What is $ -1.5 + $ 4.5 ? 2. For any integers n, let ® n be defined as the sum of the distinct prime factors of n. For instance, ® 36=5, because 2 and 3...
  6. D

    Integration by parts? help plz

    integral 0 to infinite (x^ 3)(e^-8x) cos(5x) dx should I do integrate by part? help me (Worried)
  7. W

    Real life problem My life plz help

    Job Scheduler Ok people i have a quite a problem on my hand, and i have working it all night and do not have the answer....... i most make a Job for 5 workers...... the thing is...... there is 5 workers, and they have three shifts, they are working 8 hours a day, and have a one day free in a...
  8. C

    Plz help with volume homework due tomorrow.

    (1) The region bounded by the given curves is rotated about y = 9. x=(y-10)^2 , x=1. Find the volume V of the resulting solid by any method. and (2) The region bounded by the given curves is rotated about the y-axis. y=-x^2+15x-54, y=0. Find the volume V of the resulting solid by any...
  9. J

    Help with a question plz=)

    Hello, First off forgive my bad english. I will do my best to make this understandable. I'm preparing for a Real Estate exam and I'm having difficulties with the math. I only have an high school education and mathematics have never been my forte. I was presented with this question: When...
  10. S

    joint probability distribution ( plz help me to solve it)

    dear please help me to solve the Q
  11. A

    mathematica 7 :plot3d: plz help

    hi how can i draw ( X^2+(Z-0.5)^2== 1 ) by using plot3d in mathematica 7
  12. A

    Help I cant solve please help! deadline is 9 of june!! PLZ PLZ

    The engineering staff for the Bentim Manufacturing Company is considering sampling 30 bolts produced by a supplier for the company to determine the average diameter.The population is 200 bolts, the population standard deviation is known to be 0.015 inches,and the output measures are normally...
  13. D

    Bearing questions - plz help

    Bearing questions - plz help(SOLVED) 1.A hiker walks due north from A and after 8km reaches B. She then walks a further 8km on a bearing of 120degrees to C. Work out a the distance from A to C and b the bearing of C from A. 2.A helicopter flies on a bearing of 200degrees from A to B, where...
  14. M

    plz help on a simple problem

    i don't know where to post this thread, if i posted it wrong plz tell me ... My Question is ... as you can see in the first image, i marked my doubt with red ink of problem 3.01, i wanna know how "3/48" came ... and in the second image, in the problem 3.07, i wanna know how the 3+2/60 came...
  15. D

    help me again plz

    i need help with this problem Solve the system of equations below by graphing them with a pencil and paper. Enter your answer as an ordered pair. y = -3x + 1 y = -x + 5
  16. D

    Conditional probability -plz help

    1. Jean travels by bus or taxi. The probability that she takes bus on one day and she goes by taxi the next day is 0.4, the probability that she takes taxi on one day and she goes by bus the next day is 0.7. Given Jean takes bus on Monday, find the probability that she takes a taxi on Wednesday...
  17. F

    unit tangent vector plz

    hi every one i need help Find the unit tangent vector at the indicated point of the vector function r(t) = e^15t cost i+e^15t sint j+e^15t k T(pi/2) = i compute the r'(t) = (-e^15tsint+15e^15tcost)i+(e^15tcost+15e^15tsint)j+(15te^15t)k now i need the norm of r'(t) which i coudn't find...
  18. D

    probability - plz help

    1. If P(T) = P(Q) =3(T intersection Q) and P(T U Q) = 0.75 Find (a) P(T intersection Q) (b) P(T) (c) P(Q') 2. Two dice are thrown. One die lands on 2. Find the probability that product of dice is (a) exactly 6 (b) more than 5 Any help or hint much appreciated Thanks in...
  19. I

    Need solutions of calculas question - PLZ Urgent

    plz i need solutions of all this paper questions specially question No 1, 2, 3 and 7. plz urgent.....