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    Generating function help plz

    Hi, I am encountering this problem: Let a0, a1, a2.... be an infinite sequence of non-negative integers and A(x) = the summation of an * x^n is the corresponding generating function. Express the following sequences in terms of A(x), and it should not contain a summation symbol or an...
  2. 3

    plz help! Integration problems

    Alright. I already put a lot of thought into some of these but I cannot get the right answer out or am stuck in the middle. 1) The integral, from 0 to pi/4, of ((sinx)^4)((cosx)^2)dx My thought process has gotten to (1/16)integral(1-cos4x)dx -integral((1/8)((cosx)^2)((sin2x)^2)dx What...
  3. B

    Integration by parts -- check my answers plz

    I had to use integration by parts..Anyone mind checking my answers :P 1) int from 0 to pi/4 xsin(2x) dx = 1/4 2) int from 0 to 1 arctanx dx = 0.4388 3) int sin(lnx) dx = sin(lnx)e^(lnx) - cos(lnx)e^(lnx) / (1-e^(lnx))
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    Solve inequality help plz!!

    |3-4x|(x+5)(3x-2)>0--thank y
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    This word equation is bothering me plz help

    The question = (the sum of a number and four equals eight less than the product of three and the number. find the number) please help.
  6. S

    Algebra help plz

    There is a line L________________O________________V OV= 3x+4 And LV=2 i did 3x+4=2 And soved for x and got 2 ... seems i did something wrong. its asking to find the x help me plz
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    Q. on polynomials, plz help!

    p(x) is a polynomial of degree>2. When p(x) is divided by x-2, it leaves remainder 1, and when divided by x-3, leaves rem. 3. Find the remainder when p(x) is divided by (x-2)(x-3)
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    Math Help plz!

    1.)rewrite in order to solve 3/2x-6 + 5/x-3 = 1/6 2.)rewrite in order to complete the square. (i hate these) y^2 +3y-1=0
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    Help plz

    Function: f:y = x'3 + 2x'2 - 5x + 6 1.) Get the x-value for which f(x)=0 2.) Get the x-value for which f(x) will have a minimum or maximum value. Please if someone could help me.(Worried)
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    Combination Problem... Help Plz

    Question Details: Consider the set of 6-digit integers, where leading 0's are permitted. Two integers are considered to be "equivalent" if one can be obtained from the other by a rearrangement (permutation) of the digits. Thus 129450 and 051294 are "equivalent". Among all the...
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    Plz solve this trignometry question.Tomorrow is my exam.

    Tomorrow is my maths 1 exam and next day maths 2 exam so plz solve these question whole as soon as possible. 1)As observed from the top of a 100 m tall light house the angles of depression of two ships approaching it are 30^o and 45^o. If one ship is directly behind the other, find the distance...
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    Plz Help!!!

    Assume the earth is a spherical planet with a diameter of 1600 km with a uniform density of 5200 kilograms per cubic metre. If the moon is in a geostationary orbit around it, hours, how far is that geostationary orbit above the surface of the earth after 24 hours???????
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    Plz solve these questions.

    Plz solve these questions.My exams are comming I am in 9th class my exams are going to start so i need everyones help in solving these questions. I have written square root 2 , square root 3 square root 3x Question 1)2x + √2 = 3x -4 -3√2 Question 2)√3x - 2 = 2√3 + 4
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    diff eqns help plz!

    Find the Fourier series on the interval [-pi, pi] of the EVEN function: f(x) = { -x for x < 0 { 0 for x = 0 { x for x > 0 So we are given the hint, that its an even function... which I believe means we only have to solve for the a sub n's.. However, we just...
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    help on some algebra problems plz!

    Simplify . ---------------------------------- If 4ax^2 = 3y . . .then A/Y = ? 1) 12x^2 2) (4x^2)/3 3) 3/(4x^2) 4)12 5) 4x^2 ------------------------------------- Which of the following is NOT a factor of ?
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    help me plz!

    hi again, i need more help plz! i'm about to cry. ok here the -3 is throwing me off, and do you also subtract the numbers, for example 3a-1a, 2a, i would think so right? could someone please show me the exact steps to do this? ---------------------------------------------------------...
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    help with some precalc questions! plz!!!

    Any help on any of these is appreciated. It is practice for my math assessment. I didn't want to make separate questions, b/c then this board would be flooded. Could someone please explain how to do this for me? I'm confused. Given that find the ratio this is what i tried, the given...
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    help plz

    i hav a square and i need 2 find area of the square. 1 side has 12ft and the other1 has 2 ft. that is rectangle, and it says square.
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    Variation Of Parameter..Important to ME!!HELP plz

    I’m stuck in the half of solution, since I get for both factors which is m1 = 72.43, m2= -12.43...maybe it is cause I left the answer still in point number? How to simplify? Please help me find this solution...thanks Question no 12.12 in attachment