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    plz can someone help me to proof this

    Dear all I need your help I want to proov the follwing Thanks in advance
  2. W

    help plz with imaginary number

    i got a problem that said (i+1)(i+1)/(i-1)(1-). i foiled the top and bottom and simplified to get 2i/-2i, i don't know what to do here. the answer is -1, but how? i put in my calculator and it said that is was 1, there is something oblivious that i forgot or don't know
  3. Q

    Help plz!!!

    If a=20, can you express the length of x in terms of the trigonometric ratios of theta.
  4. Q

    PLZ help...Trigonometry Identities

    I have cos(-x)/ sec(x)+tan(-x). So,here what I did. cos(x)/ (1/cos(x) - (sin(x)/cos(x)) cos(x)/ (1-sin(x)/ cos(x)) cos^2 (x) / (1-sin(x)) <------That's wrong though so where did I go wrong and what's the answer.
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    plz can any one help me to plot this equation

    i want to plot θ against β Sin(θ-β)-2sin(2(θ-β))-sin(2θ)=0 0°<​θ<90° 0°<β<90°(Speechless)
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    Need Emergency Help, Gonna lose my job. plz plz plz

    Plz help me in this problem. I'm not familiar with statistics but i should solve this problem. problem is " find the correlation between food likes." just show me an example similar to this. i have no idea for this. plz help me. plz
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    [Calculus] Limit/Derivative/Optimization; Check my Work Plz

    Hello, I've been assigned a few calculus problems and I've completed 2 out of the 4 of them so far. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to check the first two, and if they have time, also offer me some insight on how to solve the second two? Here is a link to my work...
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    Help plz

    Can someone explain problems?
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    Bernoulli differential equation; substitution done.. plz help!

    Bernoulli differential equation solution required. Will highly appreciate step-by-step detailed solution. 3(1+t^2) dy/dx = 2ty(y^3 - 1) After, substituting having.. du/dt - (2t / 1+t^2 )u = 2t / 1+t^2
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    Help plz with integral approximation error calculation finding K

    I'm working on integral approximations and errors. My errors never come out right. My approximations are correct, so I think I'm just misunderstanding how to find K. Q.a) Find the approximations T8 and M8 for ∫(0 to 1) cos(x2)dx I found these to be T8=0.902333 and M8=0.905620 b) Estimate...
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    Plz help me on this.....

    Q1:- Prove that a subgroup H of G is normal subgroup of G, if and only if product of any two right cosets of H in G is again a right coset of H in G. dnt know wether i can write this or not....??? Q2:- If H is a non-empty...
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    Plz help me figure this out

    I've spent hours trying to figure out how to do these calculus problems and I still have other homework to do for my other classes. I don't need a 4-5 hour lesson, I need the answers now so that i can move on with my other subjects. PLZ HELP!!! (I really don't need unhelpful speeches) 1.use...
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    help plz

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    logarith help plz

    Im very sorry but I have not learned log yet
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    plz help and include answer plz

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    plz help and include answer plz

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    plz help me

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    Counting Problem Using Product rule and Subtraction rule (plz check my answer)

    Problem: There are 10 people in a line, where each person is either male or female. How many different lineups are there, where there are either 5 consecutive men, or 6 consecutive women? Here's my answer: For the case of 5 consecutive men: say you have the lineup M M M M M _ _ _ _ _ then for...
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    plz help

    what is the 1005 divided 2000.explain in steps.i am class 6 student