1. B

    Matlab Plotting Euler Iteration Against Exact Solution how to Set Initial Condition

    Hi I have the following code to plot an approximation using Euler's iteration against the exact value of the function. I have used x and y for time and population when coding the Euler iterations and t and m for time and population when plotting the exact function. I can't work out how to...
  2. B

    Plotting in Complex Plane

    Hi, Can anyone give me some tips about plotting a quadratic and a fourth root in the complex plane. The quadratic is: z^2+2iz+1=0 The other: z^4=16 Thanks Beetle
  3. B

    V. simple Matlab plotting question

    Hi, As part of a bigger question I have to create a simple plot in Matlab. Could anyone tell me where I am going wrong in the simple script below: %Test Plot x=-2:0.01:4; D=sqrt(x.^2+(x.^2-2*x-4).^2); Plot(x,D); Kind regards Beetle
  4. maxpancho

    Plotting functions of three variables

    When plotting functions of three variables, we use level surfaces, because we can't really plot our "speed" values anywhere in the 3D coordinate system? So, in a way, surface plots can be called projections onto a lower dimension (third in this case). This is just like level curves, which are...
  5. A

    plotting complex numbers

    Hi; lets say I have the results of a quadratic as 2 + or - sqrt-1, How do I plot the parabola. sqrt -1 = i.Thanks.
  6. C

    plotting parametric graph

    hi, i m a newbie in desmos graphing software, and i m wondering how to do parametric graphing there. for your convenience here's my equations p=p(t)=k(sinh (t)-t) r=r(t)=1/3*k(sinh(t)-8sinh(0.5t)+3t) now how can i plot p=p(r) and r=r(p) ? anyone plz help me
  7. R

    Plotting surface by Matlab

    Hello I need to plot the function u(t,x) = cos (pi x)cos (pi t). where x, and t between 0 and 1. How can I plot this three dimension surface? With All Best Raed
  8. A

    Need Help Plotting Best Fit Line Graphs

    Hi everyone, I have a research paper that I am working on that discusses Google Fiber and how it compares to similar Internet Service Providers in the US based on price and service speed. I wanted to make two graphs that show a line of best fit, but Minitab was not identifying which point was...
  9. D

    Plotting Trig graphs in excel

    Can any help me with this How do i plot y = cos 3x using intervals of 30deg in Excel how do i plot y= 3sin (2x+10deg) in Excel using intervals of 30 i'(Thinking)m stuck on how to write the formula
  10. P

    Scatter Graphs, how to plot data when dealing with large numbers

    Hi all, This may seem a basic question but I am really struggling to work it out (maths and stats really not my strong point!) I'm currently hand drawing a scatter graph for my first Uni assignment and need to plot some data along the Y axis. On my X axis I have used increments of 2 squares (on...
  11. V

    Graph Theory And Plotting Data

    Hi All I am a neuroresearcher, working with sMRI and brain structures. I am interested in learning more about graph theory and also need help in plotting the charts for multivariate analysis. (later part is urgent) Thanks V
  12. V

    Problems with plotting a few graphs from a formula from wikipedia

    Hi guys, My math skills is not that good anymore as I dont use it in my field of organic chemistry (University), and I would like your help. Im writing a thesis, and I would like to include some graphs, more or less identical (with minor tweaks) of some found on wikipedia; Kinetic resolution -...
  13. L

    help with plotting a fourier series expansion in matlab!? please :)

    I know its a lot so any little help at all is greatly appreciated! Thanks! A square wave of period 2L is a step function which is equal to 1 for x from 0 to L, then is equal to -1 for x from L to 2L. A square wave can be approximated by this Fourier Series expansion: Infinity (4/pi...
  14. dannibambi

    Help plotting maximum and minimum values on graph

    Hello, I am going back to an unfinished homework assignment and I realized that I skipped this problem because my professor never covered it in class. (Doh) I could use your help with the following problem: Sketch the graph of the function f that is continuous on [1,5] and has: absolute...
  15. T

    Plotting specific shapes for graphs.

    I'm interested in what shapes you can plot on a graph (cartesian co-ordinates) using an equation (1 line) like y=x...... I'm want to know if you can plot a cycloid on a graph with an equation....
  16. I

    Solving and plotting this differential equation

    Hi i have the differential equations: \frac{1}{M_{\phi}} \frac{d (p_{\phi}(a) a^3)}{d a} = -\sqrt{\frac{3}{8}} \frac{a}{\sqrt{p_{\phi}(a) a^{4}M_{\phi}+p_{R}(a)a^4}} \frac{1}{M_{\phi}^{2}} \frac{d (p_{R}(a) a^4)}{d a} = \sqrt{\frac{3}{8}} \frac{a^2}{\sqrt{p_{\phi}(a)...
  17. K

    help with non-linear laws and plotting them

    Hi folks, I have struggled with this since this type of knowledge isn't included in math syllabus in my country. Hope you guys can clarify and give me general method to solve this type of exercise :-) --- It is known that the variables x and y satisfy an equation of the form: (x+y)/(xy)=a where...
  18. N

    Trig plotting and direct substitution

    Really stuck with this question: The suspension in a car acts like a damped harmonic oscillator, that is, the oscillations in the suspension rapidly die down with time. A model for this includes both exponential and trigonometric functions. Suppose the displacement in a car's suspension is...
  19. R

    Plotting inequality in matlab

    Dears, how can I Plote inequality in matlab? regards
  20. E

    plotting 3d graphs

    Is there any software which plots 3d graphs accurately and can be incorporated into Word. I want something which plots 3d linear graphs and vectors. I don't mind paying for such software but it should be easy to use.