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    mathematica 7 :plot3d: plz help

    hi how can i draw ( X^2+(Z-0.5)^2== 1 ) by using plot3d in mathematica 7
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    plot3d ??!!

    plot3d ??!! plz help 1) r = Cos[3 t] 2) PolarPlot[Cos[3 t], {t, 0, Pi}, ImageSize -> Small] 3) x^2+y^2=z 4) x= Cos[3t]Cos[t] 5) y=Cos[3t]Sin[t] set x and y in (3) >>> 6) (Cos[3t]Cos[t])^2+(Cos[3t]Sin[t])^2 =z how to draw (6) in Plot3d???
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    plot3d mathematica 7

    hi, i have two quistions 1. how to draw graph by using Plot3D for "x^2+y^2=z^2" 2. in Plot3d how to change the Symmetry axis in the graph, in x^2+y^2=z^2 by changing the Symmetry axis to y.
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    Plot3D in Mathematica 6

    Hello there! I've just started using Mathematica for my learning needs so I don't know much about it. I wanted to plot this function: It is obvious that the surface will behave asymptotically in the points where: Or an hyperbole as shown below: My question is, its there a way to...