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    Finding correlation between orders (DV) and price (IV), with many other IVs at play

    I have a large data set of several million customer orders for a product, over the past two years. Orders have grown steadily over that period (with periodic swings due to seasonality or other factors), thanks to a combination of organic growth (e.g. word of mouth), and paid marketing. The...
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    Diane has decided to play the following game of chance. She places a $1 bet on each

    Diane has decided to play the following game of chance. She places a $1 bet on each repeated play of the game in which the probability of her winning $1 is .4. She has further decided to continue playing the game until she has either accumulated a total of $3 or has lost all her money. What is...
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    some play on empty sets

    Hello I just have some general question regarding functions. Consider the sets A and B. Now if A\neq \varnothing\mbox{ and }B=\varnothing, then the definition of the functionf:A\to B fails but there is still a function g:B\to A, even though in both cases A\times B=\varnothing . So if we...
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    What's the maximum amount you should pay to play a game?

    You're playing a game where you have to throw a ball into a basket five times. You only have five tries. The probability of making the ball into the basket for any of the five tries is 60% or 6/10. If you make all five of the balls in, you win $1000. If you make four of the balls in, you win...
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    Problem Solving - 30 Teams play each other once

    Hello, I have a bit of a dilemma. I am writing a computer application that requires a round Robbin schedule to be formulated. What is the math behind this? Basically I have 30 sport teams. Each team has to play each other once. This schedule will then be stored in a database for future...
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    Play .avi files in MATLAB GUI?

    Hello, I have a problem in MATLAB to play an .avi file in an axes in a GUI. I have the GUI laid out, I just need to code it. So far I have: axes(handles.axes1) for j = 1:284 F(j) = getframe; set(handles.axes1,'nextplot',movie(F)) end I would like to use a loop. Please help if you...
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    can 17 teams play 14 games each ?

    My neighbor runs a basketball league and asked me (a computer programmer) to generate a list of match ups for him. I readily accepted, but it's turning out harder than I thought. Is it really possible to have 17 teams each play 14 games such that they don't play each other twice? I am...
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    lets play a game called find the zeros

    I need serious help with this. first math problem of the year and I'm lost. Find all real zeros of the function y=x^2-7x-30
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    Help me calculate a best play method to get the highest win ratio possible.

    There's a game that uses 6 dices When playing you will be provided with six dice which the computer randomly rolls for you. Your goal is to achieve the highest score possible (24), or at least to beat the other three players. 1. During the course of the game, you must "keep" a 4 and 1...
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    How to play the lottery?

    Hi there, This is my first post, so forgive me if I have placed this in the wrong section. However, I do believe that the question I am posing, although seemingly simple, is actually rather complicated. In England (I am not sure if this happens in the U.S.) when you play the lottery, you can...
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    Betting in play percentages

    Hello Everyone. I'm not the greatest as far as maths is concerned so please bare with me if I have made some fundamental errors here in my approach to dealing with this problem. I have recently been trying to make a spreadsheet that updates any team/individuals odds to win an event as that...
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    word play with mississippi

    How many different strings can be made from the letters in MISSISSIPPI, using all the letters(by string it just means a series of letters, they do not have to make a word)?
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    Five teams play in a football tournament

    Every team plays every other team. Each match is equally likely to be won by either team (a draw cannot happen) independently of the outcome of the other matches. Find the probability of the (one) event that, at the end of the tournament, each team has won precisely two matches. Anyone got...