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    Reciprocating piston problem, can you solve it?

    The displacement, in metres, of a reciprocating piston, from its point of equilibrium (the mean) is given by the following function: x= 3 cos( 4t + π/2) where t is time in seconds. Starting from rest, find the first three times at which the piston passes through the mean position at x=0
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    velocity of piston

    The instantaneous configuration of a slider crank mechanism has a crank GH 10cm long, the connecting rod HP is 50cm. The crank makes an angle of 60 degree with the inner dead centre position and is rotating at 110 rev/min. Determine the velocity of the piston P and the angular velocity of the...
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    Relative Motion / Piston Motion

    Hello I'm trying to find the velocity of the piston in the following position, but I cant seem to get the right answer? Can you please help me? I really want to learn how to do this! Thanks Heaps Edward