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    Packing Sequence Picture Assignment

    Good day, I am looking for assistance with a math formula. Our company has a packing issue and I am tasked to resolve this. The real issue is with products been packed out of a desired sequence. So what we decided is to print symbols relating to a physical position on the delivery crates...
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    drawing a picture

    I am interested in the idea of drawing pictures or diagrams or illustrations of mathematical expressions, suppose the question was asked, what is a cosine? you may answer with" it's a number between 0 and 1 and can be used to change an adjacent into a hypotenuse, I do appreciate that this is not...
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    In this picture (attached below), the measure of angle theta is 1 radian.

    In this picture (attached below), the measure of angle theta is 1 radian. True or False.How do I know?
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    Half Identities...how did they get this answer? Picture in side

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Wanted to take advantage and see if anyone can explain this to me. In need of some serious help. I have a feeling its something simple I'm just not seeing. http://i.imgur.com/GNqCVHb.png
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    I'm confused on something - picture provided

    I haven't done this in a few years, so I have forgotten crucial steps..
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    I got stuck on something (picture provided)

    Hello! I keep getting stuck on some basic Algebra I stuff.. I haven't done this in so long, important little steps have slipped me. Can't afford a tutor at the moment, haha.. I also don't understand where the 8 denominator is coming from. Edit: Please ignore my "6400" typo in the picture...
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    Picture with graph& question about area under a curve?

    Whenever I try to do this question I always get a really high number...I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone please help? :( Here is a graph of the function: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/826/zebj.jpg Estimate the total area under this curve on the interval [0, 12]...
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    [Matlab] Constructing a 3d histogram from a picture

    I wrote a function for constructing histogram for an arbitrary picture. It reads only R (red) and G(green) channel. function H = myhistogram2RG(img1, bins) %Here you make eqaul distribution for the pixels img1 = floor(double(img1)*(bins) / 255 ) + 1 ; %Matrice bins * bins all of...
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    Trouble with tests of divergence... Help me see the bigger picture!

    I am having trouble with a couple of convergence/divergence tests for series. So far in class we've talked about the following: nth-term test geometric series test p-series test integral test comparison test ratio test root test I've been working on harder problems but I am stuck. Could you...
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    Finding the area of shaded region between two circles (picture included)

    Find the area of the shaded region in terms of pi. O and P are the centers of the circle
  11. S

    General Equations - Word Problem

    Could someone help me figure this out please? I have attached the problem (jpg). If you would like to know the answer lmk. Thanks
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    Help for Solution of a Circle tangent to another circle and a line. (picture incl)

    Good Afternoon everyone, First and foremost Id like to say Thank you in advance for any help I may receive. I am new to this forum and I typically ask questions when all else fails..well friends, all else failed (Crying) I am writting some code in visual studio (unrelated), but I have to put in...
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    Tricky Right Triangle Problem (Picture Included)

    It states that Segments AD, DF, FE, EC, and CB are all equal. Triangle ACB is a Right Triangle. That is all the information given. What is Angle A? An explanation would be great because I can't seem to understand it!
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    Simple but difficult geometry question (picture included) - First post here :)

    Hi all, first of all - my first post here. Nice to meet you all. I'm active on mymathforum if you guys post there from time to time. My name is Oria, I live in israel, I'm a math private teacher for pre uni students, and I study applied mathematics in holon institute of technology. Anyway...
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    Calculating Area of Floor Plan: [picture included]

    Just wanted to make sure I am doing this correctly, calculating sq footage of a one story building. I wanted to make sure I am doing it correctly What is the correct geometry term for calculating area based of squares/rectangles in this manner?
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    Rectangle Inscribed inside a Semicircle (w/ picture)

    I am not good with these certain types of problems. It has 3 parts to the question: A) Verify that A(theta)=25sin2(theta) models the area of the rectangle. Justify your verification and determine the domain for theta. B) Use your calc. to find the largest possible area for such a rectangle...
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    Optimization picture help

    Problem: An oil drilling rig located 14 miles o ff of a straight coastline is to be connected by a pipeline to a re nery 10 miles down the coast from the point directly opposite the drilling rig. Laying pipe under water costs 500,000 dollars per mile. Laying pipe on land costs 300,000 dollars...
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    Velocity and acceleration vectors for a particle at different times (picture prob)

    I have several pictures similar to the one provided in that attached word doc. The question is: The picture shows the velocity and acceleration vectors for a particle at different times. (The particle is moving in the plane of the paper.) Tell whether aT (a subscript T) is negative, zero, or...
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    Camera picture calculation:

    Hi could someone please solve this with explanations, I am not very good at algebra. Thank you... PROBLEM: Camera • Uses lens to focus object onto a sensor • magnification m = image size / object size m = v / u where u=distance from object to lens v=distance from lens to image plane...