1. A

    Finding the period (T) of a pendulum on Mars

    Word Problem: The first astronauts to visit Mars are each allowed to take along some personal items to remind them of home. One astronaut takes along a grandfather clock, which, on earth, has a pendulum that takes 1 second per swing, each swing corresponding to one tick of the clock. When the...
  2. O

    Trig function word problem

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm currently trying to solve this following problem: These are the characteristics of the functions which I believe are correct (please let me know if I'm wrong): - amplitude = 16.2 - equation of axis = 1.4 - period = pi/6 - phase shift = 7/2 (assuming that...
  3. J

    Physical Pendulum

    A pendulum consists of a tiny bob of mass M and a uniform cord of mass m and length L. (a) Determine a formula for the period. (b) What would be the fractional error if one used the formula for a simple pendulum?
  4. S

    Finding the Period of a Function Confusion

    Hi, I have this function, y(t) = 8sin(5PIt-2) I'm asked to find the period which is 0.4 and I know this is worked out by 2/5. But I'm wondering why is it done this way? Would you not usually do this - 2PI/5PI - 2? Help is much appreciated, thanks.
  5. O

    What is the period of a sum of sinusoids?

    I'm working on this problem, and I'm not sure how to approach it. I need to find the period of f. f(t) = cosπt + 2 cos 3πt + 3 cos 5πt cos(πt) + 2 cos(3πt) + 3cos(5πt) = cos(πt+T) + 2cos(3πt+T) + 3cos(5πt+T) ??? Any ideas or tips or even example solutions to this type of problem?
  6. Y

    Trying to find time period for portfolio growth

    Hi all, Trying to calculate for different portfolio growth, and the time period required to reach a sum, the equation looks something like this 100(1.08)^x + 200 (1.07)^x + 300 (1.01)^ x >= 2000 Solve for x, of which ^ means to the power to and x is time period. Thanks!
  7. maxpancho

    Period of a function

    Just a silly question, got a bit confused. Can a period of a sinusoidal function be the horizontal distance between any two points that enclose a cycle (period)? The definition, as I've seen, a period of a function is the distance between two sucessive high points or low points on its graph...
  8. V

    Need help on the question about the period of a cycle

    So you're given an iterated map: Pn+1 = Pn(1 + b - DPn) Explain why the period of a cycle is not uniquely defined, and suggest a quantity that more precisely defines what we would naturally think of as the period of a cycle. Would anyone please explain this question to me, or just give me some...
  9. M

    Interpretation null and power set in filtration for a multi period model

    Hi there, I'm wondering about the actual interpreation of the null and power set in a filtration on a probability space for a binomial model. For a two period model the information set at time 0 F_{0} = \{\Omega, \emptyset\}. For a two period model the information set at time 1 F_{1} =...
  10. sakonpure6


    What is the period? I know it is 8s/10 times but I am not convinced. I think it is 10 times / 8 s = 1.25 times/s . Can some one explain to me why? thank you Also when you sketch the graph, is the range from -20cm to 20cm or 0cm to 40 cm. I think it is 0cm to 40 cm because distance can not...
  11. M

    Sawtooth Period

    Hey everyone. So we began looking at the fourier series in my class and well.. i guess i kind of understand it lol. I have to Calculate An and Bn (because it is non symmetrical) and plot this in MATLAB. However, in order to do all of that, i have to get the period and function to this sawtooth...
  12. F

    Solving Within an Interval & Finding the Period

    1) Find the solutions of in the interval I can determine that there are 4 solutions that need to be found, but I can only find 2 of them (). How do I find the others? 2) Find the period of the graph I know how to find the period of functions containing either sin or cos, but not both. Can...
  13. W

    Basic Trigonometric Function (amplitude, period)

    I've got to find the period, amplitude and graph a trig function similar to the one below and I'm not sure if I'm on the right track. I haven't posted the exact question so if something doesn't look right with the function that's why. f(d) = 8 - 3\cos(2\pi d) From that I think it's...
  14. G

    Fourier series period question?

    Question: You're given a function f from [0,L]. Extend f into (L,2L) so that is it symmetric about x = L; that is to say it satisfies f(2L - x) = f(x) for x in [0, L). Let the resulting function be extended into (-2L,0) as an odd function ans elsewhere as a periodic function of period 4L. Show...
  15. A

    Demonstrate Period of trigonometric functions?

    Demonstrate Period of trigonometric functions? Prove that if f and g are periodic with period p, then f/g is also periodic, but its period could be smaller than p. Help me, Ido not know how complete this exercise, what I should do here, can someone please explain?
  16. A

    Help with trigonometric graph

    Hello, can someone explain me this, dont know what i need to do, how i can solve it? Please help me a) prove that if ¨f¨is periodic with period p, then 1/f is also periodic with period p. b) prove that cosecant and secant each have period 2π.
  17. V

    Net and Present Value

    Hi Maths Help Forum Year Out In Discount Net Present Value 0 £247,332 1 -£247,332 -£247,332 1 £25,000 0.8772 £25,000 £21930 2 £25,000 0.7695 £25,000 £19237.50 3 £30,000 0.675 £30,000 £20250 4 £30,000 0.5921 £30,000 £17763 5 £35,000 0.5194 £35,000 £18179 6 £35,000 0.4556...
  18. I

    value of a new car as a function of time for a period of 20 years

    Hi, With this question i understand its very easy and im an ediot for asking, i origialy thought it was the first one because the value is dropping slowly, since the car is very looked after. Since its not the first one it must be the last one. The question is in the attachment Sketch a rough...
  19. C

    'period 2' definition?

    My question here is asking me to solve this using a program that I am capable of doing. What I would like to know is what it means by 'period 2'? I haven't been taught this and google hasn't been very clear. Thanks for your time everyone.