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    Percentage error and Binomial theorem

    Hi everyone, could anyone please help me with the following f = 1/(2 Pi) sqrt(K/I) Use binomial theorem to determine the approximate percentage error in determining frequency, when the measured value of k is 3% and too large and measured value of I is 4% and too small Thanks in advance
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    Payout percentage of a slot with free spins and changing multiplier

    Hello community of mathhelpforum, I have run into a problem that I can't solve, hopefully somebody here knows the answer or he/she can point me to the right direction. I'm writing a tool to test a slot game. I don't know the reels (symbols composing the reels) of the game, but through my tool, I...
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    percentage of objects in range of one sd from the mean of DISRETE data

    since the data is discrete, then how can I determine ? can anybody help please?
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    Percentage Problem

    in a office there are 75% skilled workers and remaining are unskilled. 80% of skilled workers and 20% of unskilled workers are permanent. if number of temporary workers is 189, then what is the number of total workers ?
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    Percentage and Price

    A bond pays 100 coupons and it measures in 4 years. If investors require 10% return on thin investment, what is the bond price?
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    Percentage changes in two numbers multiplied together

    Hi! Does anyone know thy the percentage change in of two numbers multiplied together is roughly equal to the percentage change in the first number plus the percentage change in the second number? How do you prove that?
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    Percentage change vs. percentage difference

    My question relates to the above and which is better to use when comparing two values. I have a value X. If then (randomly) produce a value Y. Y can be accepted if Y = X is to within 2%. In order to find this should I be using % change (i.e. ((final - initial)/initial) * 100) or % difference...
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    Similar to Compound Interest? Increasing Sales Question...

    Hi Folks: I recently encountered this as a question which was part of an employment application: A company's sales have been increasing by 5% monthly. If sales for January, 2013 were $2500, then what were its sales for the month of July, 2013? We WERE permitted to use a "basic" calculator to...
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    I need help with a percentage problem

    The problem is: 908 employees is ________% of 783 employees. Thank you, ondverg
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    How do I calculate a percentage that is above 100%?

    I need help calculating a percentage that is more than 100%. Here is the main portion of the problem: "The arenas alone have ended up costing nearly 300 percent more than was planned - nearly $4 billion total and growing." I can't figure out how to determine what 4,000,000,000 is 300% of...
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    Higher percentage of lean

    It is a fact that people with higher percentage of lean body tissue burn more calories than people with low percentages of lean body tissue. natural human growth hormone
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    if you have a percentage problem

    If you have a percentage problem hopefully this will help ...a variety of percent and percentage calculators and equations to make things a little easier.
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    Total Differential, percentage error

    I am having problems with the following question: "The area of a triangle ABC is calculated using the formula: S=1/2bcsinA and it is known that b, c and A are measured correctly to within 1%. If the angle A is measured as 45 degrees, prove that the percentage error in the calculated value of...
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    Finding the lengths of a rectangle (not as easy as it sounds)

    I have a quiz coming up in my Geometry class and my teacher has hinted that there will be a question like this one on the quiz: "Ashley saved a distance equal to 80% of the length of the shortest side of a rectangular field by cutting across the diagonal of the field instead of along two sides...
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    Percentage Change

    I wasn't sure if this problem is categorized under statistics, algebra, or calc so I just assumed statistics. Anywho.. I am having difficulty understanding this question: On May 16, 2000, the US Federal Reserve increased its target for the federal funds rate from 6.00% to 6.50%. This change of...
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    Percentage problem ( a noob one)

    Say e.g. we have 10 cats. 1 white, 2 black, 2 brown, 1 blonde. 2 black-white, 1 brown-white, 1 blonde-white. I want the percentage for each of 4 colors (white, black, brown, blonde), with a simple explanation (Happy) Thanks in advance.
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    workers, percentage, minimum number (normal distribution)

    Can someone help me with this? Producing uniform parts, one worker's average monthly number of parts produced is 550 with standard deviation of 14 parts. Workers labor productivity form a normal distribution. a) What percentage of workers make more than 700 parts per month? b) Determine the...
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    My name is Gabriel and I need help with this SAT problem.

    The length of a rectangle is increased by 20%, and the width of the rectangle is increased by 30%. By what percentage will the area of the rectangle be increased. a)25% b)36% c)50% d)56% e)60% I already know the answer, all I want is a detailed explanation and steps for solving this. Thank you!
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    Percentage and ratio using integers help

    Currently studying mathematics for engineers third edition given i havnt done maths for about 9 years its not going to bad but im stuck on theses question The pressure in a vessel is increased by 12% to 130 nm calculate the original pressure now this is how i worked it out can someone please...
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    Determining Percentage Change of annual income

    The question is: Determine the overall percent change of the total annual income for all three income groups. I'm a little confused here. Am I giving the percent change of (for example): %change of Lowest 20% earners from 1997 to 2006? .. Would I divide the 1997 income by the 2006 income...