1. J

    percentage help

    I didnt have a clue where to put this so forgive me! I didnt hand in a piece of work worth 20% of a subject i am taking. There are two other pieces of work, one worth 30% and the other worth 50%. So i still have 80% of the marks out of the whole subject to attain. What % do i have to score...
  2. M

    Logistics model percentage with absence of limiting factors

    The question: The following table shows the number C, in millions, of basic subscribers to cable TV in the indicated year. These data are from the Statistical Abstract of the United States. Year | C 1975 | 9.8 1980 | 17.5 1985 | 35.4 1990...
  3. N

    differentials.. find maximum percentage error

    The period T of a simple pendulum with small oscillations is calculated from the formula T = 2pie (L / g)^1/2 . Suppose that measurements of L and g have errors of at most 0.5% and 0.1% respectively. Use differentials to approximate the maximum percentage error in the calculated value of T. dT...
  4. A

    Percentage question

    Hello, How can you explain in the most simple way (to a pupil age 10) what is 10% of 20% of 30% of 200? Many thanks, Natasha
  5. J

    Percentage problem

    This year, 75% of the graduating class of Harriet Tubman High School had taken at least 8 math courses. Of the remaining class members, 60% had taken 6 or 7 math courses. What percent of the graduating class had taken fewer than 6 math courses?
  6. K

    Please check answer for percentage rate of change function

    The question is to determine the percentage rate of change of the function at t=1 and t=5 for: f(t)=e^{0.3t^2} I calculated the derivative to be: f'(t)=e^{0.3t^2}0.6t So is the answer to t=1, an increase of 60%? And for t=5, 750%?
  7. D

    Percentage question #3.

    Question : Jane bought 5kg of grapes and 10kg of cherries at $82.50. If Jane were to buy 10kg of grapes and 5kg of cherries, she would only pay $75 If 100grams of grapes cost 45 cents, find the cost of 1kg of cherries.
  8. N

    Impossible Math Problem

    I've been racking my brain all day on this. I'm usually pretty good about finding out how someone comes up with a number but I'm completely lost on this one. I'm in a battle of the bands tournament and the judge points are always different for each night. Each judge is allowed to award a...
  9. A

    really hard percentage, ratio and indices question

    hi this is my question: Ali has 12% of 350kg of apples, James had 13% of left over. Helen and Jack divided the remaining in ratio of 2:3. how many kg of apples each person had? write in form of indices first of all i found out ali has 42kg of apples and james has 40.3kg of apples...
  10. gs.sh11

    Percentage Problem.

    Here is a question that I am having some serious difficulty on solving.. There are 75 more women than men enrolled in Linden College. If there are n men enrolled, then in terms of n, what percent of those enrolled are men? I thought that the answer would be: \frac{n}{n+75} because n is the...
  11. ?

    Need help with Percentage Word Problems.

    There are two word problems that are giving me alot of trouble for an assignment that I have to do. A 50% saline solution mixed together with a 30% saline solution to get 30L of a 46% concentrated saline solution. How many litres of each are needed to be mixed? You invest a total of $1800...
  12. G

    Prob with Percentage!

    Hey, I need to find out how you convert nutritional info (eg on a cereal packet) to percentage! It's been driving me mad (Headbang) and any way I do it I end up with 880% of protein. Now I know thats not right! Please please please please please help! Thanx! (Rofl)
  13. A

    percentage word question

    hi, this is my question: 12 boys in a class of 38. find the % of boys. how would i do this, is it 12/38= then times the answer by 100?
  14. C

    Need help with a percentage problem

    I need some help please. I am terrible at coming up with this formula. I am a novice investor who feels that I am being taken advantage of. $210,000 = 46.667 %... what is the percentage of the following amounts? : A. $20,000 B. $15,000 Thanks, Coco
  15. G

    percentage error in estimating the height of the building

    A surveyor, standing 40 ft from the base of a building, measures the angle of elevation to the top of the building to be 70 degrees. How accurately must the angle be measured for the percentage error in estimating the height of the building to be less than 5 percent? I tried: \tan {70^ \circ }...
  16. D

    Percentage question #2.

    (Crying)Shop A sells a dress for $280. This is 12% more than the price of a similar dress in shop B. (a) Find the price of the dress in Shop B. (b) During a sale, both shops offered an equal percentage discount on the dress. Doris bought the dress in Shop B and found that she paid...
  17. D

    Percentage question #5

    Sandy has 50% more money than Bradon. Bradon has 20% more money than Clement. After Sandy gives Bradon and Clement a total of $350 and Bradon gives Clement $400, the ratio of Sandy's money to Bradon's moneey to Clement's money becomes 1:1:3. How much money did Sandy give to Bradon?
  18. D

    Percentage question #4.

    In the first 3 monthsof a year, Sally spent 72% of her salary. In the next 4 months, she increased her savings by 25%. If Sally earned the same salary of $1800 per month, what is her average monthly expenditure for the 7 months?
  19. D

    Percentage question #1.

    (Doh)Mr. Lee earned a fixed salary every month last year. In March, he spent 40% of his monthly salary. In April, he spent 20% more than the amount he spent in March and saved the remaining $2600 in the bank. What was his monthly salary?
  20. A

    Percentage problem???

    Q) Of the adult population in Nagpur, 45% of men and 25% of women are married what percentage of total population of adults is married(assume that no man marries more than one woman and vice versa) ? Any help would be appreciated? Thanks, Ashish