1. D

    Percentage Confusion

    Hi, Today at work I was trying to understand whether a given amount (revenue) is with or without VAT. (vat is 21%). Here is the amount with VAT (1980.50) Here is the amount without VAT (1636.4) The way I've taught myself to add or subtract a percentage from an amount is to either multiply...
  2. S

    Distributed Discount.

    Hi All, Wasn't to sure what to title this with, I would like to apply a discount for multi-qty's orders of Items. More Specifically, for every Six (6) ordered, One (1) Item is Free. So Ordering Twelve (12), would get Two (2) for Free BUT I would like Qty Breaks for 1,2,6 & 12. 1 - £22.00 2 -...
  3. S

    Percentage increase question

    Hello everyone, I have 2 answers for this and I'm not sure which is the correct one. The question is: An article of clothing costs £45 this year, a 10% increase in last years price. What was the articles value last year? My 2 values are 40.5 and 40.90 reoccurring. Can you tell me which is...
  4. S

    percentage calculation

    HI, How to take percentage from a specific number. for example if Rs. 275000 is inclusive of 17.5% discount then what would be the net amount? and how to calculate it?
  5. I

    12.3% of $196 (Decimal and Percentage)

    I'm not too sure what the question means; "Calculate (to 2 decimal places if necessary.) a. 12.3% of $196 How would you work out this sum?
  6. M

    Difference between a percentage increase happening each year between two dates and

    I am trying to explain why there is a difference between a percentage increase happening each year between two dates and then when comparing the overall increase. For example 1980 - £25,000 sales; 1981 - £26,000 sales; = 4% increase 1982 - £27,000 sales. = 3.85% increase When adding up the...
  7. R

    Problem help

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but, I was wondering if I could get help with this problem. Imagine you ask 400 people what do they think about cats, from 1 to 5, (being 1 love, 2 like, 3 neutral, 4 dont like and 5 hate). As a result we obtain...
  8. M

    Calculating Percentage of Slope

    I am looking for a formula to determine percentage of slope of a hill. For example If I stretch a string for a horizontal distance of 10 feet And the vertical drop is 5 feet at the end of the string What percentage slope do I end up with? Can someone provide the formula to calculate this?
  9. D

    Question about percentage change involving negative and positive numbers

    It's not possible to quantify a percentage change if one of the values is negative, correct? \frac{x_{2}-x_{1}}{x_{1}} Where x_1 is the beginning value, and x_2 is the ending value. As an example, my bank account started the month with 100, and ended the month with -15, or vice versa. There...
  10. T

    Percentage world problem help pleaseee

    In an Italian class, 65% of the students were women. At the end of the class, 52% of the men and 44% of the women received a certificate. 1. What percentage of the class received a certificate? 2. What percentage of those who received a certificate were men? please explain and give answer...
  11. T

    Equal value reduction by percentage

    I need a formula which reduces a value incrementally to another value using the same percentage throughout the reduction. I can do this with two incremental reductions but am having trouble with 3 or more reductions. If I have a value of .100 and wish to reduce it to .040 using two incremental...
  12. R

    The percentage of all households in the United States that had a dog as a pet is give

    I got this to be my answer: y=-.802x+1632.889 Use the regression equation from the previous problem (with constants rounded to three decimal places) to estimate the percentage of households in the United States that had a dog for a pet in 1989 and in 1999. Round the answers to one decimal...
  13. L

    Determining depth of percentage of sunlight beneath ocean surface

    I cannot figure out how to determine at what depth beneath the surface of the ocean that there is 1% sunlight. Here is the function: f(x) = 17(0.965)^x I keep getting 16.405 but am told that is incorrect.
  14. A

    Using differentials to find an approximate formula

    I have some past exams that I'm practicing before the real thing. They didn't come with answers and I'm really stumped on this one question: "The volume V of a cylinder of radius r and height h is given by V=π*r2*h. Using differentials, find an approximate formula for the percentage increase in...
  15. M

    Help me with the math problem please?

    Hi i hve this math problem that im not sure how to figure out. please show working out! : An antique table is bought for $750 and sold later on in the year for $1050. Find the profit as a percentage of the cost price. PLease solve this with working out shown!! thankyou ):)
  16. G

    Percentage problem

    Hi, I am currently working through Geoff Renshaw Maths for Economics book and I am quite puzzled by this one percentage problem that I am suppose to solve. Here is the problem: ( Car A uses 10 litres of fuel and car B uses 5 litres of fuel, for every 100km travelled. By what percentage does...
  17. Informalsports

    Percentage ?

    Hi Friends, Want to know how we calculate Percentage of any Quantity of numbers let me know please...?
  18. A


    For the following items, calculate the missing information.Round dollars to the nearest cent and percents to the nearest tenth of a percent. Do not enter the percent symbol in your answer. Item Cost Amount of Markup Selling Price Percent Markup Based on Cost bookcase $32.40 $21.50 $...
  19. S

    Working out what percentage time 1 is faster than time 2 with respect to time 2

    Hey everyone, I'm having a little difficulty with something very basic but the problem is kind of subtle and I'm really afraid of getting it wrong in my report because it's one of those mistakes one can easily miss. I programmed two versions of some code and time tested them. Let's say for...
  20. S

    Percentage error and Binomial theorem

    Can someone please help me answer this question i am totally stuck. f = 1/(2 Pi) sqrt(K/I) Use binomial theorem to determine the approximate percentage error in determining frequency, when the measured value of k is 3% and too large and measured value of I is 4% and too small