1. J

    Random Needs

    Professor Jackson is in charge of a program to prepare people for a high school equivalency exam. Records show that 80% of the students need work in Math, 70% need work in English, and 55% need work in both areas. Compute the probability that a student selected at random needs: (a) Math or...
  2. W

    Percentage Problem

    Here is the problem: A company has recently been hiring new employees. Today the company has 26% more employees than it did a year ago. If there are currently 56,700 employees, how many employees did the company have a year ago? I calculated that 14,742 is 26% of 56,700 employees and...
  3. J

    Need help with percent!

    Can someone tell me what this is in percent? serious answers please!
  4. S

    failing twice in a row with a 98 percent chance to succeed

    Can someone illustrate or lead me to some information on how I might find the odds of failing twice in a row with a 98 percent chance to succeed?
  5. B

    calculating percent greater

    Please see the attachment. The answer is (1/26) / (5/26). In a sense this makes sense, but what is the difference between this value and simply subtracting to get 1/26 ?
  6. A

    95 Percent Prediction Interval -

    Hello, I am in need of assistance for the last portion of this problem. I am working on calculating the 95 percent prediction interval. I used Excel: Data Analysis: Regression to get a chart - I used this to make an equation (chart and work attached below). If anyone could please help explain...
  7. B

    Percent change vs percent difference

    I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around this simple concept. I could really use an outside perspective. Here is the situation : Any dose given to a patient must be within 10% of the prescribed dose. If the prescribed dose is 2.14 mg and the dose given was 2.29 mg what formula should I be...
  8. F

    Tricky Percent Growth Problem

    I’ve gota percent growth problem that seems like it should be very basic, but myresults indicate there's something wrong with my methodology (I've attached asummary of the problem). Guidance greatly appreciated!
  9. J

    percent strips or sometimes called percent tape help

    20% off I paid 4 what is the original price? how would I show it with a percent strip? this is what I got so far ...p.s the answer is 5 0% 20% 100% ______________________________ $0 $4 ...
  10. M

    Help me with the math problem please?

    Hi i hve this math problem that im not sure how to figure out. please show working out! : An antique table is bought for $750 and sold later on in the year for $1050. Find the profit as a percentage of the cost price. PLease solve this with working out shown!! thankyou ):)
  11. A

    Percent chlorogenicacid that

    Fruit of the coffee plant and the reason is different from regular role copy beings that has been roasted so it's green coffee bean extract because it hasn't gone through any those chemical process ease it holds on that this element that seems to help people lose weight the chemical triggers an...
  12. T

    Percent help

    There is 2 positive numbers 1 number is p% of the other How many percent is those numbers geometric mean from arithmetic mean? Answer is (20√(10) / p+100) % How to get there? Been struggling with this so long. Its high school year 12 math. Sorry for my bad english. (also for bad title, i...
  13. A

    Joint variation

    Joint variation + percent The weight (W) that can be supported by a wooden beam varies directly as the square of its diameter (d) and inversely as its length (l). a) What percentage increase in the diameter would be necessary for a beam twice as long to support an equivalent weight? b)What...
  14. D

    Estimate the maximum allowable percent error

    The measurement of one side of a right triangle is found to be 9.5 inches, and the angle opposite that side is 26°45' with a possible error of 15'. Estimate the maximum allowable percent error in measuring the angle if the error in computing the length of the hypotenuse cannot exceed 2%. What...
  15. A

    Need help determining actual units from weighted percent

    Hello, all. I put this question in the statistics forum because I believe it fits best here. Could someone please explain to me the steps I would have to take to solve the following problem? To be clear, I'm not looking for an answer to the problem, but just the steps I must take to solve it...
  16. L

    Do CRT's have 12 percent more area than widescreens (given the same diagonal)?

    I calculated that given a rectangle with 16:9 dimensions and one with 4:3 that the 4:3 one will have 12 percent more area given the same diagonal length. If anyone's interested, please check my result. Here's my work: (16x)^2+(9x)^2=d^2 (4y)^2+(3y)^2=d^2 A(d)=16x*9x=144/337*d^2 and the other...
  17. A

    top 30 percent ??

    you are a member of an orginization that awards money to the top students. with a mean of 1.9112, a standard deviation of 4.8, you want to choose the top 30% of students with the highest GPA. what is the minimum GPA of the students eligible for a scholarship?
  18. H

    Share problem and rate percent

    What rate percent per annum does a man get by buying Rs.100 share (Rs.70 paid- up) at Rs. 60, when the dividend is 5% per annum?
  19. GKC

    Percent to fraction

    So the problem is 166 \frac{2}{3} \% I figured I would divide the \frac{2}{3} and figure out what the 166.(insert number here) was but I just end up with a .6 and infinite. So I'm confused how to get a simple fraction or mixed number out of this. I don't want anyone to do the problem for...
  20. C

    Calculating percent efficiency...

    Hi all, I had this question in my homework today... "An electric tea kettle consumes 576.2 kJ of electrical energy while heating a pot of water. By the time the water boils it has gained 381.4 kJ of heat. a) What is the percent efficiency of the conversion of electrical energy to heat done...