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    Hello people...

    Hi, just discovered this forum from google some questions. I'm a software engineering graduate. When I was in college I was eager to know some actual codes rather than pure theories. But now I'm at my work somehow I grow fear everyday for lacking good background and good sense of mathematics...
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    How many people can have more friends than their friends on average?

    We call a vertex "popular" if its degree is higher than the average degree of its neighbors. We wish to find a tight upper bound on the number of popular vertices in a graph on $N$ vertices. We can have $N-2$ of them be popular. Simply start with $K_N$ and remove an edge. Can we have all $N$ of...
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    Smart people needed! Answer in full, no copy and paste.

    Mr Greengold had received a consignment of gold in the form of one-centimetre cubes. To conceal them, he ordered that the cubes be glued together to form a solid cuboid and had all the outside faces of this cuboid painted camouflage green. Jimmy Bold carefully spied on these proceedings and...
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    MATLAB - are people using this?

    Hi, I am returning to study after a very long time! I was wondering is anyone here is using MATLAB. I know it is supposed to be easy however am having trouble... For example: Two different moulds grow at different rates. The mass of the first mould (in grams)is well described by the...
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    How many ways to seat people at 3 circle tables?

    In how many distinct ways can 12 people be seated at three circle tables (4 people at a singletable facing each other); if we know that the three tables are placed along the wall at a restaurant, thefirst table next to the exit? My attempt: 4 people per table: 4! 3 tables. Multiply together...
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    proof: pair up people from different sets; no pair from same set

    imagine you have people from different groups and you would like to pair them up so that no pair is constituted by people of the same group. i've spent a couple of minutes simulating different possibilities and have come to the conclusion that it is always possible given that no set (group) has...
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    How do people start with proofs?

    I am taking my first college class (calc c) and the teacher gives us proofs as hw problems. I'm not really sure how to even start proofs. For example, one questions asks "If the terms of one sequence appears in another sequence in their given order, we call the first sequence a subsequence of...
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    People in rooms

    In how many ways you can arrange 15 people in four rooms so that the Each room was at most 5 people ?
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    Find the probability that the # people is exactly 61, at least 61, fewer than 61

    I am having difficulty with this part of the question: Find the probability that the # people is exactly 61 (a) Exactly 61: Steps so far: Sqrt ((100(.59)(.41)) = 4.918 (60.5 - 59)/4.918 = .305 (61.5 - 59)/4.918 = .5083 How do I get .0745? (b) At least 61 Steps so far (61.5-59)/4.918 =...
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    Probability that the number of people is exactly 85

    I am solving this problem (it is an example/sample problem)...I am trying to find "the probability that the number of people who receive spam email is exactly 85": I am stuck on the part where it says to use technology: I have a TI-83, but don't know what to input to get the .0764 Please...
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    Probability of People Sitting In Between People

    Ann and Bob are two of n people who are standing in a circle. The probability that there are k people between A and B, when between means: counting from A to B in the clockwise direction, is the same for all k. Find the probability that there are k people in between A and B, given that it is...
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    People get something to do so

    People get something to do so get busy make it happen %uh the net was the land their time the guys addition only Marco's national bodybuilding and fitness they then that's right yes so I want to answer several other questions receive sons I got to keep it up and try to maintain the rhythm to...
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    certain number of people arranged in several groups

    Find the number of ways of 9 people can be divided into two groups of 6 people and 3 people. my working is there are 6! arrangement for 6 people and 3! arrangment for 3 people. then the group of 3 people can be placed at right or left only . so that the 6 people form another group will not be...
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    It's wonderful people suffer

    It's wonderful people suffer from painful bunions of the time can be people to the point that you can actually itself and also at the sidebar because for sick it's red the next thing you know you have a world and that could be problematic because then you can get infection to the bone...
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    Hello awesome people!

    Hello awesome people out there! I am Ctracy, a business man in Columbia MD. I have 2 kids, I am cool and fun to be with. I own nationwide answering services company and On-site IT training company in Maryland. I love photography, love capturing moments. If you want to get know more about me...
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    % of people who cancel from attending an event

    Hi all, So I am trying to calculate the % of the audience that cancelled at an event a year ago to predict how many will cancel this year. I have two formulas and am not sure which one is most accurate. I had 696 total people registered to attend and 161 of them cancelled. Is the proper way to...
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    Hi people

    I'm here to improve math skills and stuff. Great greetings to everybody, this seems to be a good forum.
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    Hello People

    Hello everybody
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    50 people permutation and combination

    Hi, I have struggling with one of the problem ,your help will be most appreciated. Q: there are 50 people, Need to make 5 people team ,they have 20 minutes time to know each other, then after 20 minutes each person should have new team with 5 people different from previous, again they discuss...
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    Ways to choose three people from a committe

    Given an eight-person committee, how many ways are there to choose the officer positions (chair person, vice-chairperson, and secretary) if a specific member of the committee (Angie) is either the vice-chairperson or she is not an officer? There are a total of P(8, 3) = 8 * 7 * 6 = 336 ways to...