1. K

    a hard pentagon questionABCDE

    ABCDE is a regular pentagon.CF is perpendicular to AB. KL is perpendicular to AC. |FB|=|KL|.|DE|=6 units. Find area of triangle AKC? Question and image are very clear. I don't want any solution with trigonometry and golden ratio. I don't want to hear any...
  2. K

    pentagon help needed

    ABCDE is a regular pentagon.[BE] and [BD] are diagonals.BF is internal angle bisector.CK is perpendicular to BD. |CK|=1.Find |BF|.
  3. D

    Pentagon symmetries

    Hey, ive done the whole question except for this last part. i.e, found symmetries rotation and reflection, wrote them as functions and done the cayley table. Now im confused exactly what this question is asking ? Is it asking to show that g...
  4. K

    pentagon help

    View image: analitik 001
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    pentagon adventure

    View image: analitik
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    puzzle of pentagon

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  7. K

    an unsolved pentagon

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  8. K

    hard pentagon

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    View image: analitik
  10. A

    Deriving the Angles of a Pentagon

    Deriving the Angles of a Pentagon - Robotic Arm Application Hello, I am working on a robotic arm with 4 jointed parts that have a certain length. The problem is that if a user specifies a certain location in space, what angle should each of the jointed parts move to - essentially deriving...
  11. R

    Pentagon Circumscribed about a circle?

    It says solve for x if RS=10, ST=13, TU=11. UV=12, and VR=12. I cannot for the life of me figure this out. I added a picture for help. Thanks a bunch if anyone can help!
  12. V

    convex pentagon area

  13. F

    Golden ratio pentagon

    So I need to show that the diagonal x satisfies the following ratio x/1=1/(x-1). I know this turns out to be the golden ratio, But I cant seem to find the similar triangles in order to find this ratio in this pentagon. Any help is appreciated, thanks
  14. Nadeshiko

    Diagonals in a regular pentagon

    How many diagonals does a regular pentagon have? Please help me on this problem! I would appreciate steps on how to get the answer or hints!
  15. T

    Pentagon Problem

    Pentagon ABCDE BC = CD = BD = AE Perimeter (ABCDE) = 10 Find the sides of rectangle, for which the area of the pentagon will be maximum. Please help! i need it so much (sry for my english)
  16. S


    a || b Construct a 4 angled figure ( could be Square, trapezoid, deltoid or whatever ) whose Surface will be equal to the surface of the pentagon.
  17. Veronica1999


    Let A=(0,0), B=(7,2), C=(3,4), D=(3,7) and E=(-1,5). Cameron walks the polygonal path ABCDEA, writing down the number of degrees turned at each corner. What is the sum of these five numbers? Notice that ABCDE in not a convex pentagon. I got 491.(using a protractor) Could someone take a look...
  18. J

    angles in pentagons

    hey! 1. this diagram (the one attached) shows a regular pentagon divided into a quadrilateral. calcualte the angles in each of these triangles and the quadrilateral. thnx a bunch Joyousness
  19. J

    triangles from pentagons

    Hi. XD 1. a regular pentagon is divided into three triangles. calculate all the angles in each of the triangles.[/B] (a picture of the pentagon described above is attached). please explain too. (the following info is relevant for the next 2 questions. btw the info the image of the...
  20. G

    Pentagon problem

    How can you show that a regular pentagon can be divided into 2010 triangles so that one is type A and 2009 are type B? The middle triangle is type A. The sides triangles are type B. Thank you!