1. N

    What does the p-value mean with correlation?

    I get this in minitab: Pearson correlation of Gender and Political Affiliation = -0.112 P-Value = 0.266 What does this exactly mean?
  2. K

    One-tailed pearson's chi-square H1 and Ho as well as Fisher's exact test

    Hi, I have numerous chi-squares to run. A couple of the expected frequencies are less than 5 so I have decided to go with Fisher's exact test for them. I have a couple of questions pertaining to these tests. First, I am conducting a Pearson's chi-square, which I believe to be a one tailed test...
  3. R

    Pearson's correlation or not?

    Hi, I am a student at university of Birmingham, studying medical science. As part of one of my modules i have to do bit of stats...So I Hope someone can help me out. Background to study A study was carried out to see the effects of sleep deprivation on vigilance and reaction time. The study...
  4. A

    neyman pearson

    Hi, May i know what is the difference between the neyman pearson lemma and the likelihood ratio test? they seem like the same thing to me. thanks
  5. Z

    Pearson correlation coefficient

    according to the table and the information here,i need to decide if the two questions are correct or not. so the information is this: Every student was examined in addition to the tasks also the Final Score. Pearson correlation coefficient between number of task (X) and the Final Score (Y) has...
  6. A

    Pearson Correlation Coefficient Boundary Proof

    Given two sequences of numbers x1, .... , xn and y1, ....... , yn, the Pearson Correlation Coefficient (PCC) is computed as Prove that the -1 <= PCC <= 1, regardless of the values of x and y. I do not even know where to start, I know that this correlation is a ratio which tells me...
  7. C

    When is it inappropriate to report Pearson correlation coefficients?

    I am writing a paper publishing scientific data. My background is chemistry but I have taken a couple of stat classes. In my opinion, one of the biggest deficiencies in modern research publications is the improper use of statistics. I hope to avoid making this mistake, but I need your help...
  8. S

    Pearson correlation - normal distribution

    Hi, I'd like to perform Pearson correlation analysis on a data set. To my understanding the Pearson correlation test requires the data to be normally distributed. My questions regarding these are the follows: 1. Let's say, I have 100 observations, and 3 dimensions. The normal distribution...
  9. K

    Hypothesis Testing: Neyman Pearson Lemma

    Suppose that Y1,Y2,...,Yn are iid Poisson(lambda) We want to test Ho:lambda=lambda_o vs Ha:lambda=lambda_a (where lambda_a>lambda_o) Using the Neyman Pearson Lemma, find the most powerful test for alpha=0.05 (Hint: (Y1+Y2+...+Yn) ~ Possion(n*lambda) )...
  10. L

    distribution of Pearson Coefficient

    I've seen in book 'Testing Statistical Hypotheses' by Lehmann that Sqrt(n-2) * R / Sqrt( 1 - R^2 ) ~ t(n-2) where R = S(XY) / Sqrt( S(XX) * S(YY) ); Xi, Yi ~ N(m, s^2) are independed variables I'm interested how to get distribution of R?
  11. Y

    Pearson Correlation Coefficient

    I am involved in a project investigating if knowledge on a food product is associated to its consumption in a certain population. I have classified the knowledge into low, moderate and high based on the subjects' scores obtained from questionnaires. To know if they are associated, I used a...
  12. B

    Pearson's correlation - quick questions

    I have this question related to finding Pearson's correlation coefficient. I already know how to find to coefficient but then the question asks to find r^2, so do I just find out the square of r? And then it says what does this number mean? What is r^2 supposed to represent? Thanks in advance.
  13. princess_anna57

    Pearson's and Spearman's help!!

    Nine randomly selected subjects of the same sex were questioned on the degree of anxiety they felt about their romantic attachments, eg by responding to items such as "I rarely worry about my partner leaving me" and also on their avoidance score which is a score relating to people's comfort with...
  14. J

    Pearson correlation coefficient

    I'm a little confused about this homework problem. Here's the data: patient------#of current med. problems(x)------post-op length of stay(y) 1---------------------1-------------------------------6 2---------------------2-------------------------------6...