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    Fair dice roll. The expected payoff?

    Consider the following game: Two fair dice are rolled. If the sum is 7, you win $ 10. If the sum is 11, you lost $ 20. What is the expected payoff for this game? (Round to the nearest penny.) What is the expected payoff:
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    Payoff Matrix

    You inherit 10K prior to a presidential election and wish to invest it in solar energy and oil stock. An investment advisor provides you with a payoff matrix that indicates your probable 4-year gains depending on which party comes into office. How should you invest so you have the largest...
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    Payoff matrix and profit maximising help

    Hi there, I need to revise for my upcoming examinations but the teacher has failed to put up solutions for the following two questions. I would be grateful for any help on this. many thanks. <b>Question 1</b> Consider the cost functions faced by a duopoly comprising two firms: A and B: CA =...
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    Sketching a Payoff Function

    I am required to sketch a payoff function, as follows: I'm baffled. I've tried, a lot, but this confuses the heck outta me. Any kind souls who could give me some pointers?
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    Game Theory: 3x3 payoff matrix

    Given A 3x3 payoff matrix: ----L---- M---- R ---- T (4,2): (1,1): (0,0) M (2,0): (-1,5): (5,-1) B (3,0): (2,2): (3,1) 1. Find a dominanted strategies for both players. 2. Eliminated the dominated strategies, find all Nash equilibrium in pure strategy. 3. Then argue that...
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    Find out the original principal and payoff date

    Hi, this is my current situation. I need to find out what my original principal was, and the payoff date. I know the APR (8% pa) but don't know if the balance is calculated monthly or daily (I suspect daily). I know the monthly payment ($763.90 due first business day after 20eth of the month)...
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    Find expectated payoff

    Hi There is a bag containing numbers from 1 to n. A number is drawn at random from the bag and put back.(let the number be "X") A second number is drawn after that. (let the number be "Y") THe person gets 10$ if X>y, he has to pay 5$ is x<y and gets 0$ is x=y. What is the expected...
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    Payoff of cash settled receiver swaption!!

    Hi, I really need help on this. How do you calculate the payoff of a cash settlement on a receiver swaption w/ underlying =fixed vs. floating paid once a year, swap maturity t years??? regards, Kim
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    Payoff Matrix - Need Help QUICK!

    3 -1 5 3 5 0 (2 values for answer) and 2 -1 1 3 4 0 0 3 11 (3 values for answer)
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    Please Help Payoff Matrix !!!

    Here it goes.... In a good economy, stocks pay 8% and bonds pay 4%. In a poor economy, Stocks pay -2% and BOnds pay 5%. I need to write a payoffmatrix for this equation. Which rows or columns dominate If 60% is put in stocks and 40% is put in bonds, what is the expected payoff if the economy...
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    Hi, Can some tell me a step-by-step method to finding the optimal strategies and value of any given payoff matrix. Thanks.