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    Euclid nowhere states an axiom (or postulate) of parallels

    I am sure that many among you have read Euclid's Elements of Geometry. If you have, you will have noticed that nowhere does he state an axiom (or postulate) of parallels. (That's why we call it Playfair's Postulate, not Euclid's Postulate). He gives a definition of parallelism - but of...
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    Parallels between investments and quantum science

    Is there a way to strike a parallel between the Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns 2008 and the periodic table of elements? From the paper (see link below) there is a probabilistic quantum-like (QL) behavior of commodities; a consequence of the organization of the process of production...
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    Limiting parallels

    Proof: If ray PD is a limiting parallel to ray AB, then line PD is parallel to line AB. How would this be approached?
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    Parallels and Parallelograms

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with this problem. The objective of this is to create an equation that would determine how many parallelograms would be created through "m" horizontal parallel lines intersected by "n" parallel transversals. The first problem is to determine an equation for...
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    There are always parallels, even without the parallel postulate...right?

    A while ago I heard about elliptic geometry, a geometry in which there are no parallels. This is not possible, even without a parallel postulate, right? That is, aren't there always parallels, even in absolute geometry? This is my reasoning: consider lines AB and q, intersecting at point E...