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    Possible formula for oscillating temperature.

    The desert temperature, H, oscillates sinusoidally between 40°F at 5 am and 80°F at 5 pm. Write apossible formula for H in terms of t, measured in hours since midnight. I graphed a sinusoidal function and determined that the midpoint = 60 degrees F, the period = (2pi)/B = 12 , so B = pi/6...
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    so confused :( 2 pre-calculus questions that have stumped me??

    I just don't understand these! :( I can't get number one to show up on my graphing calculator (even when i change the window proportions), and number two...what?? If anyone can show their work and provide explanations so I can understand/learn these concepts, please, please, please do so...
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    oscillating particle problem

    A particle has mass m and moves in the region x > 0 under the force F = -m\omega^2(x - \frac{a^4}{x^3}), where \omega and a are constants. The particle starts from the position of equilibirum with speed v. Find the limiting values of x in the subsequent motion. Show also that the period of...
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    Sum of oscillating sequences

    Find two oscillating sequences such that the sum of those two sequences diverges to infinity or to minus infinity, if possible. I have been unable to find two such sequences. It is easy enough to find two oscillating sequences who sum converges, but not diverges. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Relationship between mean reversion constant and period of oscillating series

    Hi, I am creating a series by: 1) Multiplying the previous value in the series by a negative constant. For example 100.857 * -0.1 = -10.086, where 100.857 is the previous value and -0.1 is the constant. 2) Calculating the difference between the last value in the series and the value before...
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    Complex number - Oscillating system

    "An oscillation in a system is given by x = \frac{4}{100} e^{- \frac{1}{100} t} \sin{(12t)} . Write this in the form x = {\rm Re} \left( c e^{\alpha + i \beta} \right) ." So I have: \begin{aligned} x & = \frac{4}{100}e^{\frac{-1}{100}t}\sin(12t)\\ & = {\rm...
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    Particle oscillating on a fixed string

    A light elastic string has natural length 2l and modulus of elasticity 4mg. One end of the string is attached to a fixed point A and the other end to a fixed point B, where A and B lie on a smooth horizontal tabel, with AB = 4l. A particle P of mass m is attached to the mid point of the string...
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    Finding the equation of an oscillating mass

    Hi, I really do not understand this question, if you could please solve and explain it, I would greatly appreciate it! Here it is: A mass on a spring oscillates back and forth. Its maximum displacement is 13.3 cm. Write an equation that models the motion. Thanks you so much!
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    Oscillating spring measurements?

    A mass attached to a spring oscillates upward and downward. The length L of the spring after t seconds is given by the function L=8-2cos(4pit) where L is measured in inches. what is the length of the spring when it is shortest? What is the length of the spring when its longest?
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    Normal Modes - One Dimensional Oscillating Systems

    Hi Can someone help me with the following questions please (I now understand why mathmaticians and physicists dont get along)? I really need some help on the following: i). Drawing a force diagram for each particle (I really hate drawing these). As a guess for m1, am I right in thinking...