1. G

    Finding vectors, not placed in origin

    Hi so my question states In searching for a boat lost at sea, a coast guard cutter leaves St. John's and travels 75.0 km due east. it them turns 65 degrees North of east and travels another 75.0 km, and finally turns another 65.0 degrees towards the west and travels another 75.0 km. What is its...
  2. M

    'Regression line through the origin' problem

    while I'm studying regression, I thought it would be a little bit simple, because I could draw the regression line by using the formula about beta one & two. But after I met this problem, I get to know that I was wrong. The problem :: Consider fitting a simple linear regression model...
  3. R

    The origin of collective destruction

    Republic of Ireland vs England Live Stream Russia vs Belarus Live Stream Serbia vs Azerbaijan Live Stream Canadian Grand Prix 2015 Live Stream French Open 2015 Live Stream Roland Garros 2015 Live Stream Novak Djokovic vs Stan Wawrinka Live Stream Stan Wawrinka vs Novak Djokovic Live Stream...
  4. maxpancho

    Find the points on the surface closest to the origin

    Find the points on the surface $x^2−yz=5$ that are closest to the origin. Okay so this is what I got 2*x=\lambda*2*x, 2*y=-\lambda*z, 2*z=-\lambda*y, x^2-y*z=5, find x,y,z,\lambda - Wolfram|Alpha Seems like the answer should be $(\sqrt{5},0,0)$ $(-\sqrt{5},0,0)$ But the answer given is...
  5. A

    Is the graph of "y = x^3/8" symmetric about the origin?

    Please explain why or why not!
  6. maxpancho

    Find the tangent line passing through the origin

    What is the trick here?
  7. P

    Testing for symmetry about the origin

    Hi everybody! I'm stumped as to why I can't seem to get the right answer when testing for symmetry in the following equation: x^2 + xy + y^2 = 0. Normally to test for symmetry I test to see if f(-x)=-f(x) for symmetry about the origin. When I do this, I find that f(-x) = x^2 - xy + y^2 which...
  8. S

    Slope of all Tangent Lines through the origin. Method 1.

    https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=DB0189AA1CD22777!139676&v=3 https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=DB0189AA1CD22777!139675&v=3 To start with I graphed the equation 1+(x-1)^2. I see that the origin of the parabola is shifted one unit up and one unit to the right and the parabola faces...
  9. T

    "if and only if" proof of 3 vectors on a plane through the origin & linear dependence

    Show that three vectors a, b, c lie on the same plane through the origin, if and only if there are three scalars α, β, γ not all zero such that αa + βb + γc = 0. I believe in order to prove this, I need to show: (1) If a, b, c lie on the same plane through the origin, then there are three...
  10. R

    law of total probability origin?

    Hello - I was curious about the origin of The Law of Total Probability, specifically who slated this law and when? Wikipedia provides an overview of TLTP but does not seem to provide any info about its origin?
  11. A

    finding equations for two lines through the origin

    The questions reads Find equations for two lines through the origin that are tangent to the curve x^2-4x+y^2+3=0 ,, Not sure what the question is asking.. :( Any help?
  12. sluggerbroth

    Every tangent plane to graph z^(3)=x^(3)+y^(3) passes thru origin???

    True or false and show me why you say so.
  13. Paze

    Find all tangent lines through the origin

    Find all tangent lines through the origin to the graph of y=1+(x-1)^2 I'm not even sure where to start! Help me MHF! :)
  14. H

    Origin of Numbers and Order

    It starts with scratches on a rock (permanent) or in the dirt (temporary). Integers: 1, 11, 111, 1111, ….. Equality: 11 = 11 Order: 111 > 11, (1111, 1, 11) → (1, 11, 1111) Well Ordering Principle Pos Integers: 01, 011, 0111, … Neg Integers: 10, 110, 1110, ….. Addition: 011 + 0111...
  15. A

    Symmetric about the origin

    Hi all, Can someone please help me understand how the following function is symmetric about the origin? y = 3x /(x^2 + 9) -y = 3(-x) / (-x)^2 + 9 -y = -3x / x^2 + 9 (multiply numerator and denominator by -1) y = 3x/ -x^2 -9 The functions are not the same yet, in the back of my book it says...
  16. I

    Finding point closest to origin

    I have finished this problem but I'm not quite sure if this has 2 answers or 1. Here is the question. Find the points on the parabola y= 9/2 - x^2 that are closest to the origin. Steps I did: Use the distance formula and got x^2 + (9/2 - x^2)^2 S'= 4x(x^2 - 4) x = 0, x = +-2 Points I got...
  17. N

    Point on curve thats closest to the origin

    Find the point on the curve y=sqrt(1/2ln(1/x)) that is closest to the origin I have attempted to do this question a couple of times, but I can't get the right answer. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  18. N

    Does graph have a tangent at origin?

    So, this is the question: Does the graph g(x) = x sin (1/x), ≠ 0 g(x) = 0, x = 0 have a tangent at the origin? Give reasons for your answer. I am really unsure on how to even begin to think about this problem.
  19. V

    Transforming 3D coordinates about a point other than the origin

    I have 4 points with X, Y, Z coordinates that are off of the origin. I would like to rotate them about a 5th point which is in the center of these 4. I want to rotate them in the XY plane, XZ plane and the YZ plane. I haven't been able to find a good tutorial or anything online. Could someone...
  20. M

    Smallest distance from origin to point on a given circle

    Hi all --- I'm posting this question on geometry here because I'm not sure if you need calculus. But even if you don't, I'd like to know if I can use calculus to do the question. Question with solution: Now, I understand perfectly how to complete the square. So when I did this problem...