1. A

    Need your opinion

    I know this is not a calculus question but I want to get everyone's opinion. Which subject do you guys feel is the easiest one? - Differential Equations - Methods of Applied Mathematics ll - Topology - Engineering Statistics - Abstract Algebra
  2. froodles01

    Partial diff - difference of opinion

    I have a difference of opinion with 2 calculation engines. equation to solve is; d/dx (a(x^2 +y) Wolframalpha of course is a very trusted source but I also use symbolab. Here is a screenshot of the differential I want from both sites and associated answers. could anyone please confirm...
  3. J

    I need opinion about Greens Relations in Rings(by P.petro). Read this article and giv

    Hello ! I am interesting about a new relations in rings (Green's relations in Rings). Analogous with Greens relations in semigroups. Analogous relations for rings are defined in the atachment(pdf). page 4678 Please give me an opinion about this new relations in Rings. How promise this...
  4. L

    I could use a second opinion on the completeness of my solution...

    I could use a second opinion on my answer to this question: Determine the values of a, if any, for which all solutions to the equation: y'' - (2a - 1)y' + a(a - 1)y = 0 ...tend to zero as t approaches infinity. The general solution comes out to this: y =...
  5. topsquark

    Character Tables and Basis Functions: An Opinion Question

    This is not a question about how to do a problem. I know how to build a character table and how to find basis functions for a representation. I am working out of a text written by one of my former Purdue professors. In it he gives an example of the construction of the character table for D3...
  6. G

    Opinion on proof (cartesian product -sets)-some guidance needed

    Good day to all I have attached the question asked and my work for better legibility. I need to prove that the LHS is a proper subset of the RHS. I have (I believe) managed to proved that it is a subset of the RHS but not a proper subset. I know that to do so, I would need to prove that the...
  7. G

    Opinion on proof!

    Good day to all, I have been asked the following question: Prove that if p is prime and p|n^2 then p|n I have attached my proof and was hoping to get an opinion on it, to see if I have understood the material and where I need to tighten up the proof. Thanks
  8. G

    Simple linear algebra question - opinion needed

    Good day to all. We have just completed our chapter on matrix operations (matrix matrix product, special matrices etc...). In doing the end of chapter exercises I have across a problem where the following is asked: Question: Find all 2x2 matrices where A^2 = 0 I considered the general 2x2...
  9. G

    Opinion on proof(Integer divisibility)

    Good day to all. I have been asked to prove the following proposition: Let m and n be integers. Use the contradiction method to prove that the quotient and the remainder of the division of m by n are unique. The following is a rough proof I have come up with. I was wondering if someone could...
  10. S

    Touch (in my opinion) logarithm simplification question

    I keep getting 10/7 as an aswer but that isn't even one of the multiple choice! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  11. T

    publicly available datasets for UK public opinion on the death penalty

    Hi, I want to plot a chart comparing public opinion on the death penalty with some economic indicators to look for correlations. The financial datasets are easy to find, but I am having trouble getting a time series of opinion. Can anyone suggest anything? Cheers, T
  12. A

    Other opinion needed

    (-4-39i)/(5-2i) Hello Forum I worked this problem out and I just wanted to know is this seems right.. (-4-39i)/(5-2i) Rationalize the denominator with the complex conjugate to remove the imaginary term from the denominator. (-4-39i)/(5-2i)*(5+2i)/(5+2i) Multiply out the complex conjugate...
  13. S

    Second Opinion On Hw Answer

  14. galactus

    my opinion about HP's

    Maybe I should leave well enough alone, but I want to give my 2 cents about HP's. They blow!. Compared to TI's and Casio's they're not very user-friendly That infernal RPN is ridiculous. Having been a surveyor, the HP-48GX was the tool to use in the field. It was the most popular until the...
  15. B

    opinion, systems of equations

    Which method do you prefer to use when solving systems of equations: elimination or substitution? Please discuss.