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    solving an equation using order of operations

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    Operations on Matrices: I'm stuck on this type of questions

    Hi, new here. Hope I posted in the right forum category (Itwasntme) This is the question... Please.... Help me.... Help me with the technique.... Thank youuuu
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    Order of Operations Calculator

    From speaking with teachers and students, I use Standard PEDMAS. I'm open to updates for this calculator. Order of Operations Calculator
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    Order of operations

    Good evening all, real basic question if I may? I have the following problem in front of me and apparently I have the correct answer of -7.74 put I do not understand where the (3.3)^2 comes into play in regard to the question or order of operations... here goes: 2.5-(3.1+0.5/5)^2 (3.3)^2...
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    Bit Operations

    Hey Guys, can i have a hand with this question its difficult for me. Bit masking has a task. They are used in order to access specific bits in a byte of data. Using the 8-bit binary number “1001 1101”: Turn off the 2 bits (masking bits to 0) on each side, and then leave...
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    Set operations with union and complimentary sets

    The answer given for letter a is much easier to comprehend than the answer given to letter b, although I do understand both answers. Can we use the format used to answer letter a to answer letter b?(Refer to the images). One of the image contains the problem and answers for both a and b. The...
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    Sets and Sets Operations

    Does this want me to find the Power Set (combination of elements in a set)?
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    Correct the definition for theses binary operations

    I have to correct the italicized word in the following there statements. 1) A binary operation $*$ is commutative ​if and only if $a*b=b*a$ well commutative is the right word but seems odd its not saying its a binary operation on a set nor confirming a,b are in the set 2) A binary...
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    Binary operations T/F

    1) if * is any binary operation on any set S then a * a = a for all $a \in S$ False 2) If * is any commutative binary operation on any set S, then a*(b*c)=(b*c)*a for all $a,b,c \in S$ True 3) If * is any associative binary operation on any set S, then a*(b*c)=(b*c)*a for all $a,b,c \in S$...
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    Function Operations

    Hello, New Member here with a functions question. I have some homework which is bothering me. I am not sure if I ammisunderstanding the question, or it's simpler than I thought. Here it is.......... f(x) = √(3x-3) g(x) = x+7 Find: fg(x),gf (x) I am confused by the comma. Am I just being asked...
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    Arithmetic operations problem

    Hi all, I wonder if you could let me know how to resolve c) and d) I could resolve a) and b) by factoring however don't know how to add the values inside the brackets in c) and d) (Thinking) Many thanks, Matilde
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    Finding number of operations

    Hi, I'm working on some discrete math homework, and while I don't want anyone to do it for me, I am in desperate need of help in understanding what it is I'm supposed to be doing. The problem is: What is the largest n for which one can solve within one second a problem using an algorithm that...
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    Order of Operations!

    If anyone needs help with order of operations, please tell me! I will try my best to help you out! And if you want to watch a tutorial video over it, make sure to let me know :)
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    May I have a question about binary operations?

    Hi, I am really sorry to bother you. But, could you help me? For each of the following binary operations, - is the operation associative? - is there an identity element? - if there is an identity element then which elements have inverses? - is the set together with the operation a group? (a)...
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    Operations on Complex Numbers in Polar Form

    By finding z if z = cis(Ѳ), show that cos (4Ѳ) = cos4(Ѳ) - 6cos2(Ѳ)sin2(Ѳ) + sin4(Ѳ) and that sin(4Ѳ) = 4cos3(Ѳ)sin(Ѳ) - 4cos(Ѳ)sin3(Ѳ). I know that I first have to use De Moivre's theorem to find z4 when z = cis(Ѳ), which gives me z4 = cis(4Ѳ) = cos(4Ѳ) + sin(4Ѳ)i. I also know that I need to...
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    Confused with order of operations

    Hi All, Looking for some clarity. I had the following test problem in "order of operations" 36/4(5-3)+6 and gave 9 as the answer. According to the rules I was wrong. the answer was 33 If I had the equation Y=36/4(a+b)+6 and rewrite as: 36 Y= ___________ +6...
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    Elementary Row Operations

    I'm doing homework and checking my answers with the appendices in the back of our textbook. I have this matrix that I'm supposed to turn into an elementary matrix: \begin{bmatrix}1 & 0 & 4 \\0 & 1 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & 1 \end{bmatrix} The book says 4R3 + R1 -> R1, but doesn't make into a elementary...
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    Operations with factorials

    Hi, i'm having troubles understanding operations with faculty. If: (3k)! (k+1)! (2(k+1))! __________________ k! (2k)! (3(k+1))! Then why is this equal to: (k+1)(2k+1)(2k+2) ________________ (3k+1)(3k+2)(3k+3) Thanks for the help!
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    Help! Operations of angles?

    Perform each of the following operations: 1. 13o48'39" + 18o34'39" 2. 11o23' - 6o50' Express the following without decimals. 1. 0.1o 2. 15.87​o
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    Operations Research (Operations Management)

    Is this the appropriate place to post on the topic? I couldn't find anywhere else so I chose here. Can anyone offer some advice on the linear programs of these 3 problems? I don't need help putting them into the program LINGO to solve them though. If I can understand how to do these kinds of...