1. G

    Online Algebra Lessons

    Any recommended online schools that offer math subject such as algebra and trigonometry?
  2. D

    Online Math Courses for Adults

    I'm 60-years old and do not have a college degree or any college level math classes behind me. I'm a fairly successful, self-taught, computer programmer working on the edge of big data and data science. The obstacle I face is lack of education and, more specifically, lack of mathematics...
  3. O

    Need a little help with calc homework online.

    So, I've been trying to figure this out but I've already used up 3/5 tries for one answer and 2/5 on the other. I'll put the problems as they appear on the website. Consider the curve of the form y(t) = ksin(bt2). (a) Given that the first critical point of y(t) for positive t occurs at t = 1...
  4. R

    Seeking Online Calculus 1-3 Textbook

    I am looking for a Calculus 1-3 free online textbook. Does anyone know of a good book link covering single variable and multivariable calculus? P.S. I also need a free precalculus online textbook.
  5. V

    Math Teaching ideas...

    Fun Math Teaching games is a ideal math game for kids. It provides practice on Divison, addition and other math activities. It's offers fun ways to learn Math. Parents can create different levels to suit different learning needs and have fun with their kids. This is game that provides a fun and...
  6. D

    Free online math exercises

    Are you looking for math exercises? Check the new website with math exercises for 6-9 years old children. Website verify the correctness of solution. Using website is free of charge.
  7. D

    Discrete Fourier Transform: Online Tools?

    I am writing a Discrete Fourier Transform program and, as I debug it, am hoping to compare the results of my program with the results of another program. Can anybody in these forums recommend an online tool that does the Discrete Fourier Transform? Real numbers. One dimension. Random number...
  8. C

    sophisticated graphing software online

    hi fellas, i need to graph an equation with large mathematical constants ranging from the order of 10^-34 to 10^34.. i tried with with desmos first but it seems to fail with the higher orders. can you suggest me other good softwares for graphing? or i would be more happy if anyone of you can...
  9. T

    Wanted: Online / Free Software Calculator For Limit Formulas. Create Tables-Graphs

    Can you advise of a website or free software application where I can access a scientific calculator the capability to solve a function such as f(x) = (x^2 -1) / (ln x + x+1 ) where I can enter the function and then enter any variable for x, without having to re-enter the function each time...
  10. J

    Kitchen Cabinets Online

    Kitchen Cabinets Online. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. w'w'w'.'e'x'd'i's'p'l'a'y'k'i't'c'h'e'n's'1'.'c'o'.'u'k' £ 595 Each with appliances.
  11. T

    You can find cosplay costumes for sale online

    It's usually a good idea to write down your brainstorming, I usually print out a picture and write my notes on there and break the K-ON! Cosplay Costumes into parts. Naruto has a jacket, pants, undershirt, headband, sandals, and a Cosplay Wig. I may want to buy blue contacts as well. Will I also...
  12. J

    Can someone please help me with these online problems?

    I'm having difficulty solving these problems and I ask for someone to please explain how to solve them. Thanks! Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo...
  13. J

    Upswing Tutoring and Online Coaching

    Getting problems with MATH? Get Math Help. Having troubles in understanding ECONOMICS? Get Online Tutoring. Upcoming test giving you nightmares? Have consultant for Test Prep. Tough homework making you tensed? Get Homework Help. There's solution for these. Upswing is a whole new way to increase...
  14. SilentEchoes

    Hello all, looking for good resources to learn online.

    First off, hello to all and glad to be here. Many advanced thanks for all the help I am sure I will receive here. I am no student, college or otherwise but having missed my chance to take that route I am now looking to further my interests that I neglected in my earlier years. Science is...
  15. S

    Online resources for dot product calculations?

    Can someone please share a link to a site which can show me how to calculate the following: Given 3 vectors A,B and C, calculate the following: A.B Theta AB 2B.3C 2(B.3C) Which of the following can be calculated: A.B.C A.(B.C) A.(B+C) 3.A Calculate: V1.V1 (dot product of a vector with itself)...
  16. N

    Coding and Cryptography Online Resources?

    Hi Guys, I have a Coding and cryptography module this semester in college. I need to catch up with the class but don't think the teacher and class notes are great. Does anyone know any good online resources to teach myself. I used Khan Academy to learn the basics and a few youtube videos which...
  17. H

    Online Casinos Will Continue to Accept United States Players

    The slot devices are among the list of popular part on the full casino knowledge. Much more than 2 hundred years old these devices are still attracting the large number of players for their effortless to understand actively playing model and ease of full transactions. The fascinating matter...
  18. vaironxxrd

    Trigonometry Online Course

    Hello Everyone, I come to ask a basic question, and I hope I'm not hated for the "stupidness" it involves. The course is an online trigonometry course. Every week I have to do a set of assignments and quiz. I can usually figure out very easily how to complete the assignments since I'm reading...
  19. E

    can anyone point me in the direction of good tutorials online for queueing theory?

    Im studying queueing theory at the moment and find it quite difficult to follow the lecturer. I was wondering can anyone point me in the Direction of good, easy to understand english tutorials online? thanks for your help in advance!