1. J

    Critical Points

    f(x) = |2x|-|x - 2| Are, x = 0 and x = 2, considered as Critical Points? --------------- Our doctor said that they are not, but I argued with him that they are Critical Points. --------------- Is his statement correct?
  2. AdamFulton

    finding the biggest number needed that multiples to the numbers in a set

    I am trying to figure out a way to find the biggest "small" number that I need to multiple within a set of numbers... For example using the numbers 1-10 as the set Small number (SN) Largest number (LN) SN times LN 01 10 02 05 03 03 01 09 02 04 01...
  3. M

    summation of alternating squared numbers

    Hello I have been stuck on this exercise for quite a while now: Show that: \sum_{k=1}^{n}(-1)^k\cdot k^2=\frac{n\cdot(n+1)}{2} by using these two summation formulas: \sum_{k=1}^{n}(2k)^2=\frac{2n\cdot(2n+1)\cdot(n+1)}{3} and \sum_{k=1}^{n}(2k-1)^2=\frac{4n^3-n}{3} My initial guess was...
  4. M

    Primality Test for Meresenne Numbers

    How to prove that following hypothesis is true? Hypothesis Let M_p=2^p-1 such that p \in \mathbb{P} and p \ge 3 . Let S_i=S_{i-1}^2-2 with S_0=194 , thus M_p is prime iff S_{p-2} \equiv 2 \pmod{M_p} I have checked this hypothesis for all odd primes p below 10000 . Any hint will be greatly...
  5. H

    inequality about complex numbers

    Hi, given complex numbers z1,...zn'shob that there exists a subset J of {1,...,n} such that : attached attempt :i tried to use the residue theorem for the function (z-z1)*.....*(z-zn)/z^n on a circle of around the origin
  6. A

    Different answers if using imaginary numbers or not

    If a and b are positive real numbers, then ( (-a) * (-b) )^0.5 has two answers, which is correct? Not using imaginary numbers: ( (-a) * (-b) )^0.5 = ( ab )^0.5 Using imaginary numbers: ( (-a) * (-b) )^0.5 = (-a)^0.5 * (-b)^0.5 = i * a^0.5 * i * b^0.5 = i^2 * ( ab )^0.5 = -( ab )^0.5
  7. R

    Equation with complex numbers

    Any thoughts, clues on this one? Find all complex numbers such that Thanks!!!!!
  8. H

    Need help with negative numbers and order of operation

    Ex. 3= -7 - (-x) Please help me with the steps. I think the first thing I should do is get "x" by itself. To get x by itself , the way my mind is telling me to do is is to add "-x" to both sides of the equation ,giving me 3x =-7 . I don't even know how to continue with this because I'm...
  9. E

    Prime Numbers

    Hi, I am confused about this question: ​How many factors does x^2 y^3 z^3 have where xyz represents different prime numbers? Any help much appreciated, Thank you in advance, EbonyJade :)
  10. H

    Probability distribution of two numbers randomly changing

    Hello, I need help from this community, hoping that there is an experienced mathematician reading this post. I would like to calculate the probability distribution for the following problem: two numbers can change randomly with probability m from a given set of numbers of length a. For...
  11. P

    Complex Numbers puzzle

    Hello everyone, ive got a new Maths sequence number puzzle which is kind of tough to crack, can you validate and crack for the next sequence number? List 1 - 26 40 38 17 3 4 10 List 2 - 43 39 13 6 18 2 8 List 3 - 33 10 18 40 17 8 2 Based this, can you understand the logic and Make list 4...
  12. S

    Convert these numbers into coordinates

    Hi. I'm trying to convert these numbers into coordinates (degrees-minutes-seconds). 0033785 They should start with the North coordinates of 64. I have tried everything from number sequences as PI-decimals, Eulers, Fibanacci etc, to the Periodic table and score rating in darts :-) Can anyone...
  13. O

    Casio fx-100AU PLUS - problem using squared function with negative numbers

    Hello I am new to doing maths and bought a CASIO fx-100AU PLUS. Is this a good choice? I am allowed any scientific or graphics calculator for doing calculus. Also I am confused, when I type in -1 squared it says -1 but -1 times -1 = 1? What am I doing wrong? Thank you
  14. J

    on Word Problems: Numbers, consecutive

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  15. B

    More complex numbers

    Hi I have to solve for z in the following equations and sketch points on the complex plane: 1.(5+i)z=3 2. z^2+2iz+1=0 3.z^4=16 Am I correct in thinking I could solve 1. without using polar form however need polar form for the other 2. Also, I tried converting 1. into polar form anyway for...
  16. B

    How to write imaginary numbers

    Hi, I have a question to solve: y''+4y'+25y=0. Substituting theta e^theta(x) - led to theta = -4+or-(sqrt -84_/2 (ie 4 plus or minus sqrt -84 all divided by two). This leaves two imaginary numbers generated by taking sqrt of -84: To write these do I write e^i-4+(etc rest of quad form) and...
  17. G

    Post subject: Sorting n real numbers in O(n), number of digits is O(1)

    I need to explain how to modify radix sort, in order to sort n real numbers, when every number has O(1) digits. General and short description is enough. I thought of making the numbers to have same number of digits left and right to the decimal point, then sort with radix sort only the negative...
  18. K

    solve cos z = cosh z in complex numbers

    Can someone help with this? Wolfram Alpha gives solution but I don't know how they come up with it. I know cosh z = cos iz and cosh iz = cos z but that doesn't help me here.
  19. T

    Complex numbers

    This is for a Principles of Applied Mathematic college course. I am having trouble expressing ln(-1-i) in the form a+ib Thank you
  20. E

    Complex Numbers

    1) Express w=-12+5i in the form w=reitheta 2) Express x1=eipi/2 and x2=eipi/6 in the form x=a+ib 3) Express x1/x2 in the form x=a+ib I just don't really understand complex numbers and how you would express that formula in the form. Could someone help at least with the first one so I...