1. R

    3.14 vs. 3.141.../irrational pi for a circle

    I realize math can be used for abstraction... Would using irrational pi for a circle other than 3.14 make the circle more eliptical? Why use the irrational number for a circle, instead of 3.14, if the irrational size for a circle cannot even exist in reality? why use it for a circle?
  2. S

    how can I find the number of common divisors

    Hello, If I have two integers a and b and I know their gcd, then how can I find the number of common divisors between a and b? Thanks
  3. AdamFulton

    finding the biggest number needed that multiples to the numbers in a set

    I am trying to figure out a way to find the biggest "small" number that I need to multiple within a set of numbers... For example using the numbers 1-10 as the set Small number (SN) Largest number (LN) SN times LN 01 10 02 05 03 03 01 09 02 04 01...
  4. L

    Finding out the number of ways a bakery can give pies to the needy?

    >At the end of the day, a bakery gives everything that is unsold to food banks for the needy. If it has 12 apple pies left at the end of a given day, in how many different ways can it distribute these pies among six food banks for the needy? >How many different ways can the bakery distribute...
  5. D

    The probability that a number is the maximum of multiple binomial draws

    I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the probability that a given number is the maximum value of multiple binomial draws. Intuitively I know that the probability is dependent on the number of trials (N), the binomial probability of success (p) and the number of binomial draws (J). Does...
  6. I

    Proof that Pi − e is an irrational number

    if I am not mistaken then π − e Still unsolved problems in mathematics (rational, algebraic irrational, or transcendental?) I think I have a proof that shows π − e is an irrational number. Proof that À-e is Irrational, e-Print...
  7. L

    How do I analyse clinical data that has a variable number of measurements per patient

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I'm a PhD student and have just finished recruiting for an observational clinical study. Basically, I have recruited 100 patients and performed imaging of their coronary arteries. The measurements of the coronary arteries (e.g. diameter of vessel...
  8. R

    Complex number

    Some thoughts or clues on this so I can guide my son and ask him the right questions so he can solve this:What complex number equals ? Thanks!!!
  9. M

    When will sqrt(a)+sqrt(b) = rational number

    Hi All, I've been struggling with this one today. I know how to prove that sqrt(2) is irrational but this is a variation. Let a and b be positive integers such that sqrt(a) and sqrt(b) are irrational numbers. When will sqrt(a)+sqrt(b) = a rational number I do not think that this will ever be...
  10. L

    Which sets have cardinal number N_{0} or c?

    (a) [1,3), c (b) Z, N_{0} (c) R x R, (d) R ∩ Z, (e) { 2^{-k} : k ∈ ℕ} I understand that aleph null means that it is infinite and that c means the set is finite like (0,1). What I am confused about is letters c through e. what is the cross product of rational numbers is it finite...
  11. L

    Matrix for rounding to the nearest whole number

    Having trouble with part b. Is there a way to get a matrix calculation to round to the nearest integer?
  12. S

    the intersection number between a trivial loop and a meridian in the torus

    Let A and B be two closed curves intersect on the torus transversally at a point, the intersection index of the crossing point is defined to be positive if the tangent vectors to A and B form an oriented basis for the tangent plane of the torus and negative otherwise. Then the intersection...
  13. P

    Complex Number puzzle

    Hello everyone, ive got a new Maths sequence number puzzle which is kind of tough to crack, can you validate and crack for the next sequence number? List 1 - 26 40 38 17 3 4 10 List 2 - 43 39 13 6 18 2 8 List 3 - 33 10 18 40 17 8 2 Based this, can you understand the logic and Make list 4?? Good...
  14. P

    Complex Number Puzzle

    Hello everyone, ive got a new Maths sequence number puzzle which is kind of tough to crack, can you validate and crack for the next sequence number? List 1 - 26 40 38 17 3 4 10 List 2 - 43 39 13 6 18 2 8 List 3 - 33 10 18 40 17 8 2 Based this, can you understand the logic and Make list...
  15. R

    Conversion % of a positive number to a negative

    I am trying to figure out the conversion % of a positive number to a negative. Here is the example: If i had 1000 dollars more revenue produced this year compared to the same time last year, and made 106,600 dollars more in profit off of it compared to prior year - my conversion % would be...
  16. W

    help plz with imaginary number

    i got a problem that said (i+1)(i+1)/(i-1)(1-). i foiled the top and bottom and simplified to get 2i/-2i, i don't know what to do here. the answer is -1, but how? i put in my calculator and it said that is was 1, there is something oblivious that i forgot or don't know
  17. M

    estimating peak when number and average of samples is known

    Hi All, First post, please forgive ignorance. Is there any way to estimate the peak of a distribution if all I know is the number and average of samples (I don't even know the variance, I'm hoping that there is some kind of average variance I can expect). Here's what I need it for - I need to...
  18. A

    Square roots of a complex number

    Suppose z^2=-8i, by letting z=x+yi. It is easy to get the two answers, 2-2i and -2+2i. We know that for real numbers \sqrt{4} refers to the positive square root of 4 i.e. 2. But what is the value of \sqrt{-8i}? which one do we choose? Is there a reason why the calculator gives 2-2i only...
  19. G

    Post subject: Sorting n real numbers in O(n), number of digits is O(1)

    I need to explain how to modify radix sort, in order to sort n real numbers, when every number has O(1) digits. General and short description is enough. I thought of making the numbers to have same number of digits left and right to the decimal point, then sort with radix sort only the negative...
  20. B

    Number Generated with e-14 after it - need to use in equation

    Hi What does it mean when a number is generated that looks like: 1.550416515391986e-14 Does this literally mean time log base e to -14? I think I have done something wrong as I have generated a number: -1.174834567834749e+00 and need to substitute that back into a quadratic equation. I am...