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    Transformation notation question

    I taught middle school math and I'm somewhat familiar with transformations, but I have no idea what the notations in this problem mean. I looked in two geometry books with no luck. Google, no luck. Khan Academy, well, you get the idea. I'm tutoring two students who are doing distance...
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    Could use some help finding the Time complexity in Big Theta notation of some code

    sum = 0 ; for ( i = 0 ; i < n ; i++ ) for ( j = 1 ; j < n^4 ; j = 4*j ) sum++ ; How would I go about finding the time complexity in big theta notation in terms of n for this algorithm? Thanks, I appreciate any help!
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    Function Notation

    I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how to do questions involving applying function notation. If you would please help me understand how to complete the following questions it would be much appreciated!!! :) 1. f: R-R, f(x) = ax^2+bx+c. Find a, b and c if f(0) = 3, f(4) = 0 and f(5) = 0...
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    Another function notation question

    Find the quadratic function such that f(2)=f(4)=0 and 7 is the greatest value of f(x). So I looked at some worked examples and this is what I have done so far: f(x) = k(x-4)(x+4) Now I think I have to find k but I'm not sure how I would be able to.
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    Applying Function Notation ~ Help!

    Heyyy everyone :) I am confused on how to complete this question:( f is a linear function such that f(-5) = -12 and f(7) =6. a)Find: i) f(0) ii) f(1) b) Solve the equation f(x) = 0 I don't understand how I can use the information that has been given to find the other functions, could someone...
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    Notation : Is ln(x)² = ln(x*x) or ln(x)² = (ln(x))²

    Hi there, I'm a little confused about the problem mentioned by the title of my thread. My math teacher told my friend he was wrong when he wrote ln(x)² as a result of an equation because the parentheses were misplaced. She corrected it this way : (lnx)². The thing is, I raised my hand to say...
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    Quotient Groups & how to interpret notation??

    Hello, I am having some trouble truly interpreting what certain notation means when defining quotient groups, etc. (My deepest apologies in advance, with my college workload I simply have not had the time to really sit down and master latex.) Here are a few random examples I've seen in...
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    Sigma Notation...

    The goal is to "write out the following sum..." I'm really struggling with this... Any help is appreciated... Thanks, John
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    Big Oh Notation

    How can I prove or disprove this? Thanks in advance...
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    Prove set notation and function

    How can I prove this? Thanks in advance...
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    How do you define the domain and range of this graph using set builder notation?!!

    Hi I really need help understanding this it's driving me crazy . Can someone please help me understand this I'm so lost. This is the graph And it's asking A) define the domain of relation R using set builder...
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    Help with Game Theory Notation

    Can anyone explain what the following notation means in the context of the posted paragraph? It's from Osbourne's Game Theory text/ when I translate it into english I get that each player chooses an action and this is called an action profile and then the set of all possible action profiles is...
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    Help with partial sum notation / did I miss an easier solution

    Hi, Here's a partial sum question that I've just finished doing. [I've copied the notation exactly.] $$ \begin{align*} & \text{Find the value of n for which the following equation is true:} \\[1ex] & \sum_{i=1}^{n}{0.25i+2} = 21 \\[1ex] \end{align*} $$ I've got 2 questions about it. 1) In...
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    Set-Builder notation

    I understand perfectly what this means... {x ∈ R |−2 < x < 5} (x is an element of real numbers such that x is greater than -2 and smaller than 5) But I can't for the life of me work out what this notation means... {3t | t ∈ Z} So yeah, what does that second set actually mean (like what numbers...
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    Inequality equation: Writing answer in Interval Notation question.

    Hi sorry to bother you guys again, but I really need some clarification. So I factored the inequality (x-4) over (x+5)(x-3) >=0 Then I got x=-5 x=3 x=4 So I made a chart, to check the intervals and see which satisfy the equation greater than or equal to 0. There were 5 boundaries and 3 of...
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    Scientific Notation Application

    If the diameter of a sodium atom is 3.14 x 10^(-8) cm, how many sodium atoms would fit along a line exactly one inch long if one inch is 2.54 cm? The words " many sodium atoms' quickly led me to consider division. So, 3.14 x 10^(-8) divided by 2.54 is my understanding of the...
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    Prefix(Polish) Notation to Infix Notation

    Hello all,i have question im trying to solve for couple of hours.It may seem easy to you but im currently freshman in Computer Engineering and i lack of knowledge.I researched many books and websites and i can solve the problems and examples given by them.But here comes the question i had hard...
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    Sigma notation question

    Hello For sigma notation for something like a series. If you have Sigma from k = 1 to n of (1/3)^(k-1) Would that be the same as Sigma from k = 0 of (1/3)^k So I guess my real question is how to transition from k = 1 to k =0 or vice versa. And I guess extrapolating if started from k = -1 would...
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    Simplifying the sigma notation to find the sum in terms of n only

    The correct answer is highlighted in yellow and my answer is highlighted in green. I've successfully found the formula for the Reimann sum but have trouble matching my answer with the given correct answer. What did I do wrong?
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    Issue with gradient and divergence notation in a physics book

    (This isn't homework exactly, since it's not for a class, but it is definitely a problem from a textbook.) For some generic direction vector r = xi + yj + zk, the text book states that the div r = 3 and that grad r = r/r. (the vector is actually the position vector in the electric field given by...