1. C

    Standardizing Datasets (I think)

    I have two time series datasets with a different number of points. I would like to standardize(I think this is the term) them so that they both have the same number of points. So say for example I have [4, 3, 1, 5] and [5, 4, 3, 2, 3, 6]. I would like to plot these side by side both with either...
  2. E

    Normalization and Scaling of second order DE

    I understand how to normalize a second order system, but I wanted to know if the same steps are taken when the parameters of the system are not scalar but matrices. For example d2X/dt2 + (2H)dX/dt + (E)X = 0 where 2H and E are 3x3 matrices and X is a 3x1 column vector. The solution I have...
  3. SDF

    Vector Spaces, Normalization Problem

    Hi, I'm stumped by this question and would like some guidance: Find all the values of c such that $||c(5, 2, 4)|| = 2025$ The given answer is: $-135\sqrt{5}, 135\sqrt{5}$ How do I go about finding 'c'? I'm not familiar with this type of question and have only worked with simple normalization...
  4. sakonpure6

    Normalization of Two Mean Random Variables

    Hello, I am dealing with the following question: My question is, once we Find X_1 - X_2 do I treat their normal distribution as, say X_3 and do the usual standardization procedure? I have attached my attempt at the problem, could someone please verify if I'm on the right track. Thank you...
  5. B

    Normalizing internode weigths in a tree

    Hi, I need some assistance (advice) in solving the following problem. What i have is a tree structure like this. 10 20 50 30 \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / 1\/2 (3) 5\/3 (8) \ / \ / \ / \ / 1,2 \/ 5,3 (11) |...
  6. K

    Help normalising values

    Hi, I would greatly appreciate help with the following. Tx/Rx Scheme 1 Scheme 2 Scheme 3 Scenario 1 21374/2510 16345/1596 22582/3204 Scenario 2 19075/436 16579/38 17058/11 Scenario 3 21620/948 17735/175 16459/286 After conducting simulations over 3 scenarios for 3...
  7. D

    Approximation of gaussian normalization factor

    hey, im working with a gaussian distribution P_\mu (x) = \frac{1}{A} e^{ - \frac{(x-\mu)^2}{2\sigma^2} } on a finite domain [a,b]. This of course means that the normalization factor A depends on \mu (as well as \sigma). I care less about accuracy and more about getting an analytic answer that...
  8. L

    Normalization and factor ring

    Hi folks ! My work is stuck on this question : Let A be a domain (a quotient of a polynomial algebra over a field is enough). Consider A' its normalization, and p a prime ideal of A. Suppose that A/p is integrally closed, then is A'/(pA') integrally closed ? The question can be...
  9. E


    Why do we need to normalize vectors for? Is it just to cut down on the arithmetic when finding other quantities of the vector? Does it make life simpler to normalize vectors?
  10. G

    Normalization of Data

    Hello All, I have a question related to the normalization of data. I work for a company that maintains aircraft engines. These engines come in at different points during their lives for maintenance. In general, as the time on the aircraft engine increases, so does the cost of maintenance at a...
  11. R

    Clarification needed regarding the meaning of normalization :)

    Hi, I have a problem in understanding the conceptual meaning of normalization. I know that normalization is essentially to make an coefficient or vectors equaled to 1. However, I don't quite understand why we need normalization, the rules for normalization and the interpretation of...
  12. V

    Finding the normalization constant and expectation value

    given f(x) = cx(12-x^2) for -1=< x =< 3 and 0 otherwise 1) whats the normalization constant c 2) whats the expectation value(mean Value) of x plz show me the steps and hints on studying this.
  13. Z

    Normalize probabilities

    Hi everyone! I am not sure if this question corresponds to this section, but here we go I have a table of probabilities in the following way: Dp a1 a2 a3 a4 453,2...
  14. R

    Normalization Again

    Once again, this ones a little harder. Normalize: 1) wavefunction = (2- r/a_naught) e^(-r/a_naught) 2) wavefunction = r (sin theta) (cos phi) e^(-r/2a_naught) For the first wavefunction, I multiplied out by the complex conjugate and got three separate integrals, I split them...
  15. R


    soooo I need to normalize this wavefunction (x) = Ne^[(-x^2)/(2a^2)] A is a constant, and x goes from neg. to pos. infinite.. I keep doing it over and over.. trying, but now I'm here.. sigh. Our professor is not doing a good job and to make matters worse, hes on vacation our first week in...
  16. R

    Normalization constant

    Hi, May anyone help in computing the normalization constant (k) for the function f(u)=u(1-u)(u-a) where 0<a<1 ? Thanks
  17. S

    Normalization prior to ANOVA

    I have a data set, specifically, the following: Bob Terminator 152.0 Bob Synthetic 135.0 Bob Real 144.0 Jim Terminator 85.0 Jim Synthetic 67.0 Jim Real 78.0 Don Terminator 98.0 Don Synthetic 88.0 Don...
  18. S

    exponents and normalization

    I am asking this question again because I have some of it figured out. I am just having a difficult time with the exponent part of it which will contain 7 bits, here's the question... Assuming an 18 bit word length and a 7 bit exponent, write the bit pattern for 27.75 assuming 2s complement...
  19. S

    Data Correction (Normalization?)

    Hopefully someone here can give me an answer to this question. I have to run a statistical analysis on a data set I obtained recently. This is my problem: An individual was instructed to look at three possible computer screens and we measured how many times they fixated within a particular...
  20. M

    Normalization Constant

    Calculate normilization constant for f(x) = e^ [1.5(x^2)]