1. A

    control noise pullution.

    hello guys as we know noise pollution is very harmful to our bodies in many ways so here are some prevention and control tips of it. Mythbusters Season 16 Episode 2 live stream Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season 4 episode 5 live stream spotless season 1 episode 3 live stream Bob's Burgers...
  2. mkmath

    Derivation of white noise autocovariance function

    I am trying to understand the derivation of the white noise autocovariance function (equation 1.12 shown in the image at the bottom). Expanding the covariance function I arrived at: cov(x_s,x_t) = E[(x_s-u_s)(s_t-u_t)] =E[x_s.x_t - x_s.u_t - x_t.u_s + u_s.u_t] =E[x_s.x_t] - E[x_s.u_t] -...
  3. L

    How do I find signal to noise boundary of a decaying Signal

    Hi, I need to find the noise boundary in a Free induction decay. I can acquire an independent measure of the noise. A free induction decay starts in time with a lot of signal and as time goes by the signal fades into noise. I can't use a t test because I don't have a random group of...
  4. N

    Is the first difference of a white noise series stationary?

    Hi all, thanks in advance for your help. A book on cointegration (based on the Stock-Watson Common Trends Model) states that the first difference of the specific (idiosyncratic) component of stock price movements must not be white noise. It assumes that the specific component is white noise...
  5. N

    Is the first difference of white noise stationary?

    Gaussian white noise ~ N(0,1) The white noise itself is stationary and without the capacity to do a ADF test at the moment I can't see any reason why the first difference of white noise would be non-stationary/trending? Thank you in advance.
  6. F

    Bit error probability of 10 averaged samples

    Here's the scenario: A transmitted signal sends 0 or 1 at every bit interval. 0 and 1 are equally probably (0.5 each). Bit 1 is transmitted as a 1V signal and bit 0 is transmitted as a -1V signal. The receiver receives the signal in addition to a Gaussian white noise of 0 mean and variance of...
  7. R

    CRLB of Amplitude Estimate in Gamma Noise

    Hello everyone, This is regarding a research problem I am working on. Trying to see if I am doing any mistake in the calculation of the CRLB. Consider the case of a signal s in additive gamma noise w with N independent elements wn \utilde{\mathbf{x}} = A\mathbf{s} + \utilde{\mathbf{w}} I am...
  8. P

    2D Gaussian Noise

    I generated a 2d Gaussian noise then modulated it with a 2d cosine (f(x,y)=cos(2*pi/N*a*x)) witch oscillate only with the x direction and "a" is the frequency. In a nutshell N: Gaussian Noise size N*N P: f(x,y)=cos(2*pi/N*a*x) a: frequency I=P.N after i take the Fourier transform of...
  9. H

    Arbitrage pricing theory with noise on excel

    Hi I have to give an example of the arbitrage pricing theory for return not expected return so there will be some noise How do I give an example on excel, do I just make a number up for the noise, or is there a formula for it? Thanks
  10. L

    Variance of a white noise

    Hi, I have a pretty simple question which I thought I do not need to make a topic about, but Google is actually not helping, which is surprising. So here it goes: How can white noise have infinite power if its variance is finite? As far as I am aware, the following is always valid for a...
  11. A

    Difference between Gaussian noise and white Gaussian noise?

    Hi, I read on Wikipedia: If a signals amplitude values are normally distributed, doesn't that imply that different samples of the source are uncorrelated (because their values are random)? This is why I don't understand why labelling a noise source as "Gaussian" says nothing about it's...
  12. disclaimer

    noise level comparison in Matlab

    Hello; Is there a good way to compare noise levels between noisy and de-noised 1-D signals in Matlab? Something that would actually show a visible difference... The noise I used was generated by rand. Fast Fourier Transform...? Power Spectral Density? I'm not sure where to start. I'm cleaning...
  13. N

    Semilinear Wave Equation - White Noise

    Hello! I am required to do a paper on the Semilinear Wave Equation as part of a Stochastic Partial Differential Equations seminar. The problem is, that I've never taken a course on partial differential equations (only ordinary differential equations) or functional analysis. Now I have the...
  14. E

    Random Noise

    What does the following statement mean?: "Random noise adds quadratically."?
  15. E

    Signal to Noise Ratio

    For my geophysics class I am trying to illustrate the fact that it is possible to increase the S/N ratio of a seismic signal data set corrupted with zero mean random noise by adding a number of independent data sets from the same reflector where noise is uncorrelated from set to set. The...
  16. P

    Determining the distribution of a random vector

    I'm trying to solve the following least squares problem: \underset{x}{\text{min}} ||Ax - \tilde{b}||_2 where Ax = b and \tilde{b} = b + w w is a vector resulting from some operations and is not necessarily Gaussian. Also, I have access to b and therefore, w. My question is as follows: Given...
  17. M

    Jet plane noise level

    A metropolitan commission is considering the establishment of limitations on the extent of noise pollution around a local air port. At the present time the noise level per jet take off in one neighboorhood near the airport is approximaelty normally distributed with a mean of 100.7 db and a...
  18. A

    eliminate 50Hz noise in ECG using mathlab

    hi i am doing research about development of adaptive digital notch filter for the removal of 50Hz power line noise in ECG.i have a sample of 50Hz noise of i need to call the file in must i do it?im very new to mathlab..please help me..