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    Newtons Third Law

    I feel like this should be easy, but I have managed to confuse myself. Please help! Five spheres, each of mass m are joined together by four in-extensible strings. The spheres hang in a vertical line as shown in the diagram and are held at rest by a force applied to the uppermost sphere, of...
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    Newtons Third Law

    in each illustrated case, the contact between the blocks and the surfaces are rough (except where indicated) The blocks are at rest and the strings are taut. Find the tension in the string and the frictional force exerted by each surface on the block with which it is in contact. I need help with...
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    Matlab and Newtons method

    Hi, i have to to use newtons method to solve for a zero solution of f(x) = x-e^-x^-2. I get the iteration formula: x(k+1) = xk - f(xk)/(f'xk) and a first guess that x(0) = 0.5. can anyone help me write the code for the next iterations (does it contain a for loop?) i am am new to calculus...
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    Newtons Law of cooling problem

    I'm having trouble finding the fuctions for this problem I keep messing up the constant can anyone help me out? A fast food restaurant wants a special container to hold coffee. The restaurant wishes the container to quickly cool the coffee from 200 to 130 F and keep the liquid between 110 and...
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    Work: Newtons to Joules

    Spring's natural length is 26 cm. If 22 N force keeps it stretched to 44 cm, how much work W stretches it from 26-35 cm? I am given the solution to this question but one of the steps is missing? 22=f(x)=kx=k(0.18). (18 cm=.18 cm) So k=1100/9. How did this come up?? I'm guessing I was...
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    Newton's Law of Cooling HELP

    Jake boils water at home for a cup of tea. He takes his tea and sits down at his desk to study, where the temperature of the room is at 67 F. After how many minutes will the temperature of the tea reach 175 F. (Water boils at 212 F. Assume k = .0486) Use Newton's Law of Cooling and solve for t...
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    Newtons Linearization

    Hi There Totally stuck on the following question: If F(u)=u^2*u''-u-x^2=0 and u(0) = 1 The answer is u(1)=(a+bx)*e^x-(x^2+2) This question is in regards to newtons linearization. Please help me am mad stuck.
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    Help with exponentials and Newtons Law of Cooling. Please help ASAP!!!!

    The first question is: 4^x-2^(x+1)=3 solve by writing as a quadratic of 2^x The second question is: Using Newtons Law of cooling, the ambient temp is 60 degrees and k= 0.1947, if a body is 72 degrees how many hours ago did the person die?
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    newtons cooling law. I need help with this problem. Thank you.

    A thermometer reading 70°F is placed in an oven preheated to a constant temperature. Through a glass window in the oven door, an observer records that the thermometer read 110°F after .5 minute and 145°F after 1 minute. How hot is the oven? using the following: dT/dt = k(T- Tm)
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    Newtons second law, help needed.

    A 0,51kg heavy stone is in free fall, how heavy is the stone? Thanks in advance :)
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    fun newtons cooling problem

    So I have this crazy problem and I'm dying to try to figure it out. It was a cold dark day at the beginning of the spring semester. Ellen had just walked out of the library on monday, January 23, 2012 when she discovered the dead body of Matt's Calculus teacher. Ellen immediately called Kenny...
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    Newtons method help

    Hey guys, need some help with this question. I am stuck and don't know what to do. Q: Show that using newton's method to 1-\frac{R}{x^n} and to x^n-R for determining (R)^{\frac{1}{n}} results in 2 similar, but different iterative formulas, with n \ge 2 and R >0 Thanks for your help guys!
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    Newtons Method Help??

    write down an equation g(x) such that its root g(x) = 0 occurs when x = 7^(1/3) . Differentiate it to obtain g’(x). I dont understand how to do this.... it also says while e < 10^(–5) Any thoughts?
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    simple newtons method question

    so I have a cubic equation here with 3 roots I need to find using newtons method. Basically I wanted to know how to determine the starting point. I picked an x value close to the root from what I can tell on the graph but newtons method keeps giving me larger numbers and then smaller numbers on...
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    differentiating newtons law

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to differentiate m(dv/dt)=mg-kv^2 I know partial fractions must be involved however I can't get beyond this point. thank-you.
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    Newtons method?

    Find the zeroes of the function using Newtons method. f(x)=(1/4)x^3-3x^2+(3/4)x-2 I find that when x=11.803 y=0 Then I do Newtons method ((xn))-((f(x)n))/((f'(x)n)) ((x))-((1/4x^3-3x^2+3/4x-2))/((3/4x^2-6x+3/4)) I find that when x=11.803 y=11.803 So Did I do this...
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    Newtons' Universal Law of Gravity and polar co-ordinates

    planet of mass m moves in a circular orbit of radius R around a Sun (of mass M), under the influence of the Sun’s gravitational force, given by F=\frac{-GMm \hat{\rho}}{R^2} where G is Newton’s gravitational constant and \rho is radial basis vector. (i) Write down Newton's second...
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    Newtons method. Intersection between graphs.

    Hi. I have the 2 graphs e^x and 2-x. I want to find out the intersection point using newtons method. My question is how do i know what f(X) is.
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    Newtons Law of Cooling

    Hi all, Ive been trying to work this question out on my own for over a week now and cant seem to crack it. I hope its in the right Sub forum and im really sorry if its not. A hot metal body is allowed to cool in still air and the difference in temperature, θ (Celsius) between the body and...
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    Newtons 1st Law of motion in a vacuum

    Hi I was wondering what happens to a car accelerating in a vacuum? Outside a vacuum, cars will attain a constant speed due to air resistance eventually equalling the traction force. So, will Newtons 1st law negate in a vacuum? Since their is no air resistance, will a car built to 120mph exceed...