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    rocking movies news

    hello guys list of box-office movies movies is here so watch these movies and make your time special and rocking. Heroes Reborn season 1 Episode 11 Live StreamLife in Pieces season 1 episode 12 Live StreamWatch Star Wars The Force Awakens OnlineWatch Daddy's Home Onlinewatch Joy OnlineWatch...
  2. A

    News from a math lover

    Hi, I'm Annebiam. I've just found out this forum. I really want to join you and discuss math things. (Happy)(Happy)
  3. D

    (News) Unknown Mathematician Proves Elusive Property of Prime Numbers

    In case you haven't come across this story already, I thought it was interesting, and relevant to these forums. (I didn't see a Math "news" section; hopefully, this sub-forum is as good as any.) "Unknown Mathematician Proves Elusive Property of Prime Numbers"...
  4. wonderboy1953

    Partition relationship to fractals news

    From "New Math Theories Reveal the Nature of Numbers ScienceDaily (Jan. 20, 2011) — For centuries, some of the greatest names in math have tried to make sense of partition numbers, the basis for adding and counting...
  5. P

    News Group problem..please help!!

    There is a group of 30 people who communicate only by phone. During any one to one phone conversation the two members exchange all their information. Find the number of calls needed so that everyone finds out every bit of news. Thanks for any help you can give me!!
  6. CaptainBlack

    This is better news

    Mathematician is top profession: The Best and Worst Jobs in the U.S. - CB
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    This is not good news!

    This is not good news!
  8. D

    UK gambling news

    Hi friends, Here's a few bingo details I ran into recently and would like to share with you. It will be great if you can just check it out. One must be familiar with the rules of online bingo before attempting play. There are two types of online bingo - straight bingo and point bingo. The...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Good News for Math Students in India

    Hi School students in India need not worry about their text-book Math problems anymore. The soon-to-be-launched will contain step-by-step solutions to all Math problems from your text books (CBSE Math curriculum). The solutions have been created by expert teachers from the...