1. T

    Triple Integrals; Volume of Solids within Boundaries

    Hello, everyone. So here is the problem in question with their respective answers: Let W1W1 be the solid half-cone bounded by z=x2+y2−−−−−−√z=x2+y2, z=3z=3 and the yzyz-plane with x≥0x≥0, and let Let W2W2 be the solid half-cone bounded by z=x2+y2−−−−−−√z=x2+y2, z=5z=5 and the xzxz-plane with...
  2. S

    Exponents and negative numbers - think I'm missing something

    If -2*-2*-2*-2= 16 Why does -2 to the fourth power =-16? I'm sure I'm just missing some rule or I'm unclear on a definition of something. If some one could set me straight id sure appreciate it.
  3. J

    Limit of Infinity

    limit -x^5 + x - 1 as x goes to infinity Can I add infinity? -(infinity)^5 + infinity - 1 = -infinity + infinity (is it now positive or negative infinity?)
  4. J

    The Absolute Value of a Number

    lim 5x/(x^2 + 9)^1/2 as x goes to -4 = -20/|5| The square root of 25 could be +5 or -5. How do I decide now if the absolute of 5 is positive or negative?
  5. J

    Does Not Exist Limits

    Can I answer DNE limits as infinity or negative infinity? like this lim sin(x) as x goes to infinity = infinity? lim sin(x) as x goes to -infinity = -infinity?
  6. J

    Domain of a Function

    How to find the domain of the function. 3/(1 +(4/x^2))^(1/2) when I set the denominator equal to zero, I get stuck 1 + (4/x^2) = 0 x^2 + 4 = 0 x^2 = -4 now cannot take the root of negative
  7. M

    Independent boolean values for Negative Binomial Regression

    Hi, I am trying to analyze some data by using the Negative Binomial Regression. Input for a function of the Python library StatsModels are the independent variable x, containing true (1) or false (0) and corresponding y-values with some double values. Does it make sense to use the Negative...
  8. B

    Least squared line of best fit - negative coefficient for y intercept

    Hi I have a set of data that compares arm bone length (the predictor) with height (the response). I am having to read ahead due to deadlines so am hoping I have got this right. As I understand it the basic form of the least squared line of best fit is determined by (in its most general form)...
  9. H

    Need help with negative numbers and order of operation

    Ex. 3= -7 - (-x) Please help me with the steps. I think the first thing I should do is get "x" by itself. To get x by itself , the way my mind is telling me to do is is to add "-x" to both sides of the equation ,giving me 3x =-7 . I don't even know how to continue with this because I'm...
  10. R

    Conversion % of a positive number to a negative

    I am trying to figure out the conversion % of a positive number to a negative. Here is the example: If i had 1000 dollars more revenue produced this year compared to the same time last year, and made 106,600 dollars more in profit off of it compared to prior year - my conversion % would be...
  11. O

    Casio fx-100AU PLUS - problem using squared function with negative numbers

    Hello I am new to doing maths and bought a CASIO fx-100AU PLUS. Is this a good choice? I am allowed any scientific or graphics calculator for doing calculus. Also I am confused, when I type in -1 squared it says -1 but -1 times -1 = 1? What am I doing wrong? Thank you
  12. V

    Relationship between Poisson Distribution and Negative Exponential

    The number of serious faults on a randomly chosen 1km stretch of motorway has a Poisson distribution of mean 2.1. The random variable X km is the distance between successive serious faults on the motorway. Explain, using a Poisson distribution, why for I understand that the waiting times...
  13. M

    simple question on distributing a negative

    with this rule in mind, can it be applied at will say to simplify an expression such as (1-x)/(x-1) to arrive at -1 i am confused because i was under the impression if you multiplied by a factor of 1 to the top of an expression then you also had to do so to the bottom.
  14. D

    Rationalising a negative denominator in an inequality

    So, I have the inequality: 3x+4 > 5√3x +6 This works out to: x > (5√3 + 3)/-33 However... the textbook I am working from gives the answer (as a fraction) x < - (5√3 + 3)/33 Have I missed something when dividing by -1? I get that multiplying both sides of the equation by -1 flips the...
  15. Y

    Negative binomial distribution mme

    r,p is population parameter. then what is the mme? mu1`=m1=r/p mu2`=m2=r(1-p)/p^2+(r/p)^2=r(r+1-p)/p^2 so how to solve this. i think p=m1/(sigma^2-m1) r=m1*p
  16. M

    Normal and negative binomial distributions

    Here's the question: In a production lot of steel beams, the length of a certain type of steel beam is normally distributed with mean 10 feet and standard deviation 0.25 feet. What is the probability that we need to randomly select less than three steel beams to have the first steel beam which...
  17. D

    Question about percentage change involving negative and positive numbers

    It's not possible to quantify a percentage change if one of the values is negative, correct? \frac{x_{2}-x_{1}}{x_{1}} Where x_1 is the beginning value, and x_2 is the ending value. As an example, my bank account started the month with 100, and ended the month with -15, or vice versa. There...
  18. T

    Limit at negative infinity?

    So my roommate asked me a question for a limit problem, and he said they haven't learnt L'Hopitals Rule yet. The problem is as follows: IM NOT SURE HOW TO WRITE NEGATIVE INFINITY IN LATEX, SO I ONLY PUT INFINITY. ALL THE LIMITS SHOULD BE READ AS THE LIMIT AS X APPROACHES NEGATIVE INFINITY...
  19. math951

    Negative numbers dividing inequalities

    Hi, so I have a quick question, and it's confusing me. |3x+7|>=8 So the answer is x>=1/3 and x>=-5 <--- I got that by dividing 3x by negative fifteen, now I know when you have x and it's negative you flip the signs but what if it's not x that is being divided for example: 3x+7>=-8...
  20. S

    Is there a way to see if the slope is negative?

    Or do you just have to imagine it? I mean something like this: Line k passes through the points (2,14) and (50,-10), what is the equation? I find these things easy, but I don't understand one thing so my answer turned out wrong. I did it like this: k:y = mx + b and m = y2 - y1 / x2 - x1 So it...