1. B

    Hi guys I'm needing some help with Vector Calculus

    There is an attachment below containing some practice questions for vector calculus, I am really struggling with these and any help to serve as a study platform would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  2. D

    lapsed electronics engineer needing help

    (Clapping) hi all i graduated 25 years ago with an honours degree in electronic engineering but have not put into practise what i learned - of great disappointment. Mainly because there was a distinct lack of jobs where i live for electronics. Why did u do it, i hear you ask - - not sure...
  3. M

    Needing help figuring out this Vector Problem

    A football place kicker is about to attempt a field goal from the 30-yard line. He is lined up directly in front of the left goal post; but since there is a wind coming from the right side of the field, the kicker aims for the right goal post. This means that, from above, the ball will be kicked...
  4. P

    paint chemist needing help with graph equations

    Hello, I'm here because I need help with an equation for my graph data. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. M

    Needing help with angle of evaluation

    Please help me to answer these questions: (a) When the angel of elevation of the sun is 62 degrees, the shadow cast by a vertical pole is 10m long. Find the height of the pole correct to one decimal place. (b) If a=8, c=5 and A=72 degrees, find the size of the angle C? (c) A ladder is 7m long...
  6. A

    newby needing to know how to combine a natural number and an algebraic fraction

    Im new to algebra and need to know how: 1 + 2/x^2 + 4 can be combined into 1 term thanks
  7. S

    Needing some help with congruences

    Solve the following set of linear congruences: x≡4 (mod 24) x≡7 (mod 11) Ok now I that we can say that x=24k+4 and then plug this into the second congruence to get 24k+4=7 (mod 11). My teacher wrote that 2k = 3 = 14 (mod 11) k = 7 (mod 11); however, I do not see the reasoning behind...
  8. B

    Oil tanker problem needing area when thickness of oil is given

    Oil tanker carrying 2.0 X10^5 metric tons of crude oil of density .70g/cm^3 breaks up at sea, what area of ocean in km^2 will be polluted if the oil spreads out to the thickness of .10 mm?? Metric ton = 1000 kg. Ans is 2900 km^2. So change the metric ton to kg is 2x10^8 kg. Now kinda stuck...
  9. R

    needing help on how to solve equations

    my last math class was in 2005 here it is 5 years later and i am still struggling with the same stuff basically i need to know the steps to solve equations i will set some examples 3(x - 1) - 12 = 0 -1(y + 3) = 10 -4x = 44 7 - z = 15 -7c + 1 = -20 5(3y - 2) = 16y
  10. R

    newbie needing analytical description of a periodic function

    I have this function here. Can someone please explain why from 4 < x < 10 it is 7 - x?
  11. A

    Needing Help on 2 questions

    1.A well-shuffled ordinary deck of 52 cards is divided randomly into four piles of 13 each. Counting jack, queen, and king as 11, 12, and 13, respectively, we say that a match occurs in a pile if the jth card is j. What is the expected value of the total number of matches in all four piles...
  12. findmehere.genius

    Needing help in this question

    Q. The no. of distinct pairs of (a, b) real numbers that would satisfy x=x^3+y^4and y=2xy. A-5 B-12 C-3 D-7 dont laugh anyone on such elementary!!
  13. S

    Needing help with these problems

    Hello, I need help with these problems please. I did the following, please check to ensure they are correct. Find the distance between A(-3,3) and B(-6,5) using the distance formula. d= (-6--3)2+(5-3)2 d= (-6+3) 2+(5-3)2 d= (-3)2+(2)2 d= (9) +(4) d= 14 == 3.741 I cannot...
  14. M

    New member needing some help.

    Hello all. I am a new member to this site, although I have been browsing for quite some time now. I have a couple questions that I just can't seem to solve for tonight's homework assignment. I was hoping that I might be able to get some help from the great members of this site... 1...
  15. S

    Needing help with a vector word problem

    I'm taking my word problem final in two days and I really need to understand this ASAP. Here' s the problem: A place is flying on a bearing of South 10 degrees East at 460 mph. A tail wind is blowing in the direction of South 20 degrees West at 80 mph. Find the resultant velocity of the plane...
  16. A

    Needing Trig Help

    I need help finding the exact solutions of the equation in the interval (0, 2π): sin 2x - sin x = 0
  17. L

    needing some understanding

    .3x = -12 well somehow I dont understand the mathmatics about how this equation is translated. well in order to get rid of the x... we.3x/.3.dont understand. then we, I think .3x/3 = -12/.3 the answer is -40. well first I dont understand why we divide .3x/3 and get .3 second, Idont uderstand how...
  18. R

    Some Probability Questions - Needing Help

    Hello, I have these probability problems to solve for my math homework, but am having some problems with the methodology. The answers are provided, but I need a detailed step-by-step process to see the way to arrive at the solution. Any help is greatly appreciated! Here are the questions...
  19. E

    needing help on evalutating this limit..

    hello, sorry for using my first post on this help forum ^^; I've been trying to ask this question everywhere on the net and no one seems to be able to help. So I'm trying here. Anyway I'm trying to find the limit of x tan (8/x) as x approaches to infinity, using the l'hospital's rule. So far...
  20. 1

    Needing help with this question

    In 1946, an American numerologist, Prof. W, predicted the downfall of the USA in the year 2141 based on what he called a profound mathematical discovery depending on the following expression: 1492^n - 1770^n - 1863^n + 2141^n He spent many months calculating the value of this for n = 1, 2, 3 and...