1. AdamFulton

    finding the biggest number needed that multiples to the numbers in a set

    I am trying to figure out a way to find the biggest "small" number that I need to multiple within a set of numbers... For example using the numbers 1-10 as the set Small number (SN) Largest number (LN) SN times LN 01 10 02 05 03 03 01 09 02 04 01...
  2. S

    Help needed with Acoustics ODE

    I'm having a bit of a mental block with integrating a trig function that's cropped up in some work I'm doing on acoustics. The bones of it are dr/dt=(simple terms)-(A-Bcos(wt))^2/(C+Dsin(wt)) A, B, C, D and w all constant. Pointers to a way forward would be much appreciated Seth
  3. K

    pentagon help needed

    ABCDE is a regular pentagon.[BE] and [BD] are diagonals.BF is internal angle bisector.CK is perpendicular to BD. |CK|=1.Find |BF|.
  4. S

    Geometry help needed

    I am needing a graphical representation for a shape, but I don't know what it is called. Perhaps if I describe it, someone in this forum can help me out. (Sorry if I didn't use the search function, but as I said, not sure what it is called, so....) what I have is a paraboloid, but one where...
  5. S

    Exam tomorrow, urgent help needed.

    Hello, first, im a bulgarian student, my exam is in bulgarian and i translated it to english via google translate, if its not understandable but you are still willing to help excuse me and say so, so I can translate them using the right terminology. 1 task. / A group To build interval...
  6. I

    Smart people needed! Answer in full, no copy and paste.

    Mr Greengold had received a consignment of gold in the form of one-centimetre cubes. To conceal them, he ordered that the cubes be glued together to form a solid cuboid and had all the outside faces of this cuboid painted camouflage green. Jimmy Bold carefully spied on these proceedings and...
  7. C

    Sample size needed to create bell curve

    Hello again, My boss has looked at my assessment data for my class of thirty children and is querying the accuracy of my data, because my data, when she plots it on a graph, doesn't form a bell curve, unlike the data submitted by my colleagues. I'd like to argue the point that such a...
  8. P

    Integration Problem - Help Needed

    Hello, I can't figure out this CLEP Calculus practice problem. Screenshot provided. If f is a continuous, even, function such that 0∫3 f(x) dx = -4 then -3∫3 (5(fx) +1) dx = the answer given is -34. Please help!
  9. D

    math of possibilities, help needed.

    Hi I need a math equation to get me all the possible order's I can make for certain numbers combination. For example : If I have these numbers "1234" it's have 24 possible order's. And if I have these numbers "1233" it's have 9 possible order's. And if I have these numbers "1122" it's have...
  10. Z

    Logarithm: dB(A- C- Z-) help needed.

    Hi there, Having trouble finding a suitable formula(s) for the following problems: The sound source has the following measurements, length: 1,5m - width: 1m and height: 1m. The following linear (Z-curved) sound levels have been measured from the source at 10m distance 1/1- octave frequency...
  11. H

    Integration and rates of change, clarifying needed

    The entire first question in this set has me slamming my head against my desk. I don't understand how the rate of addition of the wolves relates to the population already in place, and therefore, I don't know what W(t) even is. I'd thought it was something like: 20 + mt(12-t) or 20 +...
  12. P

    Help Needed Quickly on Original but Simple Research

    Hello everybody! I recently conducted research where I ran protein powders through a spectrophotometer which gave out concentration values to compare to the label. I prepared 6 dilutions of the powder ranging from 100 to 600 micrograms/mL according to the nutrition label. I then ran 3...
  13. A

    azimuth help needed

    I attached a picture of the problem I sketched. I need to find the azimuths of each side of the triangle. I was was given side A-B as azimuth 10 deg. I figured out azimuth B-C by going 180-60d02mins but I'm not sure how to figure out the other azimuths.
  14. J

    Help Needed in Business Math

    A question that has been posed in business math is taking me beyond my comfort level in statistics. I'd appreciate if someone who actually knows statistics would please take a look at The initial issue is that the data for...
  15. M

    Triangle Problem and help needed

    The instructions indicate that x is solvable by using proportions. I don't see how this is possible. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you! Mark
  16. C

    Formula needed

    I recently had to take a "Critical Thinking" test during a job interview. One of the questions I couldn't get was something similar to this: A shaft is sticking out of the water 7' 1/2 of the shaft is buried in the ground 1/3 of the shaft is in the water What is the total length of the shaft...
  17. B

    Calculus help needed VLOUME DOUBLE INTEGRALS

    Moment Of Inertia help needed!!!!!!!? Find the moments of inertia Ix, Iy, Io of the lamina with the density function p(x,y)=4 and occupying the region D bounded by the lines y-x=5,y+x=-1 and x=3. I am unable to find the intervals for the x range and the y range. QUESTION 2 Use polar...
  18. U

    URGENT help needed...

    anyone please tell me how to put all these pieces (1 - 7) into the grid???
  19. B

    Help Needed Showing Work

    I needed help showing work for these two. Thanks for the help.
  20. A

    Help needed on finding the equation of the line to the function at the gives points!

    The equation is y=(2x-8)^(1/3) at (0,2). I just cannot figure this out. please help