1. S

    Guidance in trignometry

    i wanted to ask you when we learn Trignometry Formulas and Inverse Trignometry Formulas how can we apply them for proving LHS=RHS, and integrate a function. please guide me to this problem i have learned all formulas but not able to apply it in problem.
  2. S

    Multiply and state in simplest form. Your pretty smart if you can figure this out!

    I have to do 10 of these math problems, out of coincidence I am stuck on this problem and it's the first. Please do this one for me, and explain so I can do the rest. This one and four others are practice ones I have to turn in so I can do the five others that are the actual assignment.(Shake)...
  3. J

    How do I multiply a number to the power of a real number

    Sorry . I do not know where to post my question. How do I multiply say 5 to the power of pi (or any real number) Thank you.
  4. M

    Multiply by d/dx

    Hi all Is it within rules to multiply numerator and denominator by d/dx. x --lim > 0 [ integrate from 0 to x^2 (cos t^2) ] / x sinx To solve this if I multiply numerator and denominator by d/dx I can use the definite integral property d/dx[integrate from u(x) to v(x) {f(x) dx}]=f(v) dv/dx...
  5. G

    How do I multiply these sums?

    I have the following expression, and I want to have a formula that gives me the coefficients of x^{s} of this product. (x+x^2+x^3)^2 This can be written like this: x^2(1-x^3)^2(1-x)^{-2} Now I used the binomial theorem: x^2(1-x^3)^2=\sum_{k=0}^{2}{2\choose k}(-1)^{k}x^{3k+2} and...
  6. H

    when would you multiply permutations?

    hey all, so, I was practicing some permutation problems and this one came up. 'A company is trying to fill some vacancies. four of five accountants will be selected and two of four lawyers will be selected. how many different ways can they be selected?' I found out both permutations, but...
  7. M

    How to multiply unlike indices and write them as a certain single power?

    Hi guys I am currently studying for my GCSE Maths and I have a question which is... Write 9^3 X 27^2 as a single power of 3. Can anyone give me some advice as to how to go about solving this type of question? Or perhaps a link to a video or website which explains it? I do know the index laws but...
  8. K

    for this limit problem do I multiply by the conjugate?

    when I multiply by x+sqrt(x^2+2x) I get a denominator of zero. Does that mean I should divide thru by x to get 1+sqrt(1+2) That does not seem right either.
  9. A

    How to multiply algebraic fractions?

    x+1/3 * 3x+3/2 As I would do with a normal fraction (I was told to treat algebraic fractions as normal ones) I would multiply the numerator and denominator to get; (x+1)(3x+3)/6 My answer was wrong. Why? And how do you do it? Step by step would be appreciated.
  10. M

    How to multiply vector by quaternion ?

    How to multiply vector by quaternion ?
  11. E

    Need help with multiply exponents!

    Ok, watch the exponents in this problem, thanks! How does (1+x)•2(√1+x)^½ = 2(√1+x)^3/2 when you multiply the following exponents (2)(-1/3) you get (-2/3). Both are multiplying rational exponents, but two are doing it very differently. One has to be wrong, but which?
  12. A

    Compare these equations, why do I multiply both sides of one equation by -1

    But not the other. Its doing my head in. I got the problems from Khan Academy, but they weren't explained in the video or on the practice page. I don't understand the difference? the second question I would like to ask, is they have multiple choice selections, but in the answers they...
  13. S

    Multiply. write answer is lowest form.?

    Multiply. write answer is lowest form. -11y^4 times 49y^6 _____ _______ 7y^4 times 121y it's a fraction and the line is seperating top from bottom. i did -^4.y^6 ______________ then i did 11.7y^5 times -7y^5 7.11.11.y.y^4 ______...
  14. D

    Help, Multiplying binomial radicals

    I've looked through dozens and dozens of questions, and I can't find an example with this format where both numbers in both sides are under the radical sign, and no numbers to the left, please help. (sqrt 3+4)(sqrt 3-7) The answer is 25-3-sqrt3 how do I get there??
  15. E

    Multiply Two Factors

    I am just looking through my course notes right now. I notice the prof went to multiply two terms and I am kind of lost on the method he used here. A problem here is that I don't know how to show root of with my keyboard LOL. I am sure someone will (a+b√2)(c+d√2)=(ac+2bd)+(ad+bc)√2 Is this...
  16. vaironxxrd

    Do we just multiply everything?

    Picture, because i don't remember doing something like this in my life. My answer is [H]
  17. T

    Square and Multiply

    I was wondering if somebody could help me with a problem I am having. I am trying to compute: 9983^2052765 mod 36581 and 13461^2052765 mod 36581 I am pretty sure it can be accomplished with the square and multiply method but I'm not to sure as to how to accomplish this. Could anyone point me...
  18. S

    multiply through with sin and cos

    I am fallowing the solution for a verify identity problem in my textbook, it looks like they multiply through with sin then cos in order to create tan functions under the radical. is this normal method to use? if they are using another method or identity can you explain. thanks this is...
  19. G

    How do I multiply permutations?

    I have a=(1,3,5)(1,2) b=(1,5,7,9) and I have to calculate a^-1 * b * a How do I do it?
  20. B

    multiply and simplify

    I am not sure how to multiply and simplify this problem: Sqrt 50 * Sqrt 54