1. D

    The probability that a number is the maximum of multiple binomial draws

    I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the probability that a given number is the maximum value of multiple binomial draws. Intuitively I know that the probability is dependent on the number of trials (N), the binomial probability of success (p) and the number of binomial draws (J). Does...
  2. N

    Smallest multiple of 999

    which is the smallest multiple of 999 which does not contain the number 9 ? I need to know how to solve this one, not brute force.
  3. M

    (Multiple regression) Can I develop an F-test for zero-intercept?

    (Multiple regression) Can we develop an F-test for testing this hypothesis? RM : H0 : Y = e FM : H1 : Y=B0 + B1X1 + .... + BpXp + e (e : error term, r.v) As I learned, when we want to find the fitted regression equation, we should not neglect intercept part. It should not be considered zero...
  4. P

    Best statistical method for choosing an element who has Multiple properties

    I am looking for the best method that allows choosing the best element from a list of elements where each one had multiple properties, My exact goal is choosing the best program (Prog01 or Prog02 ..) from a set of six programs based on their multiple properties, As shown in this Picture: To...
  5. E

    Conditional proof for multiple quantifier

    Hi, I don't know how to prove ((Ǝx) F(x) →(Ǝx) (G(x)) with conditional proof from: ((Ǝx) F(x) → (∀z) H(z)) H(a) →G(b) Thanks
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    Prove that large number is a multiple of 7 using modular arithmetic

    How can you show that 3^54321 - 6 is a multiple of 7? I know you would use modular arithmetic (and maybe the Euclidean algorithm?), but I don't know how to go about doing that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. G

    Area of multiple circles

    Hi so my question is how do i find the area of the smaller circles if i don't have the radius of the smaller circles but only the large one? here is the question context "The cross section of a large circular conduit with radius 12.00 cm has seven smaller equal circular conduits within it." a)...
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    Question about Multiple Integrals

    I know a lot of you hate it when people post pictures, but for this purpose I need to. I have some questions about integrals. Confusion 1: My book gives steps on how to find limits of multiple integrals, and I am trying to grasp understanding of what they are doing. They say you need to trace...
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    Multiple of 186

    M = 5 + 5^2 + 5^3 + .... + 5^2004. Prove that M is multiple of 186. I have absolutely no idea how to start this one...
  10. N

    Multiple of 13

    A = 3^2008 + 5^2008 + 7^2008. You need to prove that A is multiple of 13. Thank you
  11. D

    derivative of multiple integral

    I have a problem in derivative of multiple integrals. for example i don't know how can I do it for the below question. would you please help me to solve it? thanks A= \int \int q(y,z)(Ln|z|+tr(z^{-1}(x'x-2 x' y+y' y)))dy dz where x,y,z are vectors we want derivative of A wrt q(y,z). please look...
  12. P

    Calculate the chance-level of an 8-alternative multiple choice questionnaire

    Hello everyone. In short: I would like to know how to compute the chance-level of an 8-alternative multiple choice questionnaire with 6 questions. Here is some more information: In my experiment, participants viewed 6 stimuli, each stimulus conveying one of the six basic emotions (anger...
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    What are the chances of winning a raffle with multiple buckets

    I was at a Ducks Unlimited dinner last night and they were raffling off guns where you bought raffle tickets for $50 a piece and you put your ticket in a bucket. once one bucket fills up with 30 of them then they start a new bucket. my friend and I we're arguing he thought you had a better...
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    Three Variable Limit With Multiple Square Roots

    Hi all. I am having trouble solving this limit. I imaging you are supposed to multiply by some kind of conjugate but I have been at it for over an hour with no such luck in finding anything that works. (Headbang) Thoughts? The problem is below: Find the limit as (x,y,z)-->(1,1,1) of (x - Sqrt[x...
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    Multiple integral

    Hi ! Need to prove that : $\int \int_r \frac{sinx-siny}{xy+1} dA=0$ while $r$ is area bounded by $x^2=y$ and $y^2=x$ I see that for every real $x,y$ -> $|sinx-siny|=|x-y|$ ... Than i even dont know how to continue .
  16. Z

    Gradient of Multiple Linear Regression – Vectorized Version of ALS Update Formulas

    Based on the attached image, how do we differentiate/get the gradient of the cost function \min\limits_{x\geq0}||y-\bar{A}x||^2_2? Refer to the attached image for the exact update rule function for both Matrices.
  17. H

    Equation and a multiple of 5

    Does anybody know how to go about proving this statement: " If n is a natural number then n^4 + 4 is a multiple of 5 "
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    Self-designed objective for multiple linear regression

    A multiple linear regression is to use several predictor variables to predict the outcome of a response variable, like the following relationship: $y_{i}=\beta_{1}x_{i1}+...+\beta_{p}x_{ip}+$ $\epsilon_{i}$, $i=1,...,n$ I understand the typical objective to learn the $\beta$ paramters is...
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    A problem related to least common multiple

    LCM is an abbreviation used for Least Common Multiple in Mathematics. We say LCM (a, b, c) = L if and only if L is the least integer which is divisible by a, b and c. If I'm given a, b and L I have to find c such that LCM (a, b, c) = L. If there are several solutions, I have to choose the one...
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    Multiple choice questions

    Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Write this letter down in the exam book. 1. The central limit theorem is applicable a. only to non-symmetric populations b. only to normally distributed populations c...