1. D

    Monkey typing "HAMLET" and Website Password

    I. Suppose that one monkey presses 10 keys at random. What is the probability that he types the word HAMLET if he is(a)allowed to repeat letters, and (b) not allowed to repeat letters? I understand the sample space is 26^10, and I understand that there are 5 total ways the word HAMLET could...
  2. Mukilab

    five men, a monkey, and a pile of coconuts

    On a desert island, five men and a monkey gather coconuts all day, then sleep. The first man awakens and decides to take his share. He divides the coconuts into five equal shares with one left over. He gives the extra one the, hides his share and goes back to sleep. Later the second man awakens...
  3. M

    Monkey Saddle

    By examining the behavior of x^3 - 3xy^2 on straight lines through the origin, show that the surface z = x^3 - 3xy^2 qualifies as a monkey saddle? Can someone explain how I would go about doing this problem? I'm very confused
  4. T

    Infinite Monkey Theorem

    Wow, mathemations sometimes have a very uncreative way of naming theorems. For example, PigeonHole Principle, sounds funny. Also the Ham Sandwich Theorem sounds funny. But anyway, I have the Math Page of Wikipedia set as my homepage. This is what appeared today. I find it quite interesting.