1. D

    Please anyone help due monday

    Hey guys, Im doing a mathematics degree and have this stats subject and honestly have no clue whatsoever on how to do anything in this class. I have looked over all my lectures and pracs and we have an assessment and the content is not related to anything. If anyone could help me in anyway, by...
  2. J

    Rocking monday night

    hello guys this is time to watch the tv shows of monday night and time to enjoy with these shows . Watch Gotham Season 1 episode 17 Online Watch House Of Fools Season 2 episode 2 Online Watch Waterloo Road Season 10 Episode 18 online Watch The Fosters Season 2 episode 17 Online Watch...
  3. A

    exam on monday need help (trignomentary problem)

    4 ÷ sin(90º + φ) = 10 ÷ sin(150º – φ) equation 1 tanφ = 4 ÷ √3 equation 2 can anyone tell me how equation 1 is solved to get equation 2
  4. M

    How to find square root of imaginary number? Test Monday.

    So under the square root number is a negative 8. Should be 2*sqr root of 2. How to they get there? Where does imaginary symbol go usually? Any video links,sites, diagrams will be helpful plz.
  5. M

    Need Help Proving A Trig Identity Please Due Monday.

    I Made a Video on this . right here. Tricky Trig Proof Id - YouTube
  6. F

    Statistics Probability - DUE MONDAY

    Relative Frequency of 0 centipede in a square = .45 Relative Frequency of 1 centipede in a square = .36 Relative Frequency of 2 centipede in a square = .14 Relative Frequency of 3 centipede in a square = .04 Relative Frequency of 4 centipede in a square = .01 1) Now suppose that...
  7. B

    Finding angle of rotation. Test this Monday. I missed school. Seriously need help.

    Ok. Here is what i do know: in an equation: Ax² + Bxy + Cy² + Dx + Ey + F = 0 i need to eliminate the Bxy part, and find an angle of rotation. cot(2Ɵ) =(a-c)/b from there i can find Ɵ and create a new x',y' equation without a Bxy part. Here is my question: when there are 2 possible values for...
  8. M

    Urgent Problem Solving!

    A newspaper is made of several A2 sheets folded in the middle so that each sheet makes 4 numbered pages. For example, two sheets make 8 pages. 1. Sometimes a newspaper has a single half sheet of just 2 pages inserted somewhere. Friday's newspaper has such an insert and one of the numbers on the...
  9. V

    Division where one denominator is x-2 and second is 2. Test on monday!

    I can solve something like (y-3/y)=(10y^2/y^2) where I can get the Lowest Common Denominator y^2. What I don't get is how to solve these kinds of problems, where I can't find the Lowest Common Denominator (or at least I don't know how): (2/x-2)-(x/2)=(x/x-2) I tried getting the LCD by doing...
  10. C

    Need help. Test on Monday!

    Hello everyone. I am in desperate need of help. I am in college algebra and just can NOT get modeling down, and I have a test on Monday! I am completely lost, and realize I should have gotten help before now but now I have no choice but to learn it all today and tomorrow. It's just the set...
  11. S

    Math Exam on Monday... help please :)

    Forgive me for bumping in here, without a hello-post... So consider this my hello ;) But I got math exam on monday and I'm getting quite desperate, since any of my friends can solve it either. English isn't my native tongue and the exercise isn't in English but I did my best to translate it...
  12. Jarod_C

    Need help for Algrebra test on Monday.

    pie="π" Take 0.025µ^4π² + 50µ²π^4 by 5µπ^3 Well there's the problem, and I have the answer, witch is (0.005µ^3 over π) + 10µπ. I'm just having a hard time doing the long division. I've come up with many other answers, none of course being the right one. It's kind of a big favor to...
  13. A

    Probability problem-urgent, need it for monday morning!

    new analytical method to detect pollutants in water is being tested. This new method of chemical analysis is important because, if adopted, it could be used to detect three different contaminants: organic pollutants volatile solvents and chlorinated compounds, instead of having to use a...
  14. C

    Markov's Inequality Problem Help! MIDTERM MONDAY!

    Let X be uniformly distributed over (1,4) (a) Use Markov's inequlaity to estimate P(x>=a) a is between 1 to 4 and compare this result to the exact answer. (b) Find the value of a in (1,4) that minimizes the difference between the bound and the exact probability computed in (a). For this...
  15. N

    Help....I need this for monday

    Hi, I am really stuck with this equations. I am so lost and dont know what to do. Please help.:confused: x - 2 + y - 1 = 13 (eq.1) 3 4 12 2 - x + 3 + y = 11 (eq.2) 2 3 6
  16. S

    need help for test monday!!!

    can't do trig! stuff like sec^2(x)-1/sec^2(x). Help me! more to come
  17. mattballer082

    finals on monday

    My geometry final is on monday, i will have a list of questions on all the problems i need help on probally tomorrow or saturday.. i hope someone will be avaliable to explain the problems to me!! :D