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    Exponential Models and Applications

    Can someone please help me with this problem: The population (in millions), p and q, of two neighbouring American states, P and Q, over a period of 50 years from 1950 are modelled by functions p = 1.2 x 2^0.08t and q = 1.7 x 2^0.04t. Find when the population of state P is: a) equal to the...
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    Exponential Models and Applications

    Hi everyone, so I'm doing some worded questions but they are hard for me to understand. The half-life of plutonium-239 is 24,000 years. If 10 grams are present now, how long will it take until only 10% of the original sample remains (give your answer to the nearest year). Some worked examples...
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    Models Without Turn Off Logo

    I currently have a Casio model which is fine for my uses except the annoyance of turning off the calculator a logo appearing each time for several seconds. Are there models (scientific or graphing) which do not do this during shutdown or startup? Do Texas calculators do this, specifically...
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    Inversion and Poincare Models

    I am trying to understand hypercycles and horocycles in the Poincare Disk Model and Upper-Half Plane Model. What I am wondering is if I have an understanding of the point of inversion that will take these hypercycles into the two models. Attached is a picture of what I am trying to understand if...
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    Quadratic Models Help

    Hi, could you please help me with this quadratic models question? I'm confused :) A farmer has 60m of fencing with which to construct three sides of a rectangular yard connected to an existing fence. a) The width of the yard is x m and the area inside the yard is Am^2, write down the rule...
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    Re: Basic Inventory Models

    Hi, I recently set up a MILP model which covers your problem. I use COIN CBC/CLP to solve the problem. You can configure the model through .Net API. You find the download on my page under Advanced Planning and Scheduling Best regards Andreas
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    Inventory Models

    Below is a question from a past paper for a subject I am currently doing (We have not been given solutions!). Can anyone please help? In the continuous review inventory model, with no backlogging permitted, suppose the demand during the lead time L is uniform over the range 0 to M. The penalty...
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    Basic Inventory Models

    I have a question from a past paper I am trying to work out. The first 2 parts are as follows: Abelo Industries requires 12,000 kg of a certain chemical each year, and the chemical is used at auniform rate throughout the year. Currently Abelo manufactures the chemical itself at a rate of 3000...
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    DIFFUSION MODELS - good literature

    Hej, can someone recommend me any books related to the use of diffusion models in finance (bass model in particular) ? I'm begging for some help.
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    Inventory Models

    Dear Mathhelpforum users Below is a question from a past paper for a subject I am studying. Unfortunately the solutions to the paper are not available. can anybody help? Nulook Industries has a uniform monthly requirement for 2000 units of a certain product. Shortages are not permitted, but the...
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    standard error of prediction very small for models with almost no correlation

    Hello, I have been tracking the change in various statistics over epochs of learning in an artificial neural network model. I notice that the standard error of prediction for the validation set (STEYX() in excel), is always very low over the first 15 epochs or so. A low standard error implies a...
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    Developing Models

    Hello, The question that I tasked with answering is: "The rate of spread of a zombie outbreak is in direct proportion to both the number who have been bitten and to the number who have not been bitten. An hour after the infection breaks out, three other people had been infected. If there are...
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    5 th grade math - decimal multiplication using models

    Hi, This might seem a silly question to you all Math experts. I am having problem understanding the logic here. I understood the process of multiplying decimals using grid. Here's the question: The distance from Charlene's house to her school is 0.8 miles. Charlene rides her bike 7 tenth of...
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    Waiting Line Models

    Kolkmeyer Manufacturing Company Pw = λ/µ is considering adding two machines to its manufacturing operation. This addition will bring the number of machines to eight. The president of Kolkmeyer asked for a study of the need to add a second employee to the repair operation. The arrival rate is...
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    Waiting Line Models

    The Robotics Manufacturing Company operates an equipment repair business where emergency jobs arrive randomly at the rate of three jobs per 8-hour day. The company's repair facility is a single-server system operated by a repair technician. The service time varies, with a mean repair time of 2...
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    Waiting Line Models

    Burger Dome sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, soft drinks, and milk shakes, as well as a limited number of specialty items and dessert selections. Although Burger Dome would like to serve each customer immediately, at times more customers arrive than can be handled by the Burger...
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    Waiting Line Models

    Ocala Software Systems operates a technical support center for its software customers. If customers have installation or use problems with Ocala software products, they may telephone the technical support center and obtain free consultation. Currently, Ocala operates its support center with one...
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    Waiting Line Models

    Pete's Market is a small local grocery store with only one checkout counter. Assume that shoppers arrive at the checkout lane according to a Poisson probability distribution, with an arrival rate of 15 customers per hour. The checkout service times follow an exponential probability...
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    Waiting Line Models

    Marty's Barber Shop has one barber. Customers have an arrival rate of 2.2 customers per hour, and haircuts are given with a service rate of 5 per hour. Use the Poisson arrivals and exponential service times model to answer the following questions: What is the probability that one customer is...
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    Sampling Distribution Models - Homework question

    The question is: In a really large bag of M&M’s, the students in Exercise 8 found 500 candies, and 12% of them were green. Is this an unusually large proportion of green M&M’s? Explain. Previous questions #6 and #8 relate to this question, but we weren't assigned those so I'm assuming their...