1. I

    Mixed random variables with conditional probability constraints

    Can someone please look at this problem statement in the attached photo and then explain the approach to solve such a problem my main problem with this question is I don't know to to find the probability when given multiple random variables also how do you take into account the conditionality...
  2. T

    Help with logrithmic equations

    hi, Recently encountered a type of equations that i am having trouble solving, equations that have both a logarithmic element and a normal element. Specifically: ln(x^2 - 2) + x = 0 Is there a general way to solve these types of equations? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. N

    Maximization of the sharpe ratio with multiple mixed constraints

    Hi all, I am quite new to this website. I am working on an applied mathematical problem which i will sketch below. Maximization of Sharpe ratio's is quite standard, but as you maybe will see, i have added some extra constraints. These constraints are necessary for my case. The problem: We have...
  4. M

    Mixed number

    Hello Excuse me if I don't ask my questions in a right place. I have 2 equation about mixed numbers. Thank you for answering questions.
  5. Maxim

    Is random data, mixed (xorred) with non-random data, still random?

    For sake of argument, I want to propose this definition of good randomness: A piece of data can be considered "random" if it impossible to write a computer program* that is considerably smaller (let's say at least 1% less bits) which generates the same data. (* to be executed on any generic...
  6. A

    Subtracting mixed numbers

    When i tried converting the mixed numbers into fractions and subtracting them I got 1 but 1 isn't one of the answer choices. What did I do wrong? The answer key reveal that it's C.
  7. M

    Converting recurring decimals to a mixed number using algebra?

    Hi guys this was a question which I was stuck on and I was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance. 1) Convert the recurring decimal 2.136 (the 3 and the 6 are the only digits that recur sorry for not using the correct notation, I don't know how to get it online) to a mixed number...
  8. J

    Testing hypotheses in linear mixed models

    I'm looking for any papers that compare properties of asymptotic tests (wald, likelihood ratio) with properties of approximate F-tests in linear mixed models. I'm particularly interested in tests of linear combinations of fixed effects parameters, but tests of any type of hypothesis will do...
  9. R

    Rational Expressions Mixed Fractions

    1 pt) _____ ______. ____ _____ . How do you solve this i am having a hard time deciphering the numerators and the denominators.
  10. E

    Equilateral triangle and inscribed circles, mixed polygons, just my favorite...

    There is an equilateral triangle that is shaded except for the inscribed circle smack in the middle. The radius is 8 and I have to find the shaded area's area.
  11. P

    Nonlinear regression and goodness-of-fit (a mixed real and theoretical problem)

    Dear Sirs/Madams: I'm going to show you a real problem that I have at my research laboratory and that is a theoretical problem too (statistics). A very interesting problem. It is well known that when we fit experimental data to a linear model we can use the R2 (R squared) value in order to...
  12. W

    Need a reason for writing improper fractions in mixed number form in answers.

    The title perhaps already explains my question but what is the mathematical reason for writing ones answer "five quarters" to "one whole and one quarter" ? Simplifying answers is of course useful but mixed number form. All the math textbooks in our schools tells our students to do it, why...
  13. B

    Nonlinear mixed model

    I would like to better understand nonlinear mixed effects models and how to use them. The application I am working on is a Gompertz type non-linear Mixed Model. The equation goes something like Yit=(Ym +mui)exp(-exp(b(t-t')))+eit. With i for the individual and t for the time of the...
  14. S

    Laplace's equation on a rectangle with mixed b.c.s

    PDE Hello, I do not know how to apply the nonlinear boundary conditions with this problem: Any idea?
  15. vaironxxrd

    Mixed numbers word problem

    If you lose 3\frac{1}{2}pounds the first week of your diet and 2\frac{2}{3}pounds the second week, how many pounds do you still need to lose to reach your goal of losing 10 pounds? Answer(provided): 9\frac{1}{10} To my belief pounds to reach goals = 10 - total lost which in this case would be...
  16. M

    show that mixed partials are equal

    I need help to show that if f(x,y) is a polynomial then the mixed partials f(xy) and f(yx) are equal.
  17. D

    Pounds and Pence Mixed Up

    An unknown amount of money is requested but what is given is the pounds and pence mixed up. eg. £21.45 > £45.21. £87.34 > £34.87.... from this new amount which is given, £3.19 is spent. It if found that the remainder is actually 140% of the original request. What is the original request?
  18. U

    Second order mixed derivative and chain rule

    I want to find the second order derivative for f(x,y),x(u,v),y(u,v), f depends on x and y, and x and y depends on u and v. I'm trying to find \frac{{\partial^2 f}}{{\partial v \partial u}} This is what I did: \frac{{\partial f}}{{\partial u}}=\frac{{\partial f}}{{\partial...
  19. S

    Sum of mixed series

    I have the series 1r, 2r^2,3r^3...(or in general nr^n) what is the sum of this series? Im a bit confused as it is a mixture of an arithmetic series (1,2,3...) and a geometric (r^n) Thanks for your help
  20. K

    finding solutions for a mixed variable equation

    Hi there, this is a for a calculus question but it's more the algebra I'm having trouble with at the moment. I've reduced an equation down to: 2y^2 + x^2 - 4xy + 4y - 4x = 0 and need to find all (x,y) pairs that make it true. Could someone show each step in solving this? Thanks a lot