1. S

    inequalities with maximums and minimums!

    i dont understand how to find the maximum/minimum of these two equations, help please! Given the constraints x+y is less than or equal to 9 3x-y is greater than or equal to 0 x is greater than or equal to 0 y is greater than or equal to 0 the minimum value for the function f(x)=10x + 11y...
  2. mathemagister

    Efficient way of finding global/absolute maximums and minimums

    After finding the critical points of the function, how do you find the global maximum and minimum. Is the most efficient way to simply find the value of the function at each of the critical points and the end points. This seems a little tedious. Is there a better way? For example, say I know...
  3. D

    And yet more calculus questions I need help on - Mostly with Maximums and Minimums...

    1.A company is informed by its market analyst, that if the price of widgets is $90-x, the company will sell 100+10x thousand widgets. At what price should the widget be set so the company maximizes income? 2.Another company sells wrought iron umbrella trees. This company has fixed costs of...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Proof regarding maximums and minimums of ordered sets

    Let U be an ordered set. Prove the following: The minimum of U, if it exists, is unique. The maximum of U, if it exists, is unique. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  5. N

    Infimum and minimums

    For each subset of the reals, give its infimum and minimums, if they exist. 1){pi, 3} 2)[0, 4] 3){(-1)^n(1+(1/n)): n an element of N} 4) the union n=1 to infinity [(1/n), 2-(1/n)] 5)(-infinity, 4) Thanks!
  6. Godfather

    Relative Maximums and Minimums

    let P(x)= x^4+ax^3+bx^2+cx+d The graph of y=P(x) is symmetric with respect to the Y Axis, the relative maximum at (0,1) and has an absolute minimum at (q,-3). (A). Determine the values of a,b,c and d and using these values write an expression for P(x) (B). find all possible values of q
  7. H

    Finding local max and minimums

    g(X)=x+2sinx, 0 less than or equal to X which is less than or equal to 2pie for the first derivative i got g'(x)=1+2cosx g'(x)=0, 1+2cosx=0 cosx = -(1/2) There is another number, how do i figure it out?
  8. T

    Find function with these minimums and maximums

    Find values of a,b,c and d such that g(x) = ax^3+bx^2+cx+d has a local maximum of (2,4) and a local minimum at (0,0). How do I do this?
  9. C


    HELP !!! ><>< A printed page of a book is to have side margins of 1cm, a top margin of 2 cm and a bottom margin of 3 cm. IT is to contain 200cm^2 of printed matter, Find the dimensions of the page if the area of the paper used is to be a minimum
  10. C

    [SOLVED] minimums

    A traveller employs a man to drive him from sydney to Wollongong for a hourly payment of P dollars. Running costs of the car, which are also paid by the traveller are kv^3 dollars per hour, where vkn/h is the speed and k is a constant. Find the uniform speed that will minimize the total cost...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] maximum and minimums

    T_T help i have tried everything for this question A company manufactures items at $2 per item and sells then for $x per item. IF the number sold is 800/x^2 per month, find the value of x for which the company could expect to maximize itsmonthly profit.
  12. C

    Geometrical application of differentiation maximums and minimums

    i really need help for these 2 questions I need to use deriviation on these questions and the simplest answer would be the best ><>< thank you a piece of wire 6 metres long is cut into two parts, one of which is used to form a square and the other to form a rectangle whose length is three...
  13. L

    Maximums and Minimums of an absolute value function. [Please help I am stumped]

    Find the maximum and minimum values of f(x) on the given intervals. f(x)=abs(x+1)+abs(x-1) 1>x<4 Should be greater/less than or equal to, but I dont know how to type that in. I know how to approach normal fxns but with the absolute values I don't know. I know to just take the derivitive, set...