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    selection of mid value

    The problem is calculation of mean and S.D.In the image at the fourth column its mentioned as x-32.5/8.is that 32.5 .Is assumed mid value?
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    Prove [TEX] a^k \neq 1[/TEX] if [TEX]k \mid n[/TEX] and [TEX]k<n[TEX]

    primitive roots problem I'm trying to figure this problem out and need a little help. So suppose n is an integer and a \in \mathbb{F} and suppose a^n = 1. also 0 < k<n and k \mid n. Prove that if 0<k<n then a^k \neq 1. So far my proof: Suppose a contradiction. Let a^k =1, then gcd(k,n) =...
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    Question from Calculus Mid

    Given f(x) and g(x), where f'(x) > g'(x) at all points, how many times can the two funtions intersect? (i) Exactly Once (ii) More than Once
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    help on using the mid value to determine the vertex of a quadratic function?

    I was giving an example that completely lost me. The quadratic function is: 2x^2 - 5x - 12 Let y = 0, factor, and solve. 0= (2x + 3)(x - 4) x = -3/2 or x = 4 The mid value is: x = -3/2 + 4 ________ 2 = -3/2 + 8/2 _________ 2 = 5/2/2 = 5/2 x 1/2...
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    how to calculate height between mid points on a chord and arc

    Hi I am absolutely useless at math could someone please help me with this. I am trying to build a shade house and need to get some steel bent. I need to provide the distance between the midpoint on the chord and the midpoint on the arc. I have a chord length of 2.7mtrs and an arc length of...
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    finding mid points

    If O is the midpoint of PQ and OQ≅OR, then ∠1≅∠2. Use the figure below to prove the statement above Some help please?
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    Two balls thrown and collide in mid air, produce an expression for the time between

    Hello! Basically I am stuck... been pulling my hair out trying to simplify this and come out with a simple expression! Also not sure what area of the forum to put this in, but seeing as there is nothing too complicated and its all algebra i think this is the right place. Heres the...
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    Integration Using Trapezoidal and mid ordinate rule :)

    Hello Everyone Just incredibly stuck on this question wondering if anyone knew how to do it or where to even begin :) TASK 4 The pressure (p) and the volume (V) during gas expansion is related by the law p = 0.25V-1.3. Determine the work done when the when the volume is expanded from 10 x...
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    locus of mid point of line inersecting circle

    A circle passes through the points A, B, and C which have coordinates (0,3), (\sqrt{3},0), (-\sqrt{3},0) respectively. Equation of circle x^2+y^2-2y=3 A line y=mx-3of variable gradient m, cuts the circle at L and M. Find the Cartesian equation of the locus of the midpoint of the line LM. I...
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    mid value thm problem

    Q: let f:[a,b] to R be diff function.show that there exist points c1,c2belons to (a,b) s.t 2f(c1)*f'(c1)= f'(c2)[f(a)+f(b)].
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    Mid Term Help Needed (Limits, Tangent Lines, Differentiation, and Integration)

    Tangent Line & Differentiating Trig Identities ~ Help Needed So I'm going through my Mid Term review and I continue to come across the same problems I've been dealing with on past tests and such. It's going to be a multiple choice test, but when I come to tangent lines on a MC test I just...
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    College Algebra Distance Formula and Mid point

    Here I have two problems each for Distance Formula and Midpoint Formula I have solved these problems but would like to know if I am correct in my solving of the problems. Distance Forumla Give exact answer and where appropriate, an approximation to three decimal places. 1) (4,6) and...
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    Mid point of a line segment

    This is the question I am trying to solve: A circle has centre (-1,8). If a diameter is GH and G=(3,-2), calculate the coordinates of H. I drew a circle with the centre as (-1,8) and G as a point on the circle as (3,-2) but I don't know what to do next.