1. D

    new to MHF with a question on spheres hope someone can help

    So here is my challenge I want to create a hollow 500mm diameter sphere out of polystyrene sheets . Purpose: basically bringing science into the home except this one is proving a curly one :( Proposed Diameter = 500mm Radius = 250mm (Step 1) · The best way forward I found was to...
  2. D

    New to MHF ... old to everywhere else!

    Hi, I am David from the UK. I got a D in pure math, and have been playing catch up ever since. Nearly there!
  3. A

    Introducing Myself to MHF

    Hi Everybody, I am an old guy (50+) who never made it past grade 11 in high school and am trying to upgrade myself. I took an vocational electronics technician course more than 30 years ago and struggled through the math back then (squeaked by). Over the years I have tried to upgrade and...
  4. L

    How to edit things in MHF.

    I am sorry to ask this question that might have been asked before. But could someone provide me with a link to find out how to edit things in the language of MHF. Like how to make integrals and radicals signs?
  5. A

    Hello MHF

    Hi! I mi joined because I want to expand my knowledge on math. I felt terrible that I was unable to figure out 5th grade measurement fraction problems on a brain game app I use. I mi hope this forum is a place where I can learn to broaden my math skills and become an expert. I hope to...
  6. D

    Hello MHF

    Hello everyone, My name is Derek. I am an undergraduate math major at Cal State Fullerton in Fullerton, California.
  7. D

    MHF Introduction

    Hi- I'm getting my Teaching Certification to become an instructor in higher level Math for Juniors and Seniors at the high school level. I'm joined the site to see if I can possibly contribute and/or learn something more about math. -Dan
  8. J

    Hello MHF

    I am a director of a non-profit here in New Mexico and own a small business start-up within the automotive industry. I want to improve my analytic skills with budgeting for special events and ability to think through problems like this one (below). Can we start off with an algebraic word...
  9. D

    Use latex to graph equations in MHF forums?

    Is it possible? If so, how? Thanks
  10. M

    Hi MHF here's my conjecture on cycle length and primes : prime abc conjecture PAC

    My nickname is miket and have many other nickname, research on natural science.I am interested in number theory.I put forward a conjecture on cycle length and primes : prime abc conjecture PAC. prime abc conjecture PAC: Suppose a>9 is odd and b is the cycle length of a as defined below. Then I...
  11. L

    Hello MHF!

    Hey MHF. Lamentofking here. Found this site through google while looking for math resources. I'll be posting my first help assistance thread soon. haha. Anyway, glad to be here.(Nod)
  12. E

    Hi Everyone on MHF

    New to the forum and very rusty with my math skills. It's been a long time since college. I'm in the Analytical Chemistry field but haven't done much in the theorectical / math area in a long while. Thanks in advance and I hope I may be able to help someone else along the way. Enzo
  13. I

    Introduction to MHF

    Hi: My name is Howard Heller and I am the head of I joined MHF to provide help for students with their math problems and to post interesting math topics. I look forward to getting to know many members on the forum.
  14. Bernhard

    General PC problem with MHF

    At present while I can input text to MHF when posting new threads, MHF will not accept ENTER characters. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on the problem or its solution? [Note that the problem does not seem to be occurring at other web sites and does not occur with Word}
  15. B

    Hello friends! I am new here on MHF platform.

    Let us talk about linear equations.
  16. H

    Hello MHF!

    Hello everyone! I am seeking math enlightenment - to help where I can, and find answers to my questions. -heaviside
  17. SnowLeopard

    Hello!! Members of MHF.

    My Name is Navin Kumar. and I am From India starting the Undergraduate this year.Here my username is SnowLeopard because I am on Snow Leopard operating system. I am currently studying Linear Algebra by Lang.
  18. J

    New to MHF / Cayley Hamilton 2x2 matrix to power n

    A 2x2 matrix has (in this case) 2 distinct eigenvalues. The matrix to the power n can be expressed as a coefficient times the matrix plus a second coefficient times the identity matrix. Can someone point me to a simple derivation of a formula that computes the two coefficients? That is, find the...
  19. L

    Just signed up to MHF

    Hi everybody in MHF! I hope I posted this in the right place! I study mathematics independently of school and my current study is Linear Algebra. Got a good book from Amazon (used at a very good price). So now to dive in. I really enjoy matrices, so I think this should be a fun study. Also...
  20. B

    Beyond relieved to have found MHF

    I'm a math major and although all classes have been easy, the one that has me completely confused is Abstract Algebra. Glad to know I'm not the only one and that there are people who are beyond amazing who are willing to guide others on the right direction. I only have Real Analysis...