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    Interpreting graph

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can provide some input on the following description: Maybe I'm interpreting the information incorrectly, but I can't help but think that this information is conflicting. When I graph R(t), I get a function that plummets immediately, as opposed to rise in value...
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    Maximum value of combined function

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm currently working on 10c: I know that the equation for the function is (25+x)(20,000-750x). In terms of finding the point of maximum revenue, I'm finding a hard time doing so. When I plot this on a graph, I get very large values. The answer according to the...
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    f(x) = x^(3/4) - 4x^(1/4) Why is the point (0, 0) not considered local maximum?
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    Absolute Extrema

    Find the absolute extrema of the given function on each indicated interval. f(x) = |2x| - |x - 2| on (a) [0,1] and (b) [-3,4]
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    Maximum Likelihood Estimation error calculations

    I have a question about calculating standard error in MLE. For the simplicity, I will describe the idea on a simple sample, but in real life I have a problem, which can be solved only with MLE. Consider we have 1000 integer numbers (so-called outcomes) generated with Poisson distribution with...
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    Maximum likelihood estimators

    Hello, im struggling with setting up the likelihood function from the probability function given. I just do not understand the rules governing how things are mulitplied etc. for example
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    The probability that a number is the maximum of multiple binomial draws

    I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the probability that a given number is the maximum value of multiple binomial draws. Intuitively I know that the probability is dependent on the number of trials (N), the binomial probability of success (p) and the number of binomial draws (J). Does...
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    Approximating maximum speed of a particle in terms of angular speed

    Here is a rule that governs the motion of particles in my hypothetical Cartesian plane universe: - a particle can move a maximum distance of Vx units along the x-axis and Vy units along the y-axis per one unit of time. - the acceleration along the axes is also bounded. The limits are Ax for the...
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    Calculating maximum and minimum points of a cubic WITHOUT calculus

    Hi everyone I wanted to ask a question about calculating maximum and minimum points. I understand it is the easiest way of calculating maximum and minimum points using differentiation. But what I wanted to ask was is it possible to calculate the maximum and minimum points of a cubic function...
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    Maximum limit estimator of a hypergeometric distribution

    For those who are familiar with the hypergeometric distribution, I was wondering if it's possible to work out the MLE of this distribution, and if so how is it done? I've seen how to work out the MLE of the binomial, poisson and Normal distributions, but I direly need to also figure out how to...
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    Mathematical Induction Proof w/ maximum of a function

    I am trying to write up this proof but don't know where to start. Let f : \{1,\cdots, n\} \rightarrow \mathbf N be a function. Then there is some q \in \{1, \cdots, n\} such that f(q)\ge f(i) for all i \in \{1, \cdots, n\}. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    Maximum point...?

    Hello MHF 1) Find the first-order condition and the second-order condition and characterize the ekstreme point/extreme points for the function: where 2) Find the combination of K and L that ensures the maximum profit and find the maximum profit. The profit is given by the profit function...
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    method of moments estimator and the maximum likelihood estimator

    Suppose we are given a random sample $x1, . . . ,x_n$ from a Gamma distribution, i.e., $ x_i $ ~ $G(3,\beta), i = 1, . . . ,n.$ find the method of moments estimator and the maximum likelihood estimator of $\beta$ how do I solve this question for gamma distribution, what are the steps ?
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    Maximum Likelihood

    HORSE RACING MODEL I'm trying to estimate the β coefficients in the following equation using maximum likelihood procedures: where βk is a coefficient which measures the relative contribution of information xij (k) to horse i's chance of winning race j. I've attached an excel spreadsheet...
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    maximum likelihood estimator question

    I have been trying to find the maximum likelihood estimator for the following problem: f(y1,y2,…,yn∣θ)∝exp[−1/8 ∑(yi−θ)^2] so far i have: L(θ)∝exp[−1/8 ∑(yi−θ)^2]. ℓ(θ)=−1/8 ∑(yi−θ)^2 ∝ ∑yi^2−2θ∑yi+nθ^2 I have got a bit stuck now and was wondering if anyone could help me with the next step...
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    Maximum of function

    Hi, I'm trying to find the max value assumed by a function of the type: f(x) = sin(a x) + sin(b x) Usually, I would go from the derivative zeros. But I can't find its zeros - the equation, I think, has no solutions. So I was wondering: if I find the intersection points of each term (sin(a x) =...
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    using partial derivatives to find maximum profit

    i have this question how do you do this
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    Maximum perimeter of n-sided polygon

    In the picture below i have worked out the maximum perimeter for a n-sided polygon inscribed in a circle. The marker for the project said all the working out was proper until i applied the limit. Can someone show me how to write the last part out properly. If someone could show me the proper...
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    how to find maximum charge on a capacitor

    here is the questions and the answers for them i couldn't understand the answer on question e) can anyone explain it to me??
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    Maximum and Minimum points of an ellipse

    No equation is given to the following question: Determine the points of least and greatest curvature on an ellipse and prove your claim. I find the first derivative and second derivative but then all I have are variables and it really makes no sense, is there an easier way to do this?