1. Anzamnia


    Hello. U r my only hope. Please help with that tasks: 1. Full investigation and graphic A) y=x/(9-x) B) y=x^2*e^((x^2)/2) 2. Min and max f(x) f(x)=(x^2)/2+8/x+8 on [-4; -1] Tnx for your time :3
  2. T

    Beam Question - Bending Moment and Max Stress

    Hi All, new to the forum so go easy! Im currently working on this question which I am half managing, but need some guidance if possible. A beam of rectangular cross section 200 mm deep and 100 mm wide. The beam is 3m long, simply supported at either end and carries point loads of 5Kn 1m from...
  3. B

    Local min and max and saddle points issue

    Im trying to find the local min and max and saddle points of this equation f(x,y) = x^4 + y^4 -4xy +1 and the only issue i have right now is with the critical points i have found the partial derivatives for fx and fy which are fx = 4(x^3-y) and fy = 4y^3 - 4x when i set them to zero and...
  4. Jason76

    Absolute Max and Min Problem

    Find absolute max and min value or values of f on the set D. f(x,y) = x^{2} + y^{2} + x^{2}y + 9 D = {(x,y) | |x| \leq 1, |y| \leq 1} f_{x} = 2x - 2xy f_{y} = 2y + x^{2} f_{xy} = 2x f_{xx} = 2 + 2y 2x - 2xy = 0 (This is f_{x} set to 0)) 2x(1 - y) = 0 2x = 0 x = 0 2y +...
  5. Jason76

    Max Min Saddle Problem - # 10

    This might be a repeat accidentally: Find max, min, saddle point of: f(x,y) = x^{3} - 147xy + 343y^{3} f_{x} = 3x^{2} - 147y f_{y} = -147y + 1029y^{2} f_{xy} = -147 f_{xx} = 6x Find critical y points 3x^{2} - 147 = 0 3x^{2} = 147y x^{2} = 49 x \pm 7 3(7)^{2} - 147y = 0 3(49) - 147y...
  6. M

    max min

    at point 5 is minimum at point 8 maximum am I right or not?
  7. Jason76

    Max Min Saddle Point Via Partial Derivatives - # 4

    Find max, min, saddle point of 7xye^{-x^{2} - y^{2}} Find partial derivatives: f_{x} = ??
  8. Jason76

    Max Min Saddle Point Via Partial Derivatives - # 3

    Find max, min, saddle point f(x,y) = 9\sin(x)\sin(y) -\pi<x<pi -pi<y<pi Find partial derivatives f_{x} = 9\cos(x) f_{y} = \cos(y) f_{xx} = -9\sin(x) f_{yy} = -\sin(y) f_{x,y} = 0 Find critical points (y values) by setting f_{x} = 0 and f_{y} = 0: 9\cos(x) = 0 \cos(x) = 0...
  9. Jason76

    Max Min Saddle Point Via Partial Derivatives - # 2

    Find max, min, saddle point of function f(x,y) = 3e^{y}(y^{2} - x^{2}) Find partial derivatives: f_{x} = 6e^{y}(y^{2} - x^{2}) f_{y} = 6e^{y}(y^{2} - x^{2}) f_{xx} = 12e^{y}(y^{2} - x^{2}) f_{yy} = 12e^{y}(y^{2} - x^{2}) f_{xy} = 12e^{y}(y^{2} - x^{2}) Find critical points (y values) by...
  10. Jason76

    Max Min Saddle Point Via Partial Derivatives

    Find max min, saddle point. f(x,y) = x^{3} - 147xy + 343y^{3} Find partial derivatives f_{x} = 3x^{2} - 147y f_{y} = -147x + 686y^{2} f_{xx} = 6x f_{yy} = 1372y f_{xy} = -147 Set f_{x} = 0 and f_{y} = 0 to find critical points (y points). 3x^{2} - 147y = 0 3x^{2} = 147y -14x +...
  11. A

    domain,range , min and max of f ? Please help me

    Hi I really need help this. This is the graph The questions are under the graph
  12. Jason76

    Max Height of a Projectile

    A projectile is fired with an initial speed of 240 m/s and angle of elevation of 60 degrees, and it's fired 100 m off the ground. Find the max height when the t value is 42.4175707974285 The key is to maximize y(t). What is a hint on a beginning setup?
  13. S

    Absolute max of differentiable function

    Let f(x) be a differentiable function \mathbb{R} \to \mathbb{R} which satisfies: f(0) = a f'(0) = b f''(x) = -f(x)^n where a,b are real, n is a natural number. Find the absolute max of f(x) in terms of a,b, and n.
  14. C

    neither a local max or local min

    this graph is bugging me, i thought that this graph does have a local max and min everywhere.(Headbang)
  15. C

    Min and max

    can somone explain this to me... i tried three times and got it all wrong.. What i thought of it...: at x=4 there's a hole in the graph, so there is not really and minimum there. and at x =2 there is a cusp.. so it cannot be differentiated
  16. H

    How to deal with this problem of regular spherical polygon with max. no. of sides

    A regular spherical polygon has the maximum no. of sides (each as a great circle arc) on a spherical surface with a radius 600 units such that its each interior angle is exactly 177.3 degree. How to evaluate the length of its each side? any help is highly appreciated. thanks...
  17. H

    How to find critical numbers (max and min) for these functions?

    1. F(x)=(x-6) x^1/2 I tried multiplying out: F(X)=x^3/2 -6x^1/2 Then I found derivative: 3/2 x^1/2 -3x^(-1/2) How do I find the zeros, though? Do I factor out the x^-1/2 and solve for zero? (3 and 0 are local max and min, from solutions.) 2. F(x)= x^4-6x^2-x+1. I found derivative...
  18. Jason76

    Local Min and Max

    Where is there a local min or max on the graph?
  19. W

    Min Max

    find the minimum value of F(x)=\int_{0}^{x^2-2x}1/(1+t^2)\,d Does it has maximum value?Why
  20. A

    quartic graphs local min,local max

    Hi; How do you calculate the local minamum and local maximum for quartic graphs.Thanks.