1. A

    Advanced Matrices and Cryptography Question Help

    Hello, I was stuck on the following question. 'Your task it to crack the following code and find the encrypted word. To make your task easier, the following information about the encoding matrix is given: Position 1,1 in the encoding matrix is an even number. The decoding matrix only contains...
  2. N

    Negative of matrix associated with bilinear map for odd dimension

    Hiya, Hate to ask a question without essentially any work on it, but I have no idea how to prove this. The question is : Let $F$ be the matrix of a nonsingular bilinear form $f$ on a real space of dimension n. Prove that for odd $n$ the matrix $−F$ is not the matrix of $f$ in any basis of $V$...
  3. J

    Implications of unitary matrix with sub-blocks of matrices

    If we consider some unitary operator in matrix form given by $ U = \left[ {\begin{array}{cc} P_{00} & P_{01} \cdot \cdot & P_{0J} \\ P_{10} & \\ \cdot &\\ \cdot\\ P_{J0} \cdot\cdot\cdot& & P_{JJ} \\ \end{array} } \right]$ Where each $P_{nm}$ are matrices (sub-blocks of...
  4. P

    Find a transformation matrix [T] to get a specific matrix form.

    Hi geniuses. I desperately need urgent help, and I will be very grateful if someone (Nod) could help me. My problem (Headbang) is how to find a transformation matrix [T] of a matrix [M], as specified in the example below: Let [M]= [a, b+jc, d+je...
  5. X

    How to solve for two variables in a 3x3 matrix?

    Hi. I have this question on my Pre-Calculus homework that honestly I have no idea what to do for. We never went over this specific type of problem in class (go figure) and I'm unable to find anything else helpful on the internet. The problem is to solve for the two variables in this 3x3...
  6. Vinod

    How to solve simultaneously for matrices X and Y the equations?

    Hi, How to solve simultaneously for Matrices X and Y the equations $\begin{array}{rcl}2(X-Y)+\frac12(3X+2Y)=\begin{pmatrix}-2&5\\-3&6\\0&2\end{pmatrix}\end{array}$ $\begin{array}{rcl} 3(X+2Y)+2(2X+3Y)+\begin{pmatrix}-4&2\\5&\frac12\\0&-1\end{pmatrix}=0\end{array}$ where 0 denotes $3\times2$ zero...
  7. L

    Matrix for rounding to the nearest whole number

    Having trouble with part b. Is there a way to get a matrix calculation to round to the nearest integer?
  8. J

    Help with Matrices and Computer Graphics [Simple]

    Hi everyone! I'm writing a small 6–12 page assessment for my Grade 11 work (Math IA for the Diploma Programme) and I have chosen to write about an application of Matrices and how they can be used to translate, rotate, and scale different objects when working with computer graphics! I've found...
  9. T

    Linear Algebra Help. With multiplying matrices

    I've attached the question and solution as the answers. The problem I dont understand is number 12. I assume the question is asking us to find Ax...In which case I got all of them wrong anyway \begin{bmatrix} 0 & 0 & 1 \\0 & 1 & 0 \\ 1 & 0 & 0 \\ \end{bmatrix} * \begin{bmatrix}x \\y \\z \\...
  10. E

    Invertible Dimensional Matrices

    Suppose A, B, and C are invertible 4x4 dimensional matrices with the properties that det(A)=3, det(B)=5, and det(C)=2. Calculate the determinant of: (3A^(-1)BCC^(T)A^(3)) I understand matrices and determinants but I can't figure out how to start this question...Could someone help? Once I know...
  11. M

    Matrix equation - solve for X

    Hi everybody! I need some help with this matrix equation: $$\pmatrix{6 & 1 \cr -3 & -8} -X \pmatrix{1 & 6 \cr -1 & 5}=I$$ So this is how I would solve it: $$A-X\cdot B=I \Leftrightarrow -X=I\cdot B^{-1}-A$$ Is this correct? Also, is -X different from X when it comes to matrices? Should I...
  12. P

    brackets exceed matrix vertically,

    I make matrices with embedded matrices. Some rows are therefore taller than others. When the lower rows are taller than the upper rows (because the lower rows have taller matrices embedded in them than the upper rows do), the brackets go too far up. Similarly, if the upper rows are taller than...
  13. X

    findingeigenvalues for 3x3 matrices

    ok , i understood already , thread removed
  14. G

    Matrices (dominant and steady state)

    I have been working with dominant matrices as shown below for a game of dice. The diagonal row of zeros indicate that of course the player can not verse themselves, so it is donated as zero e.g T vs T has a 0. The 1's are wins and zero a loss accept for T vs T, J vs J ect (am i correct in...
  15. G

    Dominance Matrices

    Hey guys, I was wondering if i could get a solution and explanation of how to create 3 dominance matrices into one overall dominance matrix whilst still being in binary form. Please refer to the picture below: Thanks Giovanni
  16. E

    Matrices Proof

    Need some help with the following problem: Obviously question 11. Thanks for all help!
  17. R

    Operations on Matrices: I'm stuck on this type of questions

    Hi, new here. Hope I posted in the right forum category (Itwasntme) This is the question... Please.... Help me.... Help me with the technique.... Thank youuuu
  18. M

    proof question regarding matrices

    I have a new question here. 3. Find all values of a for which the inverse of the 3 x 3 matrix exists. What is A inverse? A = (1 1 0 1 0 0 1 2 a) Here is my work So far I know that if det A is nonzero, then A inverse exists. So I used A = (1 1 0|1 1 1 0 0|1 0 1 2...
  19. M

    Proof on matrices :(

    I need help on proving the proof questions.. 1. Let A be an n x n matrix in reduced row echelon form. If A is not equal to In (identity matrix), prove that A has a row consisting entirely of zeros. 2. If A = [a b which is a 2 x 2 matrix; c d] show that A is nonsingular if and...
  20. O


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