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    Matlab, how to know time step size in the plot or how to get output of time stepsize

    Since i am using matlab ode23s solver, it contains two matlab files . One contain the differential equations and another contains plotting and to run the m-files. The code are working perfectly. Now i want to know the time step size that is using on the plot. How can i get the output of time...
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    Solving Non-linear System of 3 differential eqns(Lorenz eqns) using ode23s in matlab.

    I am trying to solve 3 differentail equations(Lorenz equations) using ode solver: ode23s in Matlab. Here are the 3 lorenz equations: dc/dt= alpha*I*(1-c) + c*(- k_f - k_d - k_n * s - k_p*(1-q)) ds/dt = lambda_b * c* P_C *(1-s)- lambda_r *(1-q)*s dq/dt = (1-q)* k_p * c *(P_C / P_Q)-...
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    info help for matlab/ODE

    Hi , I would like to know if someone can help me with a Matlab code about solving a differential equation using Heun's method. I have been stuck with it for few days now and I need some help. Please let me kow. Braddy