1. Mr.MathType

    Techniques for Sharing Lists of MathType Equations

    We have some MathType users who want to create lists of equations to share. Any of you doing that? Care to share your techniques? Thanks, Bob Mathews Design Science
  2. H

    Setting fonts for MathType equation numbering

    I have been a MathType user for many years, but after reinstalling MT for a new machine (running W7 Professional, Word 2013, MT 6.9), I find that creating a new right-numbered equation does not use the default font in Word (Times Roman), but instead Calibri, which I have never used. Do not see...
  3. sepinaz

    seems that mathtype doesn't parse a simple amsmath code

    I want to create something like this in MS Word by MathType 6.9 --------->first photo The code that I'm using is: \documentclass[a4paper]{book} \usepackage{geometry} \usepackage{amsmath} \begin{document} \begin{align} T_4 &= \langle...
  4. A

    LaTeX code in MS Word: Toggle TeX option doesn’t work on large equations

    MathType is a good piece of software as it allows to integrate LaTeX code into MS Word documents, but recently I encountered a problem using “Toggle TeX” option with large equations in MS Word 2010 (in both .doc and .docx formats). As for example, I can’t “Toggle TeX” equation of this size...
  5. P

    MathType adding extra space between lines after inserting inline formula in MS Word.

    I have got a question regarding the MathType equation editor software in MS Word. After adding an inline formula (variable with subscript), the MathType adds some extra space between the line in which the formula is and the following line (see Fig. 1). When doing the same thing with MS Equation...
  6. A

    Mathtype alignment help

    hello all ! (Hi) I have one doubt regarding alignment in mathtype software I want to type like this But i end up like this when i click " align at = < > .. " in format options can anybody help me how can i type like in 1st image..Thanks ! (Itwasntme)
  7. M

    Mathtype Test

    This is a test. \sqrt {{a^2} + {b^2}} \frac{{n!}}{{r!\left( {n - r} \right)!}} Test with text. 2 + 4 = \sqrt {36}
  8. M

    Mathtype Test

    this is only a test again of using mathtype \sqrt {{b^2} - 4ac}
  9. M

    Only A Test of Using MathType

    P({M_2}) \cap P({F_3}) = \frac{2}{3} \times \frac{3}{4} \sqrt {{a^2} + {b^2}}
  10. M

    Just A Test of Using MathType 6.6

    I am just try to test my MathType 6.6, but not able yet.
  11. Mr.MathType

    Equations in email with MathType 6.7

    I know many of you already use MathType, so I wanted to let you know about the new version -- MathType 6.7 for Windows. Including equations in MHF is a simple matter with the built-in LaTeX on the Forum, but if you don't know LaTeX or if a particular bit of it just doesn't look right...
  12. J

    MathType help: how to align equations separately?

    Hi all, I have a simple question. In MathType one can use the option in the menu: "Format -> Align at =" to align equations at the '=' sign. The problem is that MathType aligns everything in the current window and not just what you selected. Ex if you have this in your window: f(x)=2x+3...
  13. N

    MathType Quandry

    I am hoping there is an easy fix for this problem. Both my partner and I have the same version (6.0) of MathType purchased at the same time. I am Using Windows XP, she is using both XP and Vista. When she types an equation it is more bold than mine. Both of us have the same exact settings. The...
  14. D

    Scaling in already created eq's in mathtype

    I have a catalog of functions that I have accumulated in word written on mathtype, and want to be able to scale them down so I can fit them on less pages, making them easier to access. I see how to change each equation individually, but is there a way to scale all of them at once?
  15. Mr.MathType

    Using MathType with Math Help Forum

    I know many of you are already MathType users, so I wanted to let you know that yesterday's release of MathType 6.6 for Windows includes a LaTeX translator specifically for Math Help Forum. Rather than give the full instructions here for how to use the two together, I'll point you to our MHF...
  16. manyarrows


    Has anyone ever used MathType? Also, can either mathtype or LaTex be used in an e-mail, I haven't figured out how yet. And finnaly, is it pronounced LaTex like the glove?
  17. C

    mathtype help with office '07

    i have microsoft office ultimate 2007 and mathtype 6. I am trying to get mathtype to replace the equation editor that is installed with word along with all of my keyboard shortcuts. in other words i need to have mathtype open up a new equation editor window when i insert an equation instead of...
  18. D

    Linux Equivalent of Mathtype

    G'day, Does anyone know if there is any software equivalent to that of Mathtype (in functionability and converting to Latex) available for Fedora or any other Linux distribution?? Thanks, David
  19. Krizalid


    To know what it is, click here. To download the software, click *URL edited out by request. Illegal version btw* --- How to use it ¿? Once installed the software, go to Preferences \implies Translators. Now go to Translation to other language (text) and select the following translator...