1. I

    Maths Question for smart

    Mr Greengold had received a consignment of gold in the form of one-centimetre cubes. To conceal them, he ordered that the cubes be glued together to form a solid cuboid and had all the outside faces of this cuboid painted camouflage green. Jimmy Bold carefully spied on these proceedings and...
  2. J

    Complex projectile motion question

    Consider a particle undergoing projectile motion where the particle has mass of 1/10 kg which is projected θ deg above the horizontal. So the particle is projected at a given point which is situated at the point where x = x0 and y = y0 (where x0 is unequal to 0, y0 is unequal to 0 and y = 0 is...
  3. B

    Recursive and General Formula Finding - not done maths for 20 years

    Hi All I am new to the forum and though you may be able to help. I want to check I have the following questions correct before going any further: (a) Find, showing all working, a formula for the n-th term tn of the sequence (tn) defined byt1 = 6; t(n) = −3t(n−1)/2, n ≥ 2. (b) Find, showing...
  4. Q

    Maths problem

    Start with all positive integers from 1 to 10. Choose any two, and , and replace them with / (a+b) . Choose any two of the remaining nine numbers and repeat the process. Continue until there is only one number remaining. Eg 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Choosing 2 and 7 as the first pair, they...
  5. S

    Maths Access

    Limitless one stop access Celtic vs Partick Thistle Live Stream Barcelona vs Espanyol Live Stream Middlesbrough vs Derby County Live Stream Arsenal vs Newcastle United Live Stream Leicester City vs AFC Bournemouth Live Stream Manchester United vs Swansea City Live Stream Norwich City vs...
  6. A

    Good at electronics, not so good at the maths!

    Hi everyone, I am a retired electronic test engineer who still does electronic and software stuff for fun. I can do the electronics but from time to time I run into some maths that defeat me. Often, the www can supply answers but when it doesn't I am stumped. I have just encountered such a...
  7. L

    Maths question

    Need help with this question, I think it's simultaneous equations but I can't form it! Can anyone help? A rower rows for a distance of 10km at a speed of x km/hr. He then rows the next 15km at a speed of 2 km/hr faster than the first part of his journey. He spends an equal time at each journey...
  8. tim541

    Searching for Differential equation ( Engineering Maths)

    Hi, I'm searching for a tutor who can teach me engineering mathematics online like asymptotes, Curvature and Differential equation. Thank you. Message from tim541: Please do not respond directly to this post. He would prefer you to PM him.
  9. S

    Probability HELP

    A researcher investigating the acoustics of keypads develops a system (that uses a discreet wireless microphone and pattern recognition software) for compromising 4-digit PINs. The system requires, on average, only 10% of the expected number of attempts to blindly guess the PIN. How many...
  10. S

    Maths and science

    Maths and science concepts quiz CSKA Moscow vs PSV Eindhoven Live Stream Atletico Madrid vs Benfica Live Stream Shakhtar Donetsk vs PSG Live Stream Juventus vs Sevilla FC Live Stream Manchester United vs Wolfsburg Live Stream Real Madrid vs Malmo Live Stream Manchester City vs Borussia...
  11. M

    functional maths. very basic please help (sorry if in wrong place)

    1. How many fatal casualties were caused by fires between 2010/11 and 2012/13? a. 882 b. 129624 c. 782 d. 556 e. 316 2. In 2012/13 how many more fatal casualties occurred in an area where a fire alarm was present than in an area where a fire alarm...
  12. M

    Basic pie chart maths- im useless! please help

    1. Approximately, what was the percentage decrease in fatalities from 2012 to 2013? A. 8% B. 9% C. 8.7% D. 92% E. 48% 2. Approximately how many more fatalities were there between April and September 2012 when compared to April and September...
  13. F

    Micro-economics maths question

    Hey :) Suppose a monopolist operated in an industry where the market demand is perfectly elastic (with inverse demand given by P = 30 and its cost function is TC=100+Q+Q^2). Calculate the profit maximising P and Q. Would this be any different if the industry is competitive? Many thanks in...
  14. F

    economics maths

    Hi there, Consider a monopolist with a deamnd function q=1000-4p and a total cost function of TC=50+2p+q^2 a) Find the profit maximisng q and p b) what is the mark-up?
  15. A

    Please help me with this worded maths problem

    Hi i need this question ASAP and i will be so thankful if someone know it. So basically the question is: 'paige buys a 6 adults tickets and 2 child tickets for £39, james buy 5 adult tickets and 3 child tickets for £36.50, what is the price of an adult ticket and child ticket' and how do you...
  16. T

    How to prepare for maths at university?

    Hi guys I will start university in october (if everything goes according to plan >.>) and I'm pretty worried about it. I'll be enrolling in Graz Austria at the technical university at sound engineering (a subdirection of electrical engineering, sharing many of the subjects). At highschool I...
  17. R

    ICAS 2014 Grade 3 Maths Paper - help with question 38

    Hi, can anyone help me solve the following question from the 2014 ICAS grade 3 maths paper; Please ignore the pen marks. Apparently the answer is 10 but when I do it I need 24 more blocks.
  18. J

    jayreynolds needs maths help please!!!

  19. S

    Free Maths sofware

    Hi Guys I joined today and got a dilemma, I need to find out the solution for this maths problem for my course. Between the numbers 1-49 I must select 6 numbers. But these 6 numbers selected must be added together and must total up to 108. I require to know how many combination they would be...