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    Density curve

    =1/2xbasexheight cannot work it out??? tried so many time
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    Trees probability, p-value

    for question d and e? The mean difference between the two groups (fertilizer and control) is the -0.965. so thus we can consider 2 explanations for the -0.965 difference The fertilizer has no effect on the height of popular trees and diff. of -0.965 was due to chance. The diff. of...
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    Tricky question (tree diagram)

    A randomised response technique was used to investigate rates of illegal fishing of red abalone in Northern California. The study involved interviews with people at various sites. Once verbal consent to participant was obtained, each respondent was given a coin and an envelope containing two...
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    Unusual values

    I am stuck on how I got 2? Can someone help me I remember doing it but I have totally forgotten.
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    trigonometric multiple angle formula

    Hi could I get Help with this question really struggling I need to use angle formula to show cos^2x=1/2 (cos2x-1).
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    Finding the volume of an ellipse watermelon

    An ellipse watermelon has a major axis 28cm and minor axis 25cm. The equation of the ellipse is y = 12.5 - 12.5x/145 Find the volume using calculusJust wondering if anyone can help me out on this question! I'm not quite sure how to answer it as I keep getting an abnormally large number.Thanks!
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    Binomial Expansion (please help)

    (a) Find the first 4 terms, in ascending powers of x, of the binomial expansion of (1 – 2x)^5.Give each term in its simplest form. (b) If x is small, so that x^2 and higher powers can be ignored, show that(1 + x)(1 – 2x)^5 ≈ 1 – 9x.
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    Calculus and Trigonometry Problems. Urgently need Help

    PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW THE QUESTIONS Home 1. calculate the area of the triangular fields, and the length of perimeter fencing required to secure the site. AB= 20m, Angle ABC= 60 degrees, Angle ACB= 20 degrees and angle BCD= 60 degrees. 2. The width of a river at a certain...
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    Euclids algorithm

    Find two different pairs of integers (r,s) such that 27r + 19s =1. In the first case r should be positive; in the second case s should be positive. Can anyone help? Thanks
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    Statistics proof help

    Show that if an event occurs with probability 1 then it is independent of all other events. I understand that if independent P(A) X P(B) = P(AnB) But proving this doesnt prove that it is independent of all events. Can anyone help? Thanks
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    strong maths induction proving

    Let a0, a1, a2, . . . be the sequence defined recursively asa0 = 1, a1 = 2, ak = ak−1 + ak−2 for each integer k ≥ 2. Use strong mathematical induction to prove that an ≤ 2nfor each integer n ≥ 0. This is what i have so far with my working.Let P(n) be the statement that an≤2n Basic step: Prove...
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    Recursive Question - Discrete Maths

    Let b0, b1, b2, . . . be the sequence defined recursively as b0 = 0, bk = k − bk−1 for each integer k ≥ 1. (a) Write out the first 8 terms of this sequence, and use that information to guess an explicitformula for this sequence. (b) Prove that your guess of an explicit formula is correct. I...
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    Control Charts!

    In the above question how do you get the target value! I have completely forgotten how to do this type of question!
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    Maximum likelihood estimators

    Hello, im struggling with setting up the likelihood function from the probability function given. I just do not understand the rules governing how things are mulitplied etc. for example
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    To understand maths

    Hi, I just finished my first University year (mathematics), and I am writing this since my main interests on mathematics are metamathematics , the philosophy of mathematics and its foundations. I think that to study and analyze maths from this perspective I have to know how to work in certain...
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    maths statistics

    hi i cant solve this Assume the duration of human pregnancies can be described by a normal model with a mean 270 days and a standard deviation of 15 days (i) using the empirical rule write down the 95% confidence interval for the mean pregnancy duration (ii)At least how many days should the...
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    maths probability question

    hi i cant work this out Its is estimated that 0.3% of a large population have a particular disease. a test developed to detected the disease gives a false positive in 4% of tests and a false negative in 1% of tests. a person is tested positive for the disease. what is the probability that the...
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    maths probability question

    hi i cant solve this A game of chance can be played at a charity fundraiser. in the game a player spins an arrow on a wheel and wins the amount shown on the sector the arrow stops on. the game has 5 sectors $0,$0,$3,$5,$6 and each arrow is just as likely to stop in one sector as in any other...
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    applied maths question

    hi i cant solve this a stone is projected vertically upwards with an initial speed of u m/s and rises 70m in the first t seconds and another 50m in the next t seconds. find the value of u and t i think the question can be solved using UVAST equations
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    Maths Question for smart

    Mr Greengold had received a consignment of gold in the form of one-centimetre cubes. To conceal them, he ordered that the cubes be glued together to form a solid cuboid and had all the outside faces of this cuboid painted camouflage green. Jimmy Bold carefully spied on these proceedings and...